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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

1 JAN 2021

There is absolutely nothing as assuring as a clean bathroom. Irrespective of a person’s take on sanity and hygiene, everyone wishes to use a clean and tidy bathroom. Maintaining cleanliness at home is really important, and a clean bathroom is not only a necessity but a reflection of your take on hygiene. If you are someone who is extremely keen about keeping your bathroom clean and are constantly seeking ways to do so, read on https://www.confident-group.com/wp-admin/edit.phpfor we have some very useful bathroom cleaning tips and tricks listed below.

Alternative methods to clean the toilet

bathroom cleaning hacks

While we have all used the trusty toilet cleaner to clean our bathroom, how often have we resorted to bathroom cleaning hacks that don’t involve store-bought solutions? You can make a mixture using equal parts of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar and pour it in and around the toilet and spread it evenly using a toilet brush. Don’t forget to use it to clean the space beneath the rim. Let it stay for at least 15 minutes, and follow it up with a good scrub. This will help you have a clean and sparkly bathroom using products easily available at home.

Getting rid of limescale


Limescale and deposits can be extremely stubborn and unappealing to look at. They give a dull and dreary look to bathroom fittings making the entire bathroom look untidy and badly maintained. Fill a plastic bag with distilled vinegar and immerse the shower head tap or whichever fixture you wish to clean. If the fixture is removable, remove it and immerse it in a bowl of distilled vinegar. Let it soak for an hour and you have a clean and sparkling fixture at the end of this exercise. If there is a lot of lime deposit, you can also add a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda, too. This is one of the most efficient and pocket-friendly bathrooms cleaning tips to keep your fixtures in good shape and it also declogs the fixture and normalizes the flow of water.

Citric Acid to the rescue

citric acid

Water spots tend to make fitting look dull. You can remedy this by scrubbing them with lemon. This is a great way to keep your taps and other bathroom fittings look as good as new. You can also wet an old toothbrush with water and sprinkle it with some bicarbonate of soda. Scrub the fitting with this and leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse it and buff for sparkly and clean fittings.

You can also use other citric fruits to clean your bathroom but grapefruit is suggested due to its sheer size and ease of use. Just cut the fruit into half and sprinkle it with some salt and get scrubbing. This a great way to clean the bathtub and other parts of your bathroom.  Use this bathroom cleaning hack for a clean and fresh smelling bathroom using natural ingredients that are not only eco-friendly but pocket-friendly too.

Ways to clean the bathroom walls

bathroom walls

The walls of your bathroom may not get particularly dirty but they sure can catch dirt and water spots. It is often the grouts between the tiles that tend to collect dust and this can be cleaned with the help of a grout cleaner. You can either use diluted vinegar to do the job or use bicarbonate of soda on a toothbrush to clean between the tiles. Wash the tiles with soapy water and finish it with water and wipe it down for clean bathroom walls.

How to clean a bathroom floor

bathroom floor

Now that we have given you some great bathroom cleaning tips and tricks, let us now tackle the bathroom floor. While cleaning the bathroom, leave the floor to be cleaned at the end as any dirt and grime that may fall on the floor can be taken care of in the end.  Opt for a wire brush and grout cleaner to get rid of dirt in between the tiles. You can either use a mixture of water and vinegar used in equal parts or use bicarbonate of soda instead of bleach to clean the bathroom floor. After this is done, you can use water, and scrub it well to make your bathroom floor look clean and fresh.

Use these simple and pocket-friendly bathroom cleaning tips for a clean and fresh looking bathroom.  Added to these make sure that your bathroom is always stocked with tissue paper, wet wipes, a pleasant and mild hand wash to help maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom. You can also use scented candles, aromatic oils, and potpourri to make your bathroom smell fresh and welcoming.

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