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How To Check Occupancy Certificate Online

12 JUN 2024

Buying an apartment or a flat involves significant paperwork. Essential certificates ensure that the property is free from legal obligations and ready for possession. However, buyers often overlook some documents due to a lack of awareness or potential fraud. Having the necessary documents issued by authorities is crucial, as it protects individuals from future legal consequences. Among these vital certificates are the Commencement, Occupancy, and Completion certificates. Apartment seekers frequently have questions about Occupancy Certificates, such as what an Occupancy Certificate is, how to check  Occupancy Certificate online, and why it is essential. Let us delve deeper into understanding Occupancy Certificates (OC).

What Is Occupation Certificate?

how to check occupancy certificate online

An Occupancy Certificate( OC) is a legal document issued by the Department of a Local Administrative Body or Municipal Authority. It certifies that the building or infrastructure is built according to the plans and specifications approved by designated legal authorities. It is issued when a property is ready for occupancy. An occupancy certificate avoids the risks of eviction and demolition. OC is required for water supply, electricity, and other connections. Therefore, the building will not have a permit to occupy any resident. It is the responsibility of the building owner to do all the procedures involved in getting OC from issuing authorities.

Every customer must know the importance of an occupancy certificate for apartments (OC). Prospective buyers must ask for an OC before purchasing an apartment. The OC certifies that the building is safe to live in. Significance of occupancy certificate for apartments includes:

  1. Safety Assurance
  2. It is illegal to construct a building without an occupancy certificate
  3. For water and electricity connections.
  4. OC is mandatory to avail of bank loans and resale the property
  5. It ensures the property’s infrastructural safety and prevents risks.
  6. The certificate acts as a link between developers and regulators
  7. OC enhances the legitimacy and integrity of developers

Steps to Check Occupancy Certificate Online

Apartment seekers must be properly aware of Occupancy certificates for apartments. The muncipal authority issues the OC after the inspection. There are many queries regarding the Occupancy certificate. One of the main queries is whether we can check occupancy certificates online and how to do so. Yes, Checking whether a building or an apartment possesses an occupancy certificate is possible. As we are aware on what is occupation certificate, there are specific steps to follow to know how to check occupancy certificate online.

  1. Visit the Municipal Authority website: The primary step is to visit the designated authority website. This online portal includes various services, including checking an occupancy certificate. 
  2. Look for the Occupancy Certificate section: Check all the building and property-related sections on the portal to find the Occupancy Certificate. It will make the second step much more effortless. 
  3. Enter the property details: After finding the occupancy certificate section. Enter the details correctly. The details include the property address, the owner’s name, and the Property address. Ensure all the details are correct to avoid errors.
  4. Check the results: If all the details are correct and the property has an occupancy certificate, the websites will display the certificate’s details. The details include the issue date, the property owner’s name, and the building type.  
  5. Download the Occupancy Certificate: Download the certificate if the result is accurate and all the details are correct. You may download the certificate from the website and save it.

One authorized site to check the occupancy certificate online is RERA. If the property is registered in RERA, the occupancy certificate can be verified based on the state on RERA’s web pages. Generally, there are some specific aspects when checking an Occupancy certificate online, and they are

  1. The authenticity of the website
  2. Verification of information
  3. Validity of the Certificate
  4. Consult with professionals

Why Occupancy Certificate Is Required

An occupancy certificate for apartment (OC) is an important document the municipal authority issues after inspection. It is illegal to occupy an apartment without an OC, which is necessary at the time of property transaction. For instance, if you are looking for flats for sale in Calicut, it is vital to check that the property has an occupancy certificate. The local or Municipal authority in Calicut should issue the certificate after inspection. The local body will conduct a proper inspection of the property.

In addition, it is important to obtain water, electricity and sanitary connections. Some key elements that highlight the significance of the occupancy certificate are

  1. The authenticity of the website: It is important to avoid third-party websites or other portals that declare to provide occupancy certificates. Also, ensure the website belongs to the Municipal authority or Local Government.
  2. Verification of information: Make sure all the information entered is correct and accurate. Moreover, adding updated details to the portal is significant to avoid errors. In case of any errors or malfunctions, contact designated authorities immediately to rectify them. 
  3. Validity of the Certificate: Checking the validity of certificates is crucial. The validity of the occupancy certificate depends on local laws and regulations. It may range from 5 years to 10 years or may be permanent.
  4. Consult with professionals: If you have concerns or questions, it is best to seek advice from professionals such as a lawyer or a property consultant. The professionals will provide details on legal obligations and requirements.

Now we understand occupation certificates and their importance in real estate. Moreover with a proper idea on how to check occupancy certificate online allows the people to save time and money. An occupation certificate for an apartment is a crucial document. Also, people should know how to check occupancy certificates online because it is easy and convenient. People can check them online by browsing authorized websites.


An apartment seeker must have an idea about the builders and developers before finalizing an apartment. An occupancy certificate for apartments also improves transparency. Also, it is important to know how to check occupancy certificate online. Reputable builders will never miss any paperwork and documentation. In addition, they perform all the activities as per the law. At Confident Group, we make everything convenient for our customers. Our team and advisors ensure that you have all the documents you need, saving you and your family time.

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