10 Interior Design Trends In 2022

15 APR 2022

“Designs won’t rescue the world. But it does make it look good.”

This quote stood steadfast in our lives recently. The pandemic halted our lives and confined us to our homes. Work from home became the new normal. The need for change in interior design crawled in rapidly. Now post-pandemic, the shift in trend continues. It’s time to start thinking about 2022 interior design trends. With two challenging years behind us, it’s critical that we construct a home that we’re happy to inhabit. These emotions are reflected in the latest interior design trends 2022.
In this blog, you will find everything about interior design information, home decor trends 2022, and the best interior decor that will suit you.

Overview of Home Decor Trends 2022:

Now that we have focused on our interior surroundings while camping indoors, we know well what works for our lives and best expresses our personalities in our houses. The latest interior design trends complement the social media appetite that you’ll want to reproduce in your own house. This year, design is settling down with:

  • Long-lasting home decor trends,
  • Organic shapes in furniture,
  • Inclination towards Nature-themed design and colours,
  • A few oldies are making a comeback,
  • Timeless classics are keeping strong.
  • Vivid interior elements

Latest Interior Design Information:

1) Old is Gold: Interior design trends in 2022 are going back in time every now and then to borrow from long-lasting trends from the past decades.
Vintage influence on interior design in 2022
A dash of vintage is more than enough to liven up a room. The love for the vintage interior design trend will make room for Vintage furniture, whether it’s antique mattresses, dining tables, dressers, or even stand-alone pieces like chairs, couches, and other accessories like lamps and side tables, and mirrors.

2) Multi-functional Rooms: In the past few years, we moved our rooms to make space for a home office or teaching space. However, this isn’t the sole rationale for more versatile and multipurpose rooms.
Multifunctional Rooms - The new design trend
According to experts, multifunctionality will be a strong home decor trend this year. The focus will be shifted more to how we feel in our houses and how we may design the most comfortable home for our own needs.

3) Colour Trends 2022: This year, homes are brightened by subtle overtones of burnt orange, moss greens, browns, rust and other warm neutrals. Earthy and neutral tones and textures will make a significant presence in the 2022 interior design trends, whether in wall colours, home decor, tiling and cabinetry, or even just design elements.
Interior Design Color trends in 2022
The hues of 2022 are inspired by nature and will bring a quiet, tranquil, and focused presence into your house.

4) Green Rules: Green-laden homes are expected to make a resurgence like no other in 2022. Greenery will be a persistent best interior decor trend this year, from utilising them as highlights in the living room to having a lush area of greens in your bedroom or even showcasing a few tiny plants in one’s bathrooms.
Greenery invasion in interior design
Plants provide one’s living space with a unique personality and individuality. Besides purifying the air, they will add to your home’s natural woods and warm browns.

5) Sustainability is the Key: Prioritising sustainability and using eco-friendly products is expected for home decor and interior design trends 2022. Upcycling aims to repurpose waste and rejected resources to make something new. Sustainable interior design trends include upcycling. Including more energy-efficient equipment can appeal to your home decor. Nothing is more sustainable than continuously reusing stuff you already own.

6) The Furniture Angle: The days of settling with a template, store-bought, and quickly manufactured catalogue furniture are long gone. Many homeowners will prefer to create their living spaces with one-of-a-kind furniture; old furniture will also gain popularity. Design preferences may be different for different people, but having furniture built to last and durable will be the top priority for all.

7) Lighting will enlighten: A statement lighting piece pulls a room together in a way that no other piece of furniture can. Yet, lighting is often incidental for individuals. Creating interiors around statement lighting items will be a significant trend moving forward.
Right Lighting for perfect interior
Large, dramatic pendant lights and chandeliers, statement wall lamps, exciting table and floor lamps will rule the lighting trend. Good lighting is now differentiated to produce the desired atmosphere, work light, relaxing light, and particular lighting to emphasise various aspects, artwork, ceiling cornice, and ornamental features.

8) Bar at Home: Our houses have learned to transition from WFH zones and classrooms to fine dining restaurants and entertainment zones over the last year. Then how can we leave our bar?
Bar at home as a design element
Bars in the home are a trend that’s here to stay, and you will love this trend for sure. Nothing entices more than home bars in a variety of designs. Set the right tone for your visitors, and let the party begin! As a result, installing a stylish mini bar is a brilliant idea.

9) Crafty Cabinets: The wallpaper looks lovely on the walls. However, wallpaper may be added in a variety of other places. And this interior design trend 2022 provides colour, pattern, and excitement to your house.
Cabinets to elivate your kitchen design
Wallpapers are taking over the cabinets and the ceiling. The boring cabinet gets a good makeover and blends well with the rest of the decor. One of the unique cabinet design concepts will be combining old and modern elements.

10) Charming Curves: Curves immediately provide softness. They envelop us in a cocoon of safety and warmth. Curves are the clear winner compared to straight lines and no-nonsense clinical aesthetics.
Curved and arches - latest interior design trends
Forms may vary–an arch in your doorway, window frames, round sectional or centre table or rounded sofa; curves are here to stay. The curvy furniture design trend is perpetual.

Wrapping Up:

Everything comes and goes, and design trends are no exception. Old home decor trends revisit, new interior design trends exist, while some of the best interior decor trends are forever. We would appreciate your feedback regarding ideas or concepts we may have overlooked. If you have any great home bar ideas that you believe we should showcase, please leave them in the comments area below.

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