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How to Select an Apartment with a Suitable Floor Plan?

7 MAR 2024

When buying a home, understanding the house’s structure is important. Floor plans are the backbone of a house. It gives a bird’s eye view of the whole structure and layout of a house. A floor plan shows how rooms, furniture, and spaces relate to each other. It uses dimension lines to indicate the real-life measurements of things like room lengths which photos can’t convey. Every information given within a plan is very simple to read and carry around.

What is a Floor Plan?

floor plan
A floor plan is like a map of your house or building. It’s drawn to scale and shows how everything is arranged from above. Floor plans, also called house plans, are crucial in designing buildings. They show how rooms are connected, and where furniture goes, and help you see how the space fits together.

Floor plans come in different levels. For big projects with many buildings, start by looking at the master or layout plan. It gives you an overview of the whole project, showing where buildings are, along with open spaces and the amenities that come along with it.

Factors to Consider in selecting a floor plan

Choosing the right floor plan is a significant decision when designing your home. It’s essential to assess various factors to ensure that the layout meets your needs and preferences.

Effective Utilization of Space

One of the most important factors to be considered when choosing an apartment floor plan is to focus on the size and layout of the rooms you need. Measure your current space, decide how many rooms you’ll need, and think about what you’ll do in each one. Design your floor plan to make the most of every inch, ensuring you utilise every available space for your needs.

Keep a Tap on Your Budget

It all rounds to your budget. Financing your home is important, but you don’t have to figure out the exact cost yet. If you are on the hunt for budget flats in Calicut , it is crucial to look at floor plans that fit your budget. You can always dream of a big house but focus on finding one that meets your basic needs first, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer.

Ensure the Size is Right

It’s crucial to determine how much space you need. Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to finding the perfect floor plan. Consider your family size and belongings to ensure everyone and everything fits comfortably.

Getting an understanding of the square footage can help you gauge room sizes in potential floor plans. Try and research as much as you can and talk to a professional who can explain the true size of a space.

Size also impacts how connected you feel. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so take your time to decide what feels right for you.

Let There Be Natural Light

Natural lighting is the soul of every home as it keeps your home lit, fresh and healthy. It plays a very significant role in maintaining good mental health and fills the space with positivity. When it comes to natural light, apartment floor plans matter.

Take into account how much sunlight each room will get and which way the windows face. This will guide you in selecting the best layout for your home’s location.

Remember, not all designers prioritize natural lighting equally, so choose wisely. If you want a bright home, opt for floor plans with big windows, ideally on more than one side of a room for cross-lighting.

Choose What Fits Your Lifestyle

When you’re building a new home, you want it to match your lifestyle. You want it to be cosy and convenient for the things you love doing. If you like relaxing get-togethers where people mingle in the kitchen and dining areas, go for an open floor plan. But if you prefer quiet dinner gatherings with close conversations, consider a plan with a separate, enclosed dining room.


When planning your home, think about the style you want the living space to have. Consider the furniture, decor, and colours you’ll use. This guides you in choosing a floor plan that complements your style and fits your lifestyle. Matching the exterior and interior styles makes your home feel cohesive and natural.

Tips on Decision Making

Before following the tips, it’s beneficial to consider visualizing your lifestyle within each potential floor plan. You can even seek input from friends, family, or professionals who can provide valuable perspectives you might not have considered, aiding in making a well-informed decision.

Identify Your Lifestyle

As mentioned above, a home truly reflects your sense of lifestyle and comfort. You need to understand how your home can be designed in a way that would cushion all your needs. Consider things like how big your family is, the growth, and the activities you perform daily. Are you someone who likes to have people over a lot? Do you need a space for working from home? Knowing your needs will help you choose the right floor plan.

Consider the Future Flexibility

Your home should not just be a space that meets only the current needs. It’s important to plan for both now and the future. Think about whether your family might grow or if your lifestyle could change. Choose a floor plan that can adapt over time, with rooms that can be used for different purposes and space to expand if necessary.

Understand the Flow and Connectivity of your Space

A good floor plan is all about ease and connection between different areas in your home. An efficient floor plan will make it easy to move between rooms. Check how each area connects and make sure the transitions are smooth. For instance, you’ll want the kitchen close to the dining area for convenience. Try to avoid too many hallways or dead-end spaces to keep things efficient.

Evaluate the Sizes and Proportions of the Rooms

When picking a floor plan, think about the size of each room. Make sure bedrooms have enough room for your furniture and storage. Also, check that common areas are big enough for gatherings.


A living space that exudes a harmonious living experience makes life enriching and comfortable for the residents. Every feature of a home should be tailored in a way that meets all your unique needs and preferences. At Confident Group we believe a comfortable life is what makes a quality life. Our premium 2 bhk apartment floor plan is designed in a way to give a seamless living experience where premium amenities and facilities would cushion all your needs.

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