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10 Furniture Essentials For Every Home

27 APR 2018

If you are moving into your dream home and uncertain how to go about it, we are here to help! Whether you choose to live in a luxurious villa, or a lavish penthouse, whether you choose a compact and chic apartment or a modern sky villa, here is a list of ten furniture essentials for every home that will make your space more cosy, welcoming and utilitarian.

Let’s now go through the essential home furniture list.

1. Expandable furniture:

essential home furniture - Expandable furniture

One can never have enough space to house all the furniture they want to in the best of their sizes. Especially if you own a house that is compact, expandable furniture can be a real saviour. Your house may suffice for your family, but it is always wise to pick furniture that can be used to accommodate more people when the need arises. So, when you are picking your furniture for your new home- make sure you keep in mind its flexibility to host more people. A dining table that can be regularly used by four but can be opened up for host 6 people is definitely a wise investment. Likewise, the market is full of expandable furniture like sofa cum bed, expandable dining tables etc that are great furniture essentials for every home.

2. Multifunctional furniture:

essential home furniture - Multifunctional furniture

A trunk that can be used to store items and can be used as seating? Multi functional items are on top of the list of furniture essentials for every home. A coffee table that can also store magazines, newspapers etc or a huge mirror with a hidden shelving space behind- multi functional furniture is a great way to not only save space but economical too.

3. Shelf space:

essential home furniture - Shelf space

Floating and light shelves are a must in every new home. If you are moving into your new home, don’t forget to add sufficient shelves to display Knick knacks, store books and other light items. These eliminate the need of bulky storage units that take up a lot of floor space and can make the space look smaller too. You can add shelves both horizontally, and vertically making them very user friendly storage options. They can be dismantled easily and replaced without much hassle making them a must have in every home.

4. Stack them up:

These have been around for a long time, but enough due hasn’t been given to furniture that can be stacked. Another furniture essential for every home- stacked furniture is a great option to resort to if you are a more social person. From stackable coffee tables of varied sizes to stools that can be stacked when not in use- these are great furniture items that come in handy when you have guests coming your way. There has always been a rise in a number of coffee table designs that house stools and seating in them- widening your horizon for stackable furniture further!

5. Settees and Ottomans:

essential home furniture - Settees and Ottomans

One of those pieces of furniture that are making their presence felt rapidly in Indian homes are settees and ottomans. These plush, small seating ideas come with storage in them, making them an essential part of every home nowadays. You can use these versatile items as table tops, for storage, or to simply to rest your feet on them, if you aren’t using them as seats! How can something with such diverse use not be a part of your new home?

6. Mirrors:

essential home furniture - Mirrors

We all know of the obvious use of mirrors, but smart placement of mirrors can be a great incentive for your home. If you are shopping for your new home, don’t just go for the mirrors that are confined to your dressing areas only. Strategic placement of mirrors can be used to make a space look more spacious, reflect light making a space more airy and focus on elements that you want to highlight and mirrors with unique frames and set up make for great accessories in your home.

7. Benches:

Another furniture item that has been making its mark more recently are benches. They are perfect replacements for chairs in smaller areas dedicated to dining, lounging etc. These can be tucked away easily when not in use and can be moved around when the need arises, making benches another furniture essential for every home.

8. Carts:

We often believe that carts are only for the rich and luxurious home. But movable carts come in handy so extensively that you might just change your mind after this. These fun items are graceful, classy and very useful. From acting as movable breakfast tables to storage on wheels- carts can be of great use with a little creativity. They can be used as a movable bar, for office supplies, kitchen or even bathroom supplies. The uses are many, if you put your mind to it!

9. Baskets:

essential home furniture - Baskets

Why use bulky magazine storage racks when you can store them in a light and easy to move basket? If you are moving into your new home, this is yet another must have that is very useful and economical too. From storing magazines, newspapers and any other small supplies, baskets of different sizes and shapes double up as laundry baskets too. They come in various shapes, sizes and finishes making it possible to team with different decor themes. What’s more, these do not need any installation to make them functional, and can be stored away when not needed.

10. Hidden storage:

essential home furniture - Hidden storage

As you might’ve already realised, that moving into a new home calls for a lot of storage space. One can never have enough storage space for the ever growing needs of a home. But what makes it more tricky is to ensure your home looks clean and decluttered at all times. Hidden storage is a must for every home. If you are investing in furniture for your home- opt for items that come with storage options. Like a bed with storage underneath, a bay window seating with a provision for not just seating, but storage too. Smart options like these will come in handy not just today but in the long run too.

Picking up furniture for your dream home can be a fun exercise. Once you have a theme zeroed in for your home, picking furniture to match it can be a tedious yet gratifying activity. But thanks to the wide variety of furniture available in the market, there is something for every palette and budget out there. Follow the simple tips above to ensure that your new home is not just user friendly for you, but for guests and is ready for the growing needs of your family too. Build a home that’s not just perfect for a beautiful today, but for a wholesome tomorrow as well.

Hope you found this article on essential home furniture helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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