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Apartment Architecture: What’s Trending Now

5 JAN 2024

Every home is unique as it speaks the language of art, craftsmanship, tradition, authenticity and taste. Certain people love to transform their homes with an urban touch, like Western architecture adds a modern hue and class.  And then there is the other section of people who admire the old-world charm that takes them back to their roots. With tastes and preferences changing rapidly, it’s important to stay abreast with the latest trends.

What are Current Apartment Architectural trends?

Apartment Architecture
With tastes and preferences changing rapidly, it’s important to stay abreast with the latest trends. Apartment architecture has evolved over the years with many facets that define the meaning of modern homes today.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trendsetters in apartment architecture today.

Going Biophilic: Bringing Nature to the Indoors

Residing in a concrete jungle can be quite challenging because you don’t get to see a glimmer of nature anywhere around. Well fortunately that’s not the case today. Places like Kerala where you can find thick and lush greenery everywhere around make the place habitable. Potential homebuyers love and cherish the presence of greenery in and around the city, and homebuyers today prefer decking their living spaces with plants that make the living experience more lively and refreshing. By incorporating natural elements like sunlight, greenery, and natural materials, architects are fostering a sense of well-being and harmony within apartment interiors.

Bright Colors for the Living Spaces

For a long time, neutral colours ruled interior design, but recently, bright colours and jewel tones have become more popular. You can embrace this trend by painting an accent wall in vibrant shades like blue or orange. If you’re hesitant about using bold colours, you can start small by adding pops of colour through items like vases, artwork, or stacks of books. Worried about going too bright? Choosing deep earth tones for a subtle yet stylish touch of colour without making the space too vibrant.

A Smart Touch

With the advancement of technology, homes today have smart features that make apartment living more convenient and comfortable. From remote controls to adjust lighting and climate control to smart security systems, architects are incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance the functionality and convenience of living spaces. With the latest technologies seeping in, you’re stepping into the future as your apartment becomes an intelligent hub that adapts to your lifestyle, making everyday tasks a breeze.

Vintage – The Old World Charm

Amidst the surge of modern trends, there’s a nostalgic longing towards vintage aesthetics in luxury apartments architecture. You can embrace the accents of old charm, by infusing vintage elements that add character and tradition to the living space. Think antique furniture, retro fixtures, and timeless design pieces that add a touch of elegance to contemporary living. Whether it’s a classic hardwood floor, or doors, integrating these timeless elements creates a unique and charming atmosphere that stands the test of time.

Free Standing Baths

Designing a lovely bathroom used to revolve around choosing tiles, but now the bathtub is taking centre stage. Reputed builders today build bathroom spaces as peaceful retreats which are more spa-like, a calm escape from the daily hustle. Baths are evolving into sculptural pieces, resembling art installations rather than just functional tubs.

Sustainability in Everything

In an age where sustainability is paramount, luxury apartments architecture is embracing eco-friendly designs. Green roofs, vertical gardens, and energy-efficient materials are becoming integral elements in creating sustainable urban sanctuaries. Envision residing in an apartment where nature seamlessly blends with architecture, creating not just a home but a sustainable haven in the bustling city. Today’s homebuyers, recognizing their moral responsibility toward the environment, are increasingly cautious about the homes they select.

Clever Storage Spaces

Keeping things organized is crucial in today’s world, where families accumulate more belongings. Homes now have specialized storage for everything. In the kitchen, where entertaining happens, clutter has been shifted from cabinets and countertops to a dedicated pantry space, sometimes featuring prep stations, sinks, and even a second oven.

Community-Centric Spaces

Undoubtedly the concept of community living is evolving, with architects designing spaces that foster a sense of community and connection. Communal gardens, rooftop lounges, and shared recreational areas are becoming staples in modern apartment complexes. Certainly, these community-centric spaces not only enhance social interactions but also contribute to a more fulfilling and enriching urban lifestyle.


Indeed, a home truly becomes a home when the living space provides you with everything you want. Additionally, Premium amenities that make your life a breeze. At Confident Group, we bring premium apartments and flats that define the living experience that complements comfort, convenience and luxury. We ensure our residents lead the life they’ve dreamt of.

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