Top 5 Residential Areas in Calicut

9 AUG 2022

Known as the land of Spices, Calicut was the epicenter of medieval trade in Malabar and the kingdom of the Zamorins. It is the second largest urban agglomeration in Present day Kerala, garnering tourists for its lush green cover, historical importance, and ever-pleasant tropical climate. Today, the city has grown rapidly grown to a modern metropolis offering its residents job opportunities, business, quality education, excellent health care, entertainment, and recreation. The establishment of Kinfra IT Park and the Cyber Park has helped the City become one of the IT hubs of the state, causing the influx of techies from all parts of the country.

The City is also home to premier educational institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), and the Kozhikode Medical College. The City is also well connected to all parts of the state and its neighbors through rail, road, water, and air. 

All these reasons have contributed to the city being the birthplace of various residential projects from Top Builders in Calicut. It is an ideal place where you and your family can choose to live a life of luxury and comfort. Here, let us look at the top five residential areas in Calicut, the various features of which make it the preferred option of homebuyers in Kerala:


Thondayad Junction is a crucial intersection in the Heart of Calicut City, making it well connected to all parts of the City. Being within a 5km radius of the Cyber Park and UL Cyber Park makes it an ideal dwelling sport for techies. It is connected to the Vellayil Railway Station and the Calicut Railway Station. The Calicut International Airport is only 27 km away from the area. Additionally, the proposed metro rail extending from Medical College Hostel to Meenchanda will enhance the connectivity. Top-notch Medical Institutions such as Baby Memorial Hospital, Aster MIMS, and Starcare Hospitals are close to Thondayad. Shopping Avenues such as Address Mall and Focus Mall caters to all the shopping avenues of dwellers. Confident Greenwich is a high-rise situated in Thondayad Junction, which brings to you all these benefits enriched with the extravaganza of luxury living.

Confident Greenwich


These days, people prefer living in the suburbs rather than the city where nature is infused with the convenience of city life. Kottooli lies in the suburban part of Calicut making it ideal for techies who are looking for the right work-life balance. The Calicut Medical College, Vellayil Railway station, Civil Station, and the Mofussil Bus Terminal are within a 5 Km radius. Confident Exotica is a high rise situated in Kottooli where residents get to enjoy the calm suburban life of Calicut while not compromising on Luxury.

Confident Exotica


This suburb is located in the heart of Calicut. The development of various shopping avenues, supermarkets, and office spaces has led to Palazhi gaining more prominence among investors, builders, and homebuyers. Thondayad Junction and Calicut Medical College lie within a 4km radius of this area. The establishment of UL Cyberpark, Government Cyber Park, has leveraged the development in the area. HiLITE City and Landmark World are some of the major townships in the area. Metro Cardiac Centre and Cradle Hospital are the closest health institution. Nesto Hypermarket and Hilite Mall are in proximity to all the grocery needs of the dwellers.


Perumanna and its nearby areas are on their path to rapid urbanization. Situated 13 km away from Calicut city, it offers a serene and calm environment free from pollution. The area has become a residential hub with high-end conveyance, healthcare, and lifestyle facilities. Family Medical Center, Malabar Hospital, and Starcare Hospital are the prominent health institutions situated nearby. Educational institutions such as White School and Global English School ensure access to World-class education. Sarovaram BioPark and the proposed lulu mall are some of the nearby attractions.


Eranhipaalam is a peaceful and pleasant neighborhood in Calicut, next to the Civil Station and the Passport Office. Furthermore, its proximity to the beach provides a picturesque view of the fishing communities. The neighborhood is well-known for its small-scale vehicle manufacturing plants and workshops. Its proximity to the Calicut Cyber Park makes it a great location for techies looking to relocate to Calicut. The Mini Bypass route and NH 766 connect the region to the main city. Malabar Hospital and Kozhikode District Co-operative Hospital provide world-class healthcare.

An ideal neighborhood is hidden away from the noise and bustle of the city while still assuring quick connectivity and access to the latest conveniences. A quality property is worth a lifelong investment, and all considerations must be carefully considered before proceeding. When purchasing a Flat in Calicut, it is critical to check that it is from a reputable builder. Confident Group is one of Kerala’s largest builders, having a track record of more than 16 world-class projects. Schedule a visit today and take the first step in buying your dream abode in the land of spices.

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