Why Trivandrum is the Best Place to Invest In Kerala’s Real Estate Market

17 JAN 2023

Trivandrum is an ideal place to call home. Trivandrum, the state capital, is an amazing city with first-rate public services. You may find everything there from prestigious schools and hospitals to grocery stores and movie theatres. Trailing the coast of Arabia is this beautiful city, which is wrapped in serene beaches, glittering lakes, and the mighty Ghats. Trivandrum is a city like none other. It was a bustling port city of the Medieval Kingdom of Travancore, which traded in spices, sandalwood, and ivory, attracted settlers from all over the world due to its potential as a thriving economic, cultural, and intellectual hub. 

Today it has grown into a commercial capital with one of the largest IT hubs and Techno parks along with manufacturing facilities, and a sizable retail and service sector, employing close to a lakh of people through more than 600 companies. This has caused the influx of techies and workers of allied service sectors has fuelled the demand for 2bhk flats in Trivandrum. Here are the reasons why Trivandurm is the best place  to invest in Keralas Real Estate Market:

Safe Locale

Having neighbours that are friendly and helpful makes life a lot easier. All of the city’s citizens have a deep feeling of pride in Padmanabhan’s history and culture. These locals truly impress with their warm welcome, impeccable manners, abundant wealth, and sunny dispositions. The traffic is well-managed, and the police examine and patrol the area frequently to keep it secure. If you want to find a place to call home that excels in every category—from safety to social opportunities to people’s overall well-being—you can’t do better than Trivandrum.


IT Boom in Trivandrum

Trivandrum has expanded in parallel with the state’s tech sector. The basis for the urban technology revolution was created with the establishment of Technopark. There are now around 600 companies headquartered there, employing close to 100,000 people. promising software developers and other associated professionals a bright future in their careers. This resulted in an influx of well-off people from all over the world, particularly those working in technology, who fueled the rising prices and increasing demand for Trivandrum apartments. Reducing commute time and improving work-life balance are other benefits of locating near the IT Hub.

Tourist Location

Residents of Trivandrum should not worry about finding time to relax, as the city is situated near many popular tourist destinations. The Napier Museum and Zoo, the Tirpparappu waterfalls, and the Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary are all within easy driving distance. The state’s second-highest peak, Agasthyamala Peak, is also within easy driving distance of the city. Visitors seeking breezy beaches flock to Varkala and Kovalam to take in the splendour of the Arabian Sea. Shanmugham Beach, Akkulam Lake, Kallar, Anjuthengu fort, etc., are a few other popular tourist spots in the area.

Tourist Places

Post COVID Growth

Investors are drawn to the rapid economic development taking place in and around Trivandrum. In the nation’s capital, things are moving at a breakneck pace. Even in volatile years like COVID-19, real estate has proven to be a reliable investment choice. Being a physical asset, this investment kind guarantees more control that can be used to enhance several streams of income while also enjoying capital appreciation. This, along with rising property values, historically low borrowing rates, and decreased stamp duty, makes investing in real estate the smart choice for most people right now.

Presence of Best Builder

Consistently satisfying consumers is the hallmark of the most trustworthy construction firms. This includes going above and beyond in terms of customer service, the quality of the buying process, and the level of dedication shown. Since they are concerned about the client’s financial situation, they will listen to the client’s suggestions and be flexible. Skyline Builders, Kalyan Developers Confident Group, Asset Homes, etc. are just a few of the main Trivandrum-based construction firms.

It’s best to live in a place that’s affordable yet still has all the amenities you need. Real estate in Trivandrum is expected to continue to be in high demand because the city is growing so quickly. There is high demand for budget houses and apartments as well as Luxury apartments in Trivandrum. As one of the most reputable companies in the industry, Confident Group is known for building high-end homes with state-of-the-art methods and features. The city is home to many upcoming Confident projects, including Horizon, Greenfield, Crown, and Aquilla. The first step in purchasing real estate in the Travancore Legacy region is to schedule a site inspection.

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