Why is Aluva a popular place to settle down?

30 AUG 2022

An earlier Kingdom of Travancore and a popular commercial port in the medieval century, Aluva is a city drenched in its importance for festivals, temples, and riverbanks. Kochi in its growth as an IT hub and commercial hotspot has taken Aluva along with it. Today the city is the second largest town in Ernakulam and an important commercial capital in the district. Its serene cityscape, river-embanking high rises, and adequate commercial areas and facilities garner settlers from far and wide. Living alongside the aura and calmness of Periyar is an experience that every Keralite Cherishes. What better place to make that dream possible than Aluva, the city that infuses modern amenities with medieval history and culture? 

The IT Boom and rapid industrialization in Kochi caused an influx of people from all parts of the country. This has led to a rise in demand for apartments in Kochi. Prominent builders have risen to the demand with luxury high rises and modern apartments coming up in Aluva and nearby areas. Before looking at your best choices for housing in Kochi, let us look at the reasons why Aluva has grown to become the most popular place to settle in Kochi:

Proximity to Flourishing IT Hub


Numerous work prospects have been brought about by Kochi’s emergence as a developing IT hub. A reputable culture of start-ups, IT companies, and other conglomerates thrive in the city. About a lakh, individuals are employed at the Info-Park and Smart-city campuses together. This has in turn aided in the expansion of the local economy and development. As a result, employees in the IT and related service sectors and the general public have a wide range of employment options, prospects for professional advancement, and business opportunities. While being close to Kochi, Aluva is a more serene and calm region, making it an ideal choice for settlement.

Exceptional Connectivity

Kochi Metro

Aluva is unquestionably one of the best-linked cities in the state thanks to its extensive network of roads, rails, rivers, and airways. Aluva has the benefit of being the nearest town to the Cochin International Airport since it is only 10 kilometers from the city center. All trains headed south stop at the Aluva railway station, which is the second-largest station in Kochi. Additionally, there is metro train connectivity throughout the city, making it simple to get around. All areas of the state and neighboring states are connected by bus through the Rajiv Gandhi Central Bus Station in Aluva. Additionally, the city is connected to Thrissur and Trivandrum via the National Waterways 3. Since there are no significant choke points or traffic jams, road traffic is generally under control. 

Amenities and Facilities 


The City takes care of everything from basic amenities like health and education to modern multiplexes, contemporary cafes, traditional restaurants, and shopping malls. The main educational institutions in the region include Union Christian College, St. Xavier’s College for Women, MES College, and several other schools. Aster Medcity, Rajagiri Hospital, and Sunrise Hospital, among others, are close. Hospitals with reputable medical staff. Within a 10-kilometer radius are grocery stores like More and Reliance Fresh as well as shopping malls like Lulu Mall, Oberon Mall, and Decathlon. With temples like Aluva Mahadeva Temple, Uliyanoor Temple, and Aluva Sreekrishna Temple, the area is also of immense religious significance. As a result, Aluva has grown as a popular option for those seeking real estate in Kochi.

Tranquil and Calm Locale

An ideal location to settle in is one, which is away from the hassles of the city while being connected dazzles the City has to offer. Aluva offers the tranquility of the suburbs along with the luxury of contemporary conveniences. The climate is another important determining element. It is perfect for settling since it receives enough sunlight, little rain, and short winters. Residents benefit from a tranquil and peaceful neighborhood because the residential area and industrial facilities are separated, which increases the level of life satisfaction.

Safety and Community

24-Hours Security

Safety is a prime factor, especially for older tenants when choosing an area to settle. The community and neighbors who share your interests can improve your life. A person must be able to grow and preserve their happiness and peace in their community. Aluva guarantees this while giving a  chance for cultural exchange as the city is a melting pot of various cultures. One can use this to create a community apart from their family. The friendly and jovial population of Aluva makes this certain. In contrast to newly emerging cities, Aluva is a safe and secure old city with a rich cultural legacy. Additionally, all of the state’s renowned builders’ housing projects guarantee a high level of security thanks to the installation of CCTV cameras, security guards, and biometric facilities.

Having understood why Aluva is a popular option for those willing to settle down in Kerala, the next thing to look out for those looking to buy a Flat in Kochi is to ensure that they are from reputed builders of the State. One of the leading homebuilders in the state, Confident Group has a reputation for producing dream homes with cutting-edge building methods and top-notch facilities. In the center of Aluva, Confident Group’s projects, Oberon and Symphony provide inhabitants the chance to live in luxury while also enjoying the calmness of living next to the glittering stream of Periyar. Schedule your site visit today and take the first step towards securing your home in the land of Temples, Tributaries, and Travancore heritage.

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