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How To Choose The Right Builder

10 AUG 2018

Choosing the right builder for your dream home is an extremely critical step. The builder you opt for is going to be responsible for your home and all that it has to offer. The number of builders in the market are one too many, but who is the most reliable of them all? One must be cautious and one must do a thorough market study to find the best builder who will provide the best quality in terms of quality of material used, architecture and service. Your life’s savings are going into your real estate purchase, so one must compare, analyse and choose a builder who is the best amongst his competitors and is offering what suits your needs. Here are some simple, yet important tips that will help you pick the right builder for your home.

• Experience of the builder:

The experience of the builder in the Industry says a lot about his efficiency. If a certain builder has been in the market and has consistently performed throughout the period of his presence, one can be assured that he is offering both quality and service. Not just that, an experienced builder will come with sufficient knowledge about the industry, the material and the evolving architecture. You can be assured that someone with ample experience will build good quality homes.

• Success rate:

The number of homes built by the builder, it be villas or flats is also an important factor to consider while choosing the right builder for your home. The number of homes built and occupied is a direct reflection of the scale of operation, reliability, quality and workmanship of the builder.

• The one who meets your needs:

Each of us are looking for something different in our dream home. Different builders might offer different styles, scales and lifestyles in their projects. Or, one builder might have a lot of variety in what they offer- Make sure that you opt for something that meets your needs and the builder that you opt for is offering a home that is in your budget and offering you the amenities and lifestyle that you desire.

• Number of ongoing projects:

This factor is again a direct representation of the efficiency of the builder. Multiple ongoing projects show that the builder is reliable and has sufficient funding and experience in the field, making them a good option to opt for.

• Testimonials of the existing customers:

The more the number of happy customers, the more reliable the builder is. Talking to existing customers will help you gauge the builder- right from the quality of the material, his adherence to time schedules and post occupation service.

• A well-coordinated team:

The builder should have a well coordinated team of professionals who will be able to give complete, truthful and wholesome information to you on the varied queries that you may have. They should be in sync with each other and not make you run from person to person due to lack of knowledge on their end.

• Accreditations and licenses:

Look into the license of the builder; his legal authenticity and certification from local and reputed organisations are also important factors to consider. His presence in local organisations also shows his authenticity and involvement with the local organisations. Apart from this, it is always advisable to research on any litigations or legal embroilments of the builder.

• Project approvals by banks:

Most reputable builders tie up with banks for offering home loans and other services. Projects approved by banks, especially Nationalised banks like SBI are more reliable than others.

• Planning and Architecture:

A builder who has a portfolio of diverse projects, in terms of aesthetics and architecture definitely has an upper hand. A builder who shows evolution in the design of the buildings that they build, and a builder who has buildings that are comparable to global standards is more superior to others. Look into the architecture and spatial planning of the existing and proposed projects to understand what they have to offer.

• Structural quality is of utmost importance:

One must lay utmost emphasis on the structure as undertaken by the builder. The material used like cement, steel etc should be of the best quality and the builder should ensure to take up tests like cube tests, steel tests etc to make sure that the material used, the consistency and the work undertaken on site is of top notch quality. The construction on larger scales is usually undertaken in different phases adhering to predetermined timelines, so make sure that your builder has given you full disclosure of these phases and the varied schedules that they have for the project of your interest. While interiors and the end product is an essential part of a home, the structure and the efficiency of the same should be given high priority.

• Quality of workmanship:

As discussed earlier, the quality of the material used should be studied closely by the buyer before choosing the builder for your home. Apart from this, the quality of workmanship is another important factor to consider while shortlisting the right builder.

• Quality checking:

A good builder is one who maintains time schedules and is constantly keeping a check on the quality and progress of work. There should be transparency in the work schedule, and the buyer should have access to quality checking guidelines, regular updates on the progress of the construction of their homes etc. A builder who has an elaborate checking process and adheres to it will provide you with the best quality homes.

• Service and post care:

It is not just important to provide a well-planned home but also provide good post occupation service. Maintenance of homes and the amenities etc should be undertaken by the builder to provide a relaxing experience to their customers. A builder who does not provide good post occupation service does not stand to qualify to be a reliable option. Sometimes residents face issues with maintaining their home but unfortunately do not get the help needed. This is often done by fly by night operators who do not provide satisfactory post care service, and not a characteristic of a good and reliant builder.

• Resale and appreciation of value:

An efficient builder will not only provide a good quality structure, but will undertake substantial research before even proposing a project. Zeroing in on an area that has good facilities, good network of roads, high appreciation value etc are factors that a good builder will look into.

• History & Assets of the Company:

It is imperative to study the history of the company and be more informed about the holdings and assets of the same. A builder with a good growth tangent, history and the one with substantial assets and substantial monetary back up will not leave you stranded midway or cheat you.

• Proprietorship or BOD:

If it’s a proprietorship company, and if something happens to the proprietor, then the responsibility falls into whose hands? Transparency should be provided in the operation of the organisation.

• Amenities and facilities:

While our changing lifestyles might demand different amenities, they should not be the key determining factor for you to choose the right builder or home for yourself. Often many builders bait potential buyers with promises of lavish amenities but fail to deliver the same. Not just this, one should also remember that over a period of time the responsibility of maintaining the amenities provided lies in the hands of the residents- so pick a home that provides just what you need and what you may be able to dedicate time for.

• Don’t judge a book by its cover:

While model homes give you a great insight into what you might achieve as an end product- do not be fooled by appearances. More emphasis should be laid on understanding how the home meets our needs and how it can be customised to become a home that caters to the need of our family.

These simple pointers will help you pick a builder who is reputable, reliable and will deliver a home that is not just a dream come true but an asset that will enhance your investment with time.

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