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Hanging Light Ideas To Enhance Your Homes Style Quotient

1 APR 2022

Lighting is a part of ambiance. And if you are looking for hanging light ideas, you’ve come to the right place. 

But why do you have an interest in hanging lights? Why not just ordinary lights. The ubiquitous tube lights you see in homes? There are a lot of reasons why hanging lights are different. They’re aesthetic, they serve a purpose and at the same time, they are a part of decor. 

Hanging lights are different from your ordinary screw-on electric bulb, or tube light because you can see them in the daytime. They are more than a source of light for your home, they are an accessory. 

If you have an interest in hanging lights, today we are going to take you on a journey. An illuminating one. A journey where you will discover lighting options that will beautify your home. 

What is a hanging light exactly? 

A hanging light is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling of your home, by a chain, chord or rod. Hanging lights can be incorporated into a variety of spaces in your home. For example, they could be in your living room. Or they could be a part of your kitchen decor, hanging from your cabinet or your wall unit. There’s no limitation to where you can incorporate a hanging light into your home.

This story has been written keeping in mind the needs of interior decorators and people who choose beauty for their home. In this article we will delve deep into the newest hanging light ideas. From chandeliers to pendant lights, there’s so much to discover, so many ideas that you can incorporate into your home. 

So let’s begin with some bright ideas for hanging lights that will put a spark in your home decor.

The pendant light 

This is the most common type of hanging light, named so because of its resemblance to a hanging pendant – the kind you might wear on your ears or from a chain around your neck. 

Pendant lights create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. They are dainty bulbs that hang from the ceiling, suspended by a chain or chord. Pendant lights are hang-alone fixtures. They are minimalistic and slender. They can be easily incorporated into even the smallest of spaces. Pendant lights add a glow to your home and are usually at head level when hanging from your ceiling. The operative word here is ‘Glow’. Pendant lights need not have very high intensity bulbs, instead you should choose one that spreads a warm glow to your interiors. 


Chandeliers are opulence manifest. They have long been associated with luxury and aristocracy. As you may already know, chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and types. From crystal chandeliers that glitter even in the day time, to drum chandeliers that resemble a wine cask or ring that hangs from your ceiling, chandeliers come in a variety of options such as linear, bowl, sputnik, candle shaped, etc. If you’ve decided to add a chandelier to your interiors, don’t settle for the first one you see. Explore the options. 

Tips for incorporating a chandelier into your home: Firstly, chandeliers best suit homes (or rooms) that are large and capacious. If you are thinking of putting a chandelier in your home, ensure that the room has a high ceiling. Chandeliers take up a large head space, so they should be suspended high above the room. Chandeliers should also be fitted with bright bulbs that are able to flood the room with light. 

Hanging lantern lights 

Hanging lantern lights are an affordable and unique fixture that you can add to your home decor. We are all familiar with the classic lantern. Hanging lanterns can be used in a number of settings, from the indoors to the outdoors. They are an aesthetically dramatic fixture to your home. Lanterns have a rustic and classic look. Hanging lanterns are suitable for spaces where they become focal point for the decor.

Sculptural hanging lights 

This kind of hanging light is intricate and a masterpiece in itself. They are available in a number of themes, and are much more a piece of art decor than just an ordinary source of light. Sculptural hanging lights may be made of wood, marble, bone, wire or maybe even paper. 

Sculptural hanging lights should be suspended just above the head, where they can be studied by your guests. A word of warning though, sculptural hanging lights can have a lot of crevices and corners, so they do tend to get dusty; but the pros outweigh the cons, and to own a fine piece of sculptural hanging light can be a reason of pride for some tasteful home owners. 

In essence, hanging lights can transform your home and living space. With just a little thought into what type will suit your home the best, one can easily find the hanging lamp that will light up your space with beauty!

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