Colonial Influence on Latest Interior Design Trends

22 APR 2022

The British Empire spanned Africa, India, Asia, the South Pacific, and North America, exposing colonists to diverse architectural influences. Elements from these international stays eventually found their way into what we now call the British Colonial style. The latest interior design trends for 2022 are welcoming Colonial style with wide-open arms.

Window shutters, the characteristic overlay of thin wood pieces, and huge front porches, either totally on the front of the house or wrap-around porches, are some features of the British colonial facade! The interior design incorporates details such as bevelled edges on walls and furniture, elegant designs for sofas, chairs, and coffee tables, and expensive artwork placed on walls.

The British Colonial design created a significant effect with neutral surroundings and dark furnishings, mainly reacting to local themes and climates to merge classic British furniture with the new empire. These interiors included welcoming textures, exquisitely carved wood furniture, and bright and airy atmospheres, resulting in pleasantly sophisticated environments with a hint of formality.

In today’s homes, the well-travelled aesthetic is still trendy. Here are seven ways to incorporate a touch of British Colonial flair into your house:

1) High ceilings:

Colonial Influenced high ceilings are making a swift move in today’s interior trends. Considering that hot air rises and cool air descends, most British colonial homes have high ceilings, which keep the interiors naturally cool throughout the hot and humid Indian summer. Traditional Greek and French aristocratic styles often influence colonial architecture. With plaster and painted wood mouldings, ornate dado rails and panelling are commonly observed in these residences. Colours should be gentle, elegant, and unsaturated.

Colonial trends - high ceilings

2) Pastel shades are paving their way back:

The walls are painted white or pastel to produce a psychologically calm environment. These colours reflect heat while making the room feel bright and airy. The conventional British Colonial interior walls are painted in light and neutral colours. These light colours help in coping with the tropical heat. The most popular hues are pale peaches or pinks, mellow greens, pastel blues, yellows, browns, and taupes.
Pastel shades in Colonial home design

3) Floor-to-ceiling shutter windows or doors:

Furthermore, arched floor-to-ceiling windows or doors are standard in British colonial mansions. Natural light comes in through the expansive windows and provides for efficient cross-ventilation. Window shutters are not just fancy; they help control breezes, shut out storms, and deal with the tropical heat. These are made from local woods that can be painted or left in their natural wood finish.
Floor to Ceiling Doors and Windows

4) Plasters and wood mouldings:

Plaster and painted wood mouldings are extensively being used in colonial-influenced residences. Wall components such as ornate dado rails, panelling, picture rails, cornices, and crown moulding are prevalent. The mouldings are mainly painted with an off-white tint. Cover your walls in these ornate trimmings to create an authentic Colonial house. You’ll be amazed by how nicely these ornamental arcs work.

5) Antiques and Artefacts:

Colonial residences are known to brim with high-quality artefacts. The more upscale models can have ornately carved and curved legs, and the more rustic styles have wide rectangular plank boards. There is wood everywhere in colonial-influenced antique residences, and the furniture is invariably well-crafted. Avoid overcrowding as this style trend is anything but cluttering.
Antiques and Artefacts in Colonial Style Home Design

6) Furniture:

The Victorian era’s strong and formal styles are reentering the latest trends. The furnishings have characteristics of British formality, such as dark woods and twisted components. No British colonial décor enthusiast’s house is complete without a four-poster bed. These beds have flowing drapery in fabrics such as light-weight cotton, linen, or silk — the drapery contains animal and botanical designs, ikats, paisleys, and batiks to provide a timeless colonial charm.

7) Plants are the showstoppers:

The indigenous flora piqued the colonial interest, and somehow this trend has never lost its way in the modern interior trends as well. The tropics’ incredible beauty paves its way to these exquisite residences with potted plants, ferns, and palms. The greenery of the potted plants adds a new aspect to the interiors. It also contrasts sharply with the white walls and dark wood furniture and floors. Cane chairs are inexpensive furniture that can help you get the British Colonial style in your house.
Use of Plants in Interior Design with Colonial Influence

Your Go-to colonial influenced interior tips :

Once you’ve decided on your colours and textures, we’ve compiled a list of vital styling recommendations that will transform your home into a colonial masterpiece.

  • Everything revolves around rattan and teak furniture! Aim for a mix of soft-toned light rattan and neutral-toned warm brown teak furnishings. Plantation day beds are also a must-have in a colonial-style home.
  • Indoor plants are essential. Add rich dark green indoor plants to complement the browns, leather, and rattan. Artificial foliage works just as well for those who don’t want to take care of natural plants.
  • Dark shutters to contrast with the white walls. Dark timber panelling, white billowing curtains, and dark brown shutters should be used to frame your windows.
  • Make sure the rooms are comfy. Using large, enormous armchairs and couches makes the living spaces appear more comfortable and welcoming.
  • Everything should have a cushion. You want to liven up your living rooms with diverse cushions to capture attention truly, so use funky patterned pillows on sofas, armchairs, and rockers.
  • Consider flowers. You’d like to have some floral arrangements about the house. It doesn’t matter if they’re real or not; the point is that you want to add some décor to any place.
  • Lampshades and decorations with patterns Patterned or colored lights or décor should be used to bring subtle colour to any environment. It also offers some exciting conversation starters around the house.
  • Aim for solid-colored cabinets and countertops in the bathroom and kitchen! Choose colored cupboards from the above palette to add extra colour.

Wrapping Up:

Do you love Colonial design? Or are you planning to redo your interior decorating style? What additional aspects do you believe may imbue a property with British colonial charm? We’re delighted to have been able to assist you if you’re feeling motivated! Let us know in the comments below.

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