The Best Places To Invest In Kochi

6 JUN 2022

Kochi is Located on the Southwest coast of India, Kochi has always been a very important part of the Indian Subcontinent. From being a very significant point of contact with the rest of the world in historic times to being a vibrant melting pot of diverse cultures-Kochi continues to be a very crucial part of the state and the country.

The economic capital of the state, Kochi, is evolving into the most sought after destinations for home buyers. With the changing cityscape and the rapidly growing real estate sector one is spoilt for choice with the varied options there are for prospective home buyers. The rich history of the city is amalgamated with the diverse cultures pouring in is one of the main reasons as to why Kochi is becoming a hot spot for real estate investment. One can enjoy the perks of the God’s own country infused with the modern lifestyle that this rapidly growing city has to offer. It is one of the fastest growing tier two cities in India. Added to these, a well connected rail and road system and its well connected Airport are adding to its growth. The Metro that came into operation recently along with the recently operational international air terminal, Kochi is well connected not just locally and nationally, but internationally too. Topped with a constant influx of enthusiastic tourists, the city is the right blend of modern and traditional, catering to both the local and the tourist population simultaneously.

Having witnessed the growth of the city and being one of the key contributors to the changing skyline of the city, Confident Group understands the city like no other. With constant study and analysis of the growth of the city, Confident Group is proud of the exclusive range of apartments and villas in the most sought after parts of Kochi. Located in prime locations and equipped with all the essentials to meet the growing needs of the housing industry- Confident Group offers homes in various styles and budgets, ensuring that there is something for every aspiring home owner. With world class amenities that ensure a comfortable lifestyle and a safe environment for the occupants, the various projects in different parts of Kochi cater to individuals with varying tastes and financial standings.

While Kochi is certainly one of the most sought after Cities for real estate investments, here is a list of the best places to live in Kochi.


Confident Iris Flat

Having been established in 2004, Infopark is a state-of-the-art IT hub located in Kochi. It is a home for some of the biggest global corporations. The inception and establishment of this IT hub led to major changes in the real estate sector. It led to a boom in investments and development of this locality as there was a need to cater to the growing demands of the thousands of employees who are working at Infopark.

One can see the transformation in the region with the development of many residential towers around the Infopark, conceived to cater to the ever-growing demand of enthusiastic home buyers. With a well-connected road network and the recently proposed waterway that links Infopark to Marine Drive, Infopark is well endowed with diverse transport systems. Further enhancing the value of the area is the presence of well-reputed educational and healthcare services making this belt one of the most sought-after locations for an aspiring homeowner.


Confident Symphony Flat

A suburban area abutting the city, Aluva is yet another hot spot to invest in Kochi. It is witnessing rapid development in terms of infrastructure, making it a sought-after location for home buyers. Located just a few kilometers away from mainland Kochi, it is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the facilities of the main city, while nestled in the quiet of the suburban region. While the price of the land is spiraling to new heights every day, investing in Aluva is a wise move as it is already developed and ready to occupy. One can enjoy a world-class lifestyle at a great bargain here. A major transportation hub and an industrial epicenter, Aluva acts as a corridor connecting the highlight districts making it all the more desirable.


Confident Pinnacle, Iris, White Berry, Joinville Flat

Kakkanad is Known as the IT capital of Kerala, Kakkanad is one of the most preferred destinations for prospective home buyers in Kochi. With a diverse range of homes, Kakkanad is considered an ideal location for a real estate investment. There is something here for a home buyer with every budget. Along with its reputation as an IT capital, it boasts of the presence of many reputed hospitals and clinics and exclusive educational institutes making Kakkanad a locality that provides a wholesome environment for its residents. It promises a self-sufficient and exquisite life as one can see top builders in Kochi offering homes that ensure a niche and exclusive lifestyle here.


The rapid transformation of this part of Kochi has made it one of the best-developed areas in the City. Edappally has seen a rapid rise in the number of commercial and residential developments making it one of the most happening place in Kochi.

With the establishment of reputed names like Lulu and Oberon here to the presence of world-renowned education and healthcare services, Edappally has become one of the most preferred destination for those looking for a home. The town also houses some very important religious establishments like the Edappally Church, Juma Masjid, Ganapathy Temple, Perandoor Temple and Chendankulankara Sreekrishna Swamy Temple, among many others making it more wholesome in what it has to offer to its residents. So, if you are looking for a locality that is a blend of the traditional and the modern, the one that has something to offer to meet all your needs- Edappally would be the perfect place for you to own your dream home.

Take your pick from these diverse locations in Kochi for your dream home. A home that is a safe haven for you and your family and a wise investment of your savings promising healthy returns. If you are in search for your dream home then explore Confident Group’s portfolio of villas and apartments in Kochi. Enquire today for the best possible deal and other unique benefits.

Hope you found this article on the best places to live in Kochi helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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