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How To Control Pests In Your Home

13 APR 2018

One of the biggest hassles we come across in our day to day life are pests. If you are constantly worried about how to control pests in your home, read on for practical tips on how to prevent pests in your home.

Here are 10 tips for a pest free home:

1. Declutter:

how to control pests in your home - Declutter your things

A home full of clutter and unwanted items is a perfect space for pests to thrive. Apart from dusting and cleaning, one must take a lot of care to clear out unwanted clothes, papers or any other items that may be lying in heaps or stored away somewhere as these serve as a perfect hiding spots for insects.

Stocking up on plastic containers, plastics, newspapers etc is a big no if you want to tackle pests in your house. Hence it is of utmost importance to keep your home clean. The lesser the chances of breeding, the lesser the need for eradication and defence from the same. This will help in taking care of spiders, cockroaches, silverfish etc.

2. Garbage Woes:

how to control pests in your home - Disposing Garbage

Garbage is yet another problem that will lead to thriving of unwanted pests. Segregating garbage and disposing as soon as possible is very important. Opt for trash cans with lids and make sure you don’t spill the debris around. Open and undisposed litter will encourage the breeding of ants, mosquitoes, fruit flies, cockroaches etc. So, if you want a pest free home you need to take care of garbage as an utmost priority.

3. Wet Spots & Leaky Faucets:

how to control pests in your home - Avoid wet areas and dampness

It is no news that pests love a damp environment. Whether it is mosquitoes or ants – wet areas and dampness are a cool spot for pests to thrive. It is imperative to fix leaky faucets, check for stains and seal damp crevices to discourage the activity of pests, growth of mildew moss etc.

4. Make Your Home Pet Friendly, Not Pest Friendly:

how to control pests in your home - Make Home Pet Friendly

Pet food attracts a lot of unwanted guests. If you are not careful with the storage and management of your pet food, it could be a feast for pests. It is ideal to dedicate a clutter free, empty space as a dining space for your pets and make sure you use just as much food needed and store the rest away immediately. Clean the residual food and bits lying around so that insects like cockroaches, ants etc do not make a field day of it.

5. Stored Away Yet Unsafe:

how to control pests in your home - Avoid Storing Food in cupboards

If you thought that saving away food items in closed cupboards or a pantry is keeping them safe, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is another important point in how to control pests in your home. Even a small opening, opened and not sealed food items, crumbs and spilled food attract insects like ants, cockroaches and even mice. You may be storing food items in closed cupboards or a secure pantry, but if you leave your food items open- chances are, it will still attract pests.

6. Cracks & Crevices- A Gateway For Pests:

how to control pests in your home - Avoid Cracks & Crevices

Insects and mice are opportunists! The smallest entry way is sufficient for them to enter your home. Homeowners must periodically check for cracks, holes or any opening that might be a gateway for the entry of insects and mice. One must pay close attention to window and door frames and the seal the minor cracks/holes that may develop around them due to the expansion or compression of wood. Air vents, or points where cables or pipes enter or leave your house are another area that need to be taken care of. Secure all these points using good quality sealants, or stuff some steel wool into larger holes, or cover them with wire mesh to ensure troublesome pests do not enter your home.

7. A Messy Yard Is A Messy Home:

how to control pests in your home - Avoid Messy Yard

If you are blessed with a garden, make sure you keep it clean. Rodents, insects, lizards etc are common visitors to any yard. But you are encouraging their presence if you do not clean up your garden. Overgrown weeds, garbage spilling on the ground or litter scattered around are an invitation for unwanted pests to make it their home. Use natural pesticides, traps etc to keep pesky pests away from your garden.

If you do not take good care of your yard, it is likely that these pests will eventually enter your home. So, the first step to clean up your home would be to clean up your yard, if you have one.

8. Natural Ventilation:

how to control pests in your home - Encourage Natural Ventilation

Dampness, darkness and lack of air circulation is what makes a home most suited for pests. Microbial growths are also encouraged with the lack of good ventilation. Bring in the natural light, and enrich your home with the goodness of the sun. Natural ventilation will encourage cleanliness in your home and discourage the breeding of mosquitoes, ants etc.

9. Indoor landscape:

how to control pests in your home - Keep Indoor Plants Pest Free

Indoor plants come with a lot of benefits for the well being of occupants. But they also come with a risk of being attacked by pests that may become a menace for the rest of the house. Earth worms, ants etc thrive around plants due to the cool and fertile environment that they have to offer. Discarding plants is not so much a solution as keeping them clean and pest free is. Using natural manure, checking on them regularly and getting rid of weeds etc is essential for a clean and healthy environment.

10. Traps & Tricks:

how to control pests in your home - Use Traps and Insecticides

While all the tips above have been preventive in nature, if nothing else works- resorting to traps, insecticides etc is the only option. Bed bugs, silverfish, cockroaches etc can be stubborn and simple preventive tips may not work. Using effective ways to get rid of them like sprays, glue traps etc are your only option. They can be very strong and leave a lasting effect on the area they are used. Hence, thorough cleaning after usage is extremely important or might lead to serious health hazards.

Pests can be a real trouble in the smooth functioning of a home. They are an embarrassing and unwanted presence in your home and these tips for a pest free home will help you have a space that is cleaner and more hygienic.

Hope you found this article on ‘How To Control Pests In Your Home’ helpful. Feel free to share more interesting thoughts and suggestions. We would love to hear your ideas.

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