Why purchasing a property in Thrissur’s Aranattukara West Fort is a good Idea

22 AUG 2022

A land of festivals and folklore, Thrissur has garnered people from all parts of the nation for its grandeur celebrations, serene environment, and importance as a religious destination. Its rich cultural history and archaeological worth have helped attain the epithet of “The Cultural Capital of Kerala”. Today it is the third largest urban agglomeration and a thriving commercial hub. It is well known for its entrepreneurial and financial capabilities with its strong retail industry, banking, and finance industry and production units of textile, timber, and coir.
This has made the city the most preferred for those wishing to settle in Kerala leading to massive housing development from reputed builders in the State. Aranattukara West Fort is a calm suburb in the city, which has recently seen massive development. The area offers the serenity of greenery infused with the comforts of modern amenities. Here is why Aranattukara West Fort should be on your list of locations for apartments in Thrissur:

Reliable Connectivity
Reliable Connectivity
The areas surrounding Aranattukara West fort are well connected to all the major transportation facilities via road, rail, and air. The area is accessible via Chettupuzha Aranattukara Road. The nearest transportation hubs include the Thrissur Railway Station (2.6 km away), KSRTC Bus terminal, and Sakthan Stand (3.5 km away). The Cochin international airport is 55 km away.

Being near prominent educational institutions, Hospitals, Religious Institutions, Shopping avenues as well as places of entertainment and recreation make Aranattukara well connected to all amenities that modern life has to offer. Calicut University Teacher Education Centre. The School of Drama and Fine Arts, the School of Management Studies, and Jubilee Mission Hospital have situated nearby the property. Shobha City Mall and Salex Mall are situated within a 5 km radius for all the shopping and recreational needs of the residents

Vibrant Lifestyle

Vibrant Lifestyle

Thrissur is a city offering a vibrant and lively lifestyle, filled with festivals and celebrations. Along with its rich heritage in art and culture, the city is widely known for its extravagant festivals and cultural events. Temple festivals such as Thrissur Pooram, Arattupuzha Pooram, and Kodangalloor Bharani, attract lakhs of people to the City. Thrissur has also become one of the best-known tourist destinations In the state thanks to malls, shopping centers, and a wide variety of entertainment, culinary, and recreational options.

Resale & Returns
Resale Value and Returns on Investment are important factors when on the lookout for flats for sale in Thrissur. Rapid industrialization caused the influx of residents to the city. The city’s IT boom brought about by the construction of InfoPark in Koratty guarantees that the demand for housing in the area will grow in the future. The region has advanced significantly in both social and commercial terms. Thus ensuring that the purchaser of a Thrissur apartment benefits from a lifetime asset that will command a significantly higher price in the future.

Clean and Green City

Green City

The Corporation of Thrissur, along with several NGOs and private bodies are involved in making the surroundings of Aranattukara West Fort clean, green, and pollution-free. The area is covered with abundant greenery acting as the lungs of the city. The government has also built parks in the area with trees and has employed sweepers and Garbage disposal workers for effective management of waste. There are facilities like public restrooms and others that maintain a high level of public sanitation.

Aranattukara West Fort is a calm suburb in the heart of Thrissur. The location is ideal for those looking for apartments in Thrissur that provide the conveniences of contemporary infrastructure infused with nature. Buying a flat in Aranattukara West Fort will promise a safe haven for you and your family and will be a wise investment of your savings promising a healthy return. Lotus is a luxury high rise in the Aranattukara West fort, brought to you by Confident Group, the most reputable building brand in Kerala. Schedule your visit to the property today and take the first step in buying your dream abode in the Cultural Capital of Kerala.

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