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A New Trend In Kottayam: Older People Are Choosing To Stay in Apartments

27 JAN 2023

There is a new trend in Kottayam! A lot of elderly people are choosing to stay in apartments rather than in individual homes. While it might not seem like a big deal, for older people in Kottayam, choosing to live in apartments has significant reasons and benefits.

But why does this new trend show up? What are the reasons for older people choose to live in apartments?

In this article, we will uncover the reasons why elderly people in Kottayam are choosing to stay in apartments. Let’s get started! 

Safety and Lower Crime Rates

Safety should be one of the most significant factors when you are choosing a place to live for the rest of your life. And it’s especially true for older people who have already crossed the retirement age. So, unless you are a millionaire and have impeccable security measures installed in your home, living in an apartment would be the right choice.

When you live in an individual house, your safety is in your hands. If any intruder breaks into your home, you need to deal with the situation yourself until help arrives. Now, you wouldn’t want to deal with robbers in old age yourself, would you?

That’s why you should move to a compact apartment that is located inside a gated community. Such communities have 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance features. They have guards patrolling the community grounds all the time and many others who guard the entrances. Because of these security features, gated communities have a very low crime rate and are relatively safe even if you live alone in your old age. It’s no wonder that many elderly people are choosing to stay in apartments in Kottayam!


Accessibility and Incredible Amenities

Accessibility and various amenities are yet another reason for the older people of Kottayam to choose apartments over individual houses.

When you reach old age, it’s naturally hard to do many things. For example, shopping for groceries becomes a hassle, seeking medical attention can be troublesome, and even not having a very specific washroom can make your life difficult. When you live in an individual house, these problems can be even more prominent.

However, by moving to an apartment, these problems can be easily solved. The apartments usually have wide hallways, simple yet secure door locks, customized washrooms, and a kitchen for your daily needs.

Plus, you can get all kinds of things like groceries, medications, and daily items delivered to you within a few minutes as long as you pay for the delivery. Apart from that, the gated communities might have many other amenities like parks that make life a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Lower Costs and Purchasing Complications

Purchasing an apartment often costs a lot less than buying an individual house of the same capacity or volume in Kottayam. When you purchase an individual home, you need to go through many forms of registration, land documents, property fees, attorney fees for different land certificates, etc. All those things, including the standard market price and renovation costs, will take a lot of money before you can move to an individual home.

On the other hand, buying an apartment has a lot fewer legal complications and costs significantly less. You usually don’t need to pay any property fees and don’t need to worry about internal renovations before moving. What’s more, since such apartments are a part of the big building complex, it costs a lot less than buying an individual house.

Even if you are buying an apartment using a home loan, the lender is more likely to approve the loan amount since the apartment often has a fixed and transparent price of purchase.

The Help is Never Too Far

Sometimes, living alone in an isolated place can be a nightmare, especially for older people. When an elderly person lives in an individual home alone, it can be challenging for them to seek help in case of a medical emergency. In fact, the hospitals can often be far away, and neighbors can be extremely detached and isolated.

For older people, these kinds of situations can be very uncomfortable as it means it might take a lot of time for help to arrive in case of an emergency.

However, people who live in an apartment usually don’t have to deal with such anxiety. Many gated communities have medical teams on standby. Once you feel like you’re ill or a disease is flaring up, you can just give them a call, and the medical team will arrive for help in a blink of an eye.

Plus, your neighbors live next door. So, if you’re not sure about the contact numbers of the emergency service, you can just ask your neighbors for help, which won’t even take two minutes.

The fast arrival of help and this sense of security is one of the more prominent reasons older people in Kottayam are moving to apartments.

Emotional Well Being

In an individual house, the older people only have their family for company. However, they still feel isolated even in their home as their children and grandchildren are often busy with their school and office work. However, suppose elderly people move to an apartment with their families. In that case, they will easily find the company of people of similar age groups and connect with other people in the gated community.

Such communities also have other facilities like hobby clubs, discussion boards, and others that will keep the elderly people occupied with activities that they can enjoy. It will ultimately improve their emotional well-being, and they will no longer feel too isolated from society.

It is, without a doubt, another one of the big reasons why older people in Kottayam are choosing to stay in apartments.

Final Words

As you can see, the new trend in Kottayam, where elderly people are choosing to stay in apartments, isn’t without any solid reason. Apartments give elderly people a great deal of safety, accessibility, emotional support, and care than individual homes. And this trend is likely to continue. So, if you have elderly people in your home and are planning to buy a new home, look for an apartment in a secure community.


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