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How to save space in an apartment?

11 JUN 2021

When you opt to live in an apartment, finding more space is the major challenge. Often you may feel annoyed when you see your house stuffed with too much furniture and other belongings lying here and there.
Most of the working professionals choose to live in compact, budget-friendly apartments, but they are not aware of how they can maximise space in the home.

Whether you are living alone or with your family, spare some time to restyle your home so that you can make the most of the space provided. Make a habit of organizing your living space with the stuff that you need the most in your everyday life.

How to save more space in your apartment home?

  • Clear the clutter

  • Make use of dead spaces

  • Add more wall shelves

  • Use multi-purpose furniture

  • Choose light colours

  • Use storage boxes 

  • Balcony makeover

  • Bunk bed for kids

  • Use hooks & hangers 

Here are a few tips you could follow to maximise the space in your home.  

Clear the clutter

First things first, discard the unused items which are taking up unnecessary space in your apartment. Try to de-clutter your home every month so that you can avoid build-up of unwanted items like old newspapers, bottles, plastic waste, cardboard boxes, etc. If you have some items which you need occasionally, such as raincoats, winter wear, blankets, etc. you can keep them away in an overhead cupboard. 

Make use of dead spaces

If you observe, you can find many unused spaces in your apartment that can be put to use for storage. Room corners are one of the most overlooked areas in your home. You can introduce sturdy corner shelves or cabinets which can give you space to keep your showpieces or books. If you have space beneath a TV stand, keep some storage baskets to store your electronics or TV accessories.

Add more wall shelves

Vertical storage saves a lot of space in a home and hence you should consider having more shelves to keep your belongings organized. Whether you want to showcase your photographs, art pieces or book collections, wall shelves will make things easier for you. Floating shelves are ideal for your living room and can be installed easily. 

Use multi-purpose furniture

You would be surprised to find a wide range of innovative furniture designs available in the market which can be used to save space in your home. Replace your old heavy cots, tables and sofa with sleek and storage-friendly designer furniture. More and more people are now opting for multi-purpose furniture models like storage beds, futons, foldable tables and chairs, etc. to keep their stuff neatly hidden from the view.

Choose light colours

If you are trying to make your compact home look more spacious, dark wall colours will not do the purpose. Pick light colours ideally white colour for the walls of your home. Lighter shades give a feeling that the room is more large and airy especially when the sunlight comes in. Avoid painting the doors and cupboards in dark shades like brown and grey and instead, you can choose neutral shades. Also, apply the same light colour theme for the curtains and blinds. 

Use storage boxes 

Storage boxes are a big hit when it comes to organizing a home to save space. These boxes are available in different sizes and materials. Nowadays you can find it in most of the supermarkets or even buy them online. Use these boxes to keep your small clothes, accessories and towels neatly folded in cupboards. Instead of randomly keeping the food items and spices in your kitchen you can introduce storage boxes to keep things segregated. This will not only make your living space look more appealing and but will also let you find things easily. 

Balcony makeover

A balcony is an extra space in an apartment which can be used for creating a green corner. If you love plants, try to use vertical planters for growing plants and vegetables. You will also get hanging pots and planters which can be mounted on the railings. These will save a lot of space when compared to using normal large pots which are kept on the floor. Another use of balcony is for drying clothes. Instead of tying cloth strings in your balcony, use a ceiling-mounted cloth drying rack to hang the clothes.

Bunk bed for kids 

The kid’s room needs more attention than any other room in your apartment when it comes to space-saving. Most likely your child’s room will be stuffed with toys and study materials. If you have two kids, you can consider installing a bunk bed instead of having two separate cots for them. Also, you can keep all the toys and kid’s art materials neatly stored in storage boxes. These boxes can be stored away under the bunk bed so that your children can easily reach out to their stuff whenever they need. Now you can also get customized bunk beds with in-built storage spaces. 

Use hooks & hangers

Most of the apartments will have small closet space so you need to be creative while arranging your stuff. Using steel hooks and hangers can save a lot of space as you can hang your clothes, bags, and other accessories. You can neatly hang your ironed clothes in your closet and remaining items can be stored in boxes. You can even try hooks in your kitchen and bathrooms to hang items which you need to take out very often. 

These small changes can make your life much easier and relaxed. Neat living spaces will always make you feel good and positive. Your home is a reflection of your personality so utilise your space effectively to create a spacious and elegant home. Moreover, these smart tips can make your home look trendy and trash-free. Even if you are staying in a large 3 or 4 BHK apartment or a villa you can try these space-saving ideas to in Kerala, visit us.  

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