How To Create A Meditation Space in Your Room?

4 NOV 2022

As much as our body needs exercise, our mind needs meditation. Meditation is one activity that has the power to bring positive changes in all the other aspects of your life. A calm mind can conquer anything. Spending as few as 10 minutes a day meditating can have a significant impact on your brain health. 

Mediation can be done anywhere; however, having a dedicated space for it will help you include it in your routine better. The chaos of a regular space may disrupt your meditative practices. It requires a certain discipline to meditate. You can start by creating a peaceful space of your own, where you can sit down to meditate every day, keeping all your worries aside for those few minutes. 

Ways To Create A Meditation Space In Your Room:

Following are some tips on how you can create your own meditation space:

1) Soothing Tones For The Walls:

When you are creating a meditation room or a space in your own room to meditate, the first thing to get into order is the walls. The walls set the tone for a room. They have a major role in how the ambiance of the room will turn out to be. If you are planning to buy a new house or renovate your existing one, make sure you choose soothing, light tones for the walls of this specific room. 

Meditation Room

2) Keep It Minimalistic:

An unsaid but important rule of creating a meditative space is to keep it clutter-free. You will be able to focus better in a cleaner set-up. Getting rid of any excessive stuff in that particular area is advisable. Only include things that will add value to your meditation and eliminate anything that brings even the slightest of visual stress. Remember, this space is going to be your safe haven, one where you should be able to quieten your mind. The fewer things you include in this room, the better meditation sessions you will be able to have. 

Doing Meditation

3) Let In Some Air:

A closed space is not ideal for meditation. Getting some fresh air in your lungs while meditating can enhance your experience. A perfect meditation room requires enough ventilation. Pick the room with the most windows to make sure that your meditation area makes you feel rejuvenated every time you enter. If you do not have any windows in the room where you wish to set up your meditation area, invest in an air cooler. If you want to go all out, an air purifier will also be a good installment.

4) Plants To Make It Lively:

It is said that the best place to meditate is near nature. Unfortunately, in today’s busy lifestyle, you might not have the time to go to a park each day. How about you bring nature to your meditation space? Indoor plants can transform your meditation room without taking up much space. Since the meditation area does not have much furniture, you can break the monotony by adding a few plants. These plants will give a refreshing touch to the room. 

Indoor plants are not very high maintenance; however, if you are not into real plants or feel that it will take effort to maintain them, you can consider getting some decorative ones. Decorative plants look as good as real these days. You will be able to trick your brain into thinking that they are real plants.

Lady Doing Meditation

5) Get The Seating Right:

A meditation area is incomplete without a yoga mat. Leave space for your yoga mat in the room. If you believe in Vastu Shastra, the best direction to meditate or carry out religious rituals is east/ northeast. You can adjust the seating as per the direction and begin your meditation with devotion. If you cannot sit on the floor to meditate, a low-height sofa as the only piece of furniture in that space would be a good option. 

6) Don’t Forget The Scents:

Scented candles and essential oils come in a wide range of varieties. Pick a scent that allures you the most and place it in your meditation area. Fragrances are known to have calming effects on the brain and can help you release stress. This inexpensive element will help uplight your mood instantly when you take out time to meditate.

Meditation With Scented Candles

7) A Playlist With Calming Tunes:

Along with tweaking the physical elements of the room, you might also want to pay attention to the background music while you meditate. Soothing, calming tones can help you cut out the chatter in your head. Adding a soundbar to the space will be a good option. You can even play guided meditation on the soundbar and enjoy the process. 

Meditation Space In Apartment


Creating a meditation space is not a lot of work; all you need to do is elements all the unnecessary items from that area and add in things that have a tranquil effect on your senses. If you want to tweak the interiors of the room, changing the color of the walls to a light shade, along with investing in wooden flooring, can be good options. However, if you are on a budget, a good meditation space can still be created without spending a lot. By adding some inexpensive things such as plants, candles, a yoga mat, etc., you will be set to enjoy the space. Moreover, playing some meditative music in the background will help you take a break from the outside world. 


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