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Apartments Near Public Transportation: How To Find Them

7 FEB 2024

When you buy your dream home, one of the most important factors to consider is whether you have all the essential facilities in and around the residential property to meet your daily needs. One of them is transportation which is the core of all essential facilities. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, living near public transportation has become more than just a convenience—it’s a lifestyle choice. Whether office goers or shoppers, residents wish to reach their destination without hassle. Residing in Apartments Near Public Transportation paves the way for possibilities of exploring new parts of the city that were difficult to reach. Apartment residents can easily walk or bike short distances, cutting down on car use. This not only reduces their carbon footprint but also lowers costs related to owning and maintaining a car.

Benefits of Living Near Public Transportation

Apartments Near Public Transportation

Time and Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of residing near good public transportation hubs is that residents get to save a good amount of time during daily commutes without facing delays and frustrations often associated with private vehicle travel. The convenience of waiting for a bus or train near your residence eliminates the need for lengthy drives, traffic congestion, and the perpetual quest for parking spaces.


Opting for public transportation is a cost-efficient choice as it helps save on expensive gas and parking fees. Generally, the cost of using public transport is more budget-friendly compared to the expenses associated with owning and maintaining a car. This makes it a financially savvy decision for those looking to reduce their transportation-related expenditures.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

As residents are growing more conscious about the environment, they believe in choosing ways that do not harm or impact nature. Embracing public transportation aligns with eco-conscious living. When residents choose to walk or use public transport, they contribute to reducing their carbon footprint, promoting a cleaner and greener environment.

Public bus transportation and trains can accommodate a larger number of passengers at once. When more people choose to travel collectively, emissions decrease substantially compared to car emissions. This shared approach to commuting contributes to lower levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, supporting efforts to combat climate change.

Access to Entertainment and Amenities

When you have transportation hubs nearby, the proximity to cultural spots, entertainment venues, and restaurants is much more convenient. You don’t have to spend too much on cabs because buses will be in and around the same area, from which you can simply walk up to the destination. Isn’t that great when you get to make the most out of it when you reside in the heart of the city?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Apartments Near Public Transportation

Apartment buyers are leading a lifestyle revolution, making closeness to public transport a top priority while buying a home. Proximity to railway stations and bus stops has become one of the top requirements, alongside a preferred location and nearby amenities like shops, cafes, and schools.

Proximity to Bus stops and Railway Stations

Opt for apartments within walking distance of bus stops, subway stations, or commuter train depots. The closer, the better as this ensures a seamless and stress-free daily commute. Living near bus stops and train stations provides convenient access to public transportation, streamlining daily commuting for office-goers. This proximity reduces travel time, making walking or a short commute to transit points a routine, eliminating the need for extensive travel preparations or long drives.

Safety and Good Neighborhood

Ensure you find an apartment and neighbourhood that prioritizes safety. Every potential homebuyer looks for a neighbourhood where the well-being of the family is well taken care of. a good neighbourhood is often characterised by low crime rates. Researching crime statistics and local safety reports can provide valuable insights into the security levels of a particular area. A safe neighbourhood fosters a sense of peace, allowing residents to walk the streets or access public transportation without constant worry about their well-being.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living is an important aspect to consider when choosing a place to reside in, as it directly influences one’s financial well-being and overall quality of life. It’s essential to perform research on whether housing expenses align with one’s budget and financial goals. After researching, compare costs in various neighborhoods or cities to make an informed decision. Knowing average expenses for essentials like electricity, water, and internet in an area helps gauge day-to-day affordability.

Future Developments

Stay ahead of the curve by researching upcoming infrastructure projects or transit expansions in the vicinity. Choosing an area with continuous development can result in increased property value and improved amenities.

Popular Cities with Apartments Near Public Transportation

Here’s a peek into some of the top cities in Kerala that are home to some of the finest apartments that not only offer an enriching lifestyle but also support an excellent transportation system.


Owning a home in Kochi is not just about one reason, but numerous compelling factors. Kochi, renowned as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” is home to the most natural harbour. Enriched with a vibrant history, culture, and urban charm, the city exudes a lively and colourful atmosphere, making it a wholesome and desirable place to reside. Many aspire to own a home in Kochi to experience the authentic and vibrant life it offers to potential homebuyers. You can find the finest apartments in Kochi which support an excellent transportation system. Confident Sunflower for instance is one of the best residential properties by the Confident Group. The Palarivattom Metro Station is just 1km away from the project, allowing the residents to move to different places with great ease.


Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital, blends nature with urban progress, offering a vibrant job market and efficient transportation. Confident Oasis, by Confident Group, provides excellent connectivity, with Kazhakuttam Railway Station just 3.7 km away and Technopark at 3.6 km. UST and Infosys are 6.2 km away, while Lulu Mall adds grandeur at 9.8 km. Trivandrum’s buses and upcoming metro system further enhance daily commutes.


Thrissur, known as the “Cultural Capital of Kerala,” is a lively city steeped in tradition and culture. Boasting a rich cultural history, the city is vibrant and dynamic. The real estate sector in this region is highly active, featuring numerous promising projects that fulfil diverse dreams. The city also supports an efficient transport system with a well-developed network of paved roads connecting to various important areas within and outside Thrissur. Additionally, it maintains strong connections with neighbouring cities through well-maintained state and national highways. Confident Maple is yet another masterpiece by the Confident Group in Thrissur which supports excellent connectivity. The KSRTC Stand & Railway Station is just 4.5 km from the property.


Kottayam, often called the City of Lakes in Kerala, is adorned with numerous lakes that enhance its natural beauty. Abundant wildlife and lush green surroundings make the city feel like home. The picturesque setting and well-balanced lifestyle are key factors attracting builders to initiate projects in Kottayam. Buses are the primary mode of public transport in Kottayam, which connects the city with its suburbs and neighbouring towns. Confident Blueberry has all the essential facilities nearby. For transportation means, there’s a private bus stand which is just 2.0 km from the property, while there’s a railway station which is 1.7 km from the property.


Calicut, situated on the coastline in Kerala, is a vibrant hub of diverse cultures. Experiencing rapid growth, it has become a top choice for residential living, particularly among young professionals. In Calicut, tradition and urban culture coexist harmoniously, making it an appealing destination for young homebuyers seeking a blend of both worlds. The real estate market in Calicut is flourishing, offering a variety of options. The city’s extensive transportation system, including air, rail, and road options, makes it easy for residents to travel to important destinations within the region and across the country. Confident Oakwood 2 a newly launched flat for sale in calicut is another prime example of a residential property with excellent connectivity. The railway station is 9.4 km from the property while the Calicut International Airport is like 23 km from the property.


Opting for an apartment near public transportation isn’t just practical—it enhances daily routines, promoting a sustainable urban lifestyle. At Confident Group, we prioritize these needs, crafting sought-after residential properties in Kerala.

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