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A New Trend in Kottayam: Young Couples Choosing to Move out from Parent’s Home

24 FEB 2023

It’s pretty standard in western countries for children to move out of their parent’s homes as soon as they turn 18. Adult children typically do not stay with their parents as they seek to build a life of their own. But India, with its strong family culture, has long disapproved of this liberal, independent lifestyle of young people. Here it’s not uncommon for parents, children, and grandchildren to stay together under the same roof. It was long considered taboo for parents & children to stay separately in the same city.

But with our societal norms & traditions undergoing a sea of change, a new trend is emerging in urban India. Children are increasingly moving to metropolitan cities & foreign countries to pursue their higher education and build their careers. Young couples also want to embark upon a new phase of life by having a separate home.

The famed city of letters – Kottayam, has not been immune to this new vogue in the country. Newlyweds and young couples are now choosing to move out and buy a home that they can call their own. Though they may reside in the same city, the couple often chooses to stay separately from their parents & in-laws.

Why are Young Couples Choosing to Move Out?

flats for couples

Marriage marks a new beginning in the lives of people as their needs, outlooks, perspectives, and priorities in life can change completely. There are several reasons why youngsters may choose to move out of their family homes.

#1: Beginning of a New Journey

You have just got married. You are planning to craft a beautiful life along with your partner by seeking to understand him/her better. The first year of your marriage kind of sets the tone for all your life ahead. Spending quality time together and privacy are the most critical ingredients to building a strong foundation for your marriage. It may not be possible at your parents’ home if the house is not large enough and there are siblings around. It is tough to chart out a life of your own in a shared space. With a separate place, you don’t have to grapple with heavy household chores and the adjustment issues of a large family.

#2: Desire for an Independent Life

No matter how cliched it sounds, the ‘generation gap’ is a reality. Despite the right intentions, it may be difficult for the parents & children to agree with each other on every matter. The changing value systems and lifestyle patterns of the two generations give rise to severe differences & misunderstandings between them. The husband is often forced to take sides in the event of a conflict between his mother and wife. Beginning the marriage on a negative note can cause serious harm to this beautiful bond. The young couple may have other priorities like their careers, traveling, forging new relationships, etc., that do not always resonate with the parents’ expectations.

A separate home gives the young couple the freedom they crave for. Many parents also respect, support, and appreciate their adult children’s decision to ‘grow’ independently and achieve bigger things in life.

#3: Convenience & Comfort

Another important factor why young couples choose to move out is to stay closer to their workplaces. With the business districts, office campuses, and IT parks located in far-off suburbs, commuting from the parent’s homes is a herculean task. Battling the daily traffic, pollution, and unexpected rains can sap all your time & energy. The newlyweds do not get to spend time together and often come home tired and weary. The only solution to this grave problem is to buy a home that is in close proximity to their workplaces.

Moreover, the old parental home may not be in sync with the young couple’s desires to have a compact place that is easy to maintain and equipped with all the modern amenities for work & leisure activities.

#4: Property is a Sound Financial Investment

It is something that parents would agree with their children. In fact, they often goad the children to invest in property as early as possible. The average age of homebuyers is rapidly declining in India. Most couples would like to buy a home in their 20s and early 30s when they both have stable, high-paying jobs and few responsibilities. With the arrival of children, the priorities change toward their care & upbringing.

So, it’s a prudent & sensible decision for young couples to invest in property as early as possible. Further, the old home of your parents may not be suitable for your current lifestyle needs. You can choose a compact and cozy apartment that is tailor-made for young couples and small families with kids.

Buying a Property in Kottayam City


The scenic greenery, beautiful backwaters, and excellent quality of life that Kottayam offers make it a go-to investment destination. The city offers top-quality education and healthcare facilities. The civic infrastructure is excellent, with good roads, connectivity, and commercial and entertainment zones. The city is clean and enjoys a salubrious climate throughout the year. Proximity to Kochi, the business capital of Kerala, is a huge plus.
All these factors have paved the way for Kottayam to emerge as a hot choice among locals and NRIs looking to invest in property.

Builders in Kottayam are launching apartment & villa projects to cater to different budget segments. Whether you want a simple 1-BHK flat or a luxurious villa, the city offers myriad choices to suit your needs, tastes, and budget. A young couple can choose a ready-to-occupy two or 3-BHK apartment in a project with all facilities like a clubhouse, sports arena, manicured gardens, and a swimming pool. Your parents can visit you over the weekends or during festivals to enjoy all these privileges.


Just like their western counterparts, young people in India are beginning to leave their parents’ homes to chart a life of their own. It’s not just the metro cities but also the tier 2 and tier 3 cities like Kottayam witnessing this new wave. But the decision should not be made impulsively. The separation should be on a positive note and preceded by a proper plan of action by the young couple.

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