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Affordability Factors: Breaking down the cost of Living in flats in Kerala

9 JAN 2024

The real estate market in Kerala has drastically changed over the years. Various housing schemes have eased the home-buying process for potential homebuyers making it more affordable and convenient. However, known for its rich and picturesque settings, Kerala has witnessed an upsurge in demand for affordable housing that caters to people and families with varying financial capabilities. Moreover, with each year passing, reputed builders come up with flats in Kerala that exceed expectations and make it easy on the pockets.

The cost of living in Kerala is relatively moderate compared to many other Indian states. However, let’s understand what makes an apartment truly budget-friendly and gain practical insights on choosing low-budget flats in Kerala where each home tells a story of tradition and natural splendour.

What makes an apartment affordable?

flats in Kerala
Affordability is multifaceted and many factors contribute to making an apartment affordable, offering value beyond the initial investment. Let’s delve into the key components:


The location of an apartment plays a huge role in determining its affordability. Apartments that are situated in the heart of the city may boast convenience and luxury of choice making it more expensive to live in such places, while the outskirts often present more budget-friendly options and the goodness of nature, something you don’t get to see in the cities. Proximity to essential amenities, public transportation, and emerging development zones influences the overall cost.

Size and Layout

Compact and efficiently designed apartments often come with lower prices. Maximizing space utilization without compromising functionality is a hallmark of affordable living. Cleverly designed layouts can make even smaller spaces feel more spacious. This involves opting for creative design elements such as multifunctional furniture, built-in storage solutions, and open floor plans that eliminate unnecessary walls. By efficiently using idle space, these apartments can provide a sense of openness and functionality, even in smaller dimensions.

Reputation of the Builder

The reputation of a builder is everything. Projects by established builders with a track record of quality construction and timely delivery instil a sense of confidence, ensuring that your investment is secure and has credibility. It is important to perform extensive research on the builder’s history as it can provide valuable insights into the reliability of the project.

Amenities and Maintenance Costs

While luxurious amenities can enhance the appeal of a property, they can also contribute to increased maintenance costs, making the property quite expensive. Opting for a property that features essential amenities helps strike a perfect balance between comfort and affordability. Some of these basic amenities include power, privacy, parking space, sports facilities, etc.

Market Trends

Staying abreast of the current market trends is mandatory. Understanding the prevailing rates, upcoming developments, and potential growth areas allows prospective buyers to make informed decisions and identify affordable options.

How To Choose Low-Budget Flats In Kerala?

Navigating the real estate landscape in Kerala requires a well-planned approach to identifying low-budget flats without compromising quality and convenience. Here are practical tips to guide your quest.

Define Your Budget

Setting your budget is a crucial first step when looking for an affordable apartment in Kerala. Begin by figuring out a practical budget that covers all expenses. Consider not just the price of the apartment but also factors like registration fees, taxes, and maintenance charges. This clear budget will be the base for your search, providing financial clarity, understanding your budget well positions you to make an informed and sustainable investment in low-budget flats in Kerala .


Choose a location that fits your needs, considering its nearness to work, schools, hospitals, and public transport. Property prices can differ across Kerala, so pick a location that matches your lifestyle and fits your budget.

Research Extensively

Thorough research is the foundation of buying a property. Travel around and explore various neighbourhoods, compare property prices, and understand the market dynamics in different regions of Kerala, like Trivandrum, Kochi, Calicut, etc. Online real estate platforms and consultation with real estate brokers can provide valuable insights.

Amenities and Facilities

Understand and assess the services offered by various inexpensive apartments in Kerala. Certain features might raise property costs, but others could improve the quality of life and save money in the long run. Look out for amenities that suit your taste and preferences.

Negotiate on Discounts

Feel free to talk to bargain with the seller or builder on the property price. Ask about lower prices, special deals, or financial options. Many builders are open to negotiations, and being proactive in seeking better terms can make a big difference in your total cost.


Affordability goes beyond price Cutback; It’s about making wise investment that matches your way of living and financial goals. Understand key factors, employ practical plans, and find your dream home in the beautiful South Indian state. Confident Group focuses your financial goals, offering flats and apartments that cater to diverse needs, making sure you get a quality life filled with comfort and ease.


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