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9 Creative Ways to Split Rooms Without Walls

10 SEP 2021

Have your ever thought of the idea of splitting a room into two portions? If you have more space in your room you can try creative ways to divide it into sections so that you can utilize the space for different purposes. Dividing a room need not mean that you have to build a wall or do a permanent makeover. There are some quick and easy ways by which you can split a room. For example, if your living room and dining room doesn’t have a solid wall separation you can split it into two sections with a wooden screen or a curtain. Likewise, if you are living in a shared space or a rented home, you can have more privacy by introducing room dividers. It can even be a new furniture arrangement which can do the purpose.

Here we are presenting 9 creative ways to split rooms without walls.

1. Wooden screen

Wooden Hall

Installing a wooden screen will not only bring an earthy touch to your room but will also act as a perfect room divider. It can be in the form of a movable wooden screen, sliding door or panels. Depending upon your budget and need you can decide which type of divider you want to install. If you have an open kitchen with no separation from dining space, you can consider any type of wooden partition to separate the area.

2. Stylish curtains

Curtains are budget-friendly and ideal options for separating rooms in a rented home. As they are easy to install and easy to remove, you don’t need to do a lot of hard work either. Even when you are shifting homes, you can take them off without any hassles. Try to get some trendy designer curtains for giving your living space a quick beautiful makeover. You can install curtains to separate a bedroom with a side room or to split the bathroom into two sections. Your choice of curtains should be according to the purpose of partition and the area where you will be putting them up.

3. Bookshelf or cabinet

Another smart idea is to introduce a large open bookshelf or a fancy cabinet where you can keep décor items. A bookshelf will be a useful addition to your room as it serves the purpose of both storage and partition. If you want to showcase a few artefacts then you can consider keeping an open cabinet as a partition. This is especially a great choice for those who live in apartments.

4. Floor to roof panels

Flat floor to roof panels is another great choice for those who are looking for creative ways to split a room. Decorative panels are elegant and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room without costing you a great amount of money. The good thing about panels is that they can be placed with sizeable gaps in between to ensure free flow of light around the space. Consider installing sleek panels in neutral color tones to create a subtle separation within the room. Panels made of wood, glass or MDF can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

5. Beaded curtains

If you want a quick-fix solution to separate a space, beaded curtain is the answer. A fuss-free and stylish way to modify your living space, beaded curtains creates an easy barrier without blocking the view across. Unlike fabric curtains, beaded curtains are easy to walk through and do not require much of maintenance too. Beads are available in different sizes and varied materials like glass, plastic, etc. This budget fix is easy to install and remove whenever you wish.

6. Fixed or sliding glass partitions

There is nothing that creates more glamour like glass inside your home. Interior stylists recommend the use of glass partitions as they efficiently split the space without hindering the light flow. Glass partitions are available in trendy designs and colors to match your home style. Sliding glass doors can be installed to block noise and smell from the kitchen. For more privacy, you can choose to have tinted glass or frosted glass styles which blocks the view.

7. Set up a counter

Kitchen Cabinet

Setting up a counter is an innovative and useful way of partitioning a space. This is especially helpful if you are looking for ways to split a kitchen and a dining room. Consider installing a kitchen island which can double up as a breakfast counter and a soft barrier. The best thing about this option is that it still maintains the openness of your space without hindering the view.

8. Play with furniture

Sometimes the best solutions are already in the house waiting to be explored. With a thoughtful arrangement of furniture, you can visually separate one room into different sections. For instance, L-shaped sofas can be strategically placed to draw a boundary between two areas such as a living room and a dining room. Allowing free flow of light and air, it works well in apartments where there is no solid wall separating both areas. If you are just setting up your new home, invest in furniture that serves the purpose of partition too so that you don’t have to spend anything extra.

9. Install blinds

Last but not least you can always go for stylish blinds to effectively mask the view. Blinds take up little space and are super easy to assemble and move around. They add a sophisticated look to your room. Blinds create a division without fully enclosing the space and thus maintain a breeze feel.

So whether you are trying to create a home office space or a private kitchen in your home, start using any of these simple hacks to bring a sense of partition. We hope that these tips will come handy and help to add some style to your homes.

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