Reasons To Select Apartments Without Common Walls In Kochi

28 OCT 2022

Kerala’s socio-political center and IT capital in the twenty-first century are Kochi, a city that borders mighty Arabia. The city has its roots in the Chera Dynasty of medieval India. After that, it was a princely state under the Kingdom of Cochin and played a crucial part in the commerce of spices, coir, and fishing products in India before independence. The Portuguese then took control of the city. Kochi’s colonial-era structures, historic temples, charming markets, and its constantly expanding art scene are examples of how several cultures have affected this city. Kochi is a vast metropolis with a growing IT culture and a diverse population today. The tech boom in the state has helped create several jobs and transformed the economy of the state, leading to higher demand for apartments in Kochi. This has brought prominent builders from all parts of the country to the city.

Due to the rising cost of land and space constraints, most apartments have their structural features being shared by other units nearby. It is commonly found in budget flats in Kochi which are built on small size plots. This leads to the inhabitants being disturbed by their neighbors. Keeping the same in mind developers have come up with structurally modifying their apartments to make them devoid of any ‘common walls’. Through this method, each apartment acts like an independent unit while being part of the same construction. This grants a certain exclusivity to the residents. Here are some of the reasons why an apartment without any common walls is the right choice:

Daylight & Natural illumination

As humans nowadays spent most of their time indoors, they get less time basking in the rays of the sun. There is an increasing body of evidence that point to negative health effects due to the dearth of sunlight. Therefore a person must get enough sunlight throughout his house for overall physical and psychological well-being. 

A sustainable housing project which focuses on the health of the residents takes effort to maximize Daylight coverage and natural illumination. Exposure to Sunlight helps the body produce Vitamin D, improves the circadian rhythms of a person, controls sleep patterns, reduces blood pressure, and helps in focussing and getting work done. It has been scientifically proven to make people happier. It also helps save energy and money by not using electricity. An apartment without common walls, due to having no structural protruding which obstructs sunlight and the presence of open entry points on all three sides ensures that the space inside receives optimal natural illumination. 

Vastu Concerns

In apartments without common walls, an existing structure/wall will be shared between two or more residents. According to Vastu –Shastra, a residence shall not share a common wall with the neighboring house. The same creates mixed energies which are not right for the residents of the house. There needs to be some open space on all four sides of the building. This issue is resolved by modern builders by incorporating construction techniques to achieve units with no common walls.

Utmost Privacy

One of the major reasons why people prefer independent housing in comparison to apartments is privacy. It is commonly regarded that the privacy and freedom that independent residences give are unmatched, and by living in an apartment people will have to ensure the hassles and interference of their immediate neighbors. Apartments with no common walls are a well-thought-out technique to combat this issue. As there are no common walls between the units, there is no possibility that the sounds and disturbances of the immediate neighbors pass through the walls and make their way to the residents’ houses disrupting their peace of mind. From blaring noises of Speakers to loud chit chats or the sound of crying babies, any potential disturbance that causes disturbance to the inhabitants is instantly canceled in these independent units

Inside Home

Free Flow of Air And Ventilation

Air Indoors can build up high levels of odor, moisture, dust gases, and other pollutants. Like a human body, an apartment must be able to breathe by taking in the fresh air and drawing out the air inside. Proper ventilation helps keep the air healthy and fresh indoors. Air needs to circulate through all areas of the house. Improper ventilation can lead to a myriad of issues including the concentration of Carbon Monoxide and radon and the hike in humidity indoors. In an apartment without common walls, the entry points ensure an uninterrupted flow of air maintaining a cool and fresh ambiance inside, It helps in taking advantage of windy days and alternates for air conditioners.

Relaxing In Room

In conclusion, apartments without shared walls are the best choice for several factors, including their privacy, wellness, and ambiance advantages. This approach has been used in the newest buildings constructed by all of Kochi’s main builders. With more than 160 projects built and delivered globally, including multiple CRISIL 7-star rated buildings, Confident Group is one of the leading builders in Kochi. They were among the early adopters of the no common wall policy for apartments, which is now very prevalent. Some of the Confident Group’s projects, including Confident Whitehouse, Pinewood, Pinnacle, White Berry, and Oberon have no common wall apartment units and are perfect for anyone looking for a quiet place to settle down. If you are in search of new flats in Kochi, choose from among the Confident properties and book your site visit to realize your dream of owning a residence in the heart of Arabia.


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