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Importance of Couples Living Separately from Parents

3 FEB 2023

Living in the same house with your parents even after getting married can either be a good or bad decision depending on your individual situation. If you are still saving money to buy a new house, you should consider living with your parents.
However, if your parents are highly conservative in nature and keep interfering with your married life, moving to a separate place with your spouse as soon as possible would be a wise choice.
In this article, we will show you a few reasons why it’s vital for couples to live separately from their parents. Let’s dig in.

1) In-law’s Pressure on Wifemother in law

When you live with your parents even after being married, it puts a lot of pressure on your wife, which generally comes from her in-laws, aka your parents. And this is true, especially if you two are a newlywed couple.
As a couple, you two should be able to express each other openly to develop your relationship. However, with your parents around, it becomes problematic.

Most of the time, the wife isn’t able to express her difficulties because of in-laws’ pressure. Even if her in-laws are genuinely concerned about her, expressing herself honestly in front of them often becomes difficult for her. She will often find herself pretending to be fine, even if everything is not okay, because she doesn’t want to make her in-laws worry.
Living separately from her in-laws allows her to express herself to her husband openly, and she won’t have to go through the in-law pressure. It will deepen your bond with her.

2) Men Can Perform Household Chores family man

Many Indian parents still hold the belief that it’s a wife’s duty to do the household chores. Because of this, the husbands are unable to help their wives with these chores and share each other’s burdens if they live with their parents. When a couple lives in a house separate from their parents, the couple won’t have to worry about such things. As a result, men can perform household chores along with their female counterparts. It will help the wives lighten their household burdens, especially if the wives are working full-time jobs.
Along with that, sharing each other’s burdens makes the couple get closer to each other, significantly improving their married lives.

3) More PrivacyCouples

One of the many concerns of a married couple living with their parents is the lack of privacy. With the parents around, the couples won’t be able to do certain things without feeling pressured. Many parents always want to know where their children are going and how they spend their time. Even more so when their children have just gotten married, although they do this out of concern, the couple might feel being constantly watched.
So, to get enough privacy, it’s crucial for the couple to live in a separate home from their parents.

4) Better Understanding of Each Other’s NeedsCouples in apartment

Spending quality time with your spouse to understand each other’s needs better is essential. It’s a crucial part of a healthy married life. However, when you and your spouse live together with your parents, you hardly get enough time for that. While staying with your whole family is essential, staying in the same house as your parents will severely limit your time with your spouse.
If this continues, feelings of insecurity, resentment, and lack of understanding start developing among the couples. You two will stay separated most of the time due to work and household chores, without time to relax. So, if you don’t even get to spend some time with your other half at the end of the day and express your thoughts freely, the seed of mistrust can quickly grow.

That’s why try couples should try living separately from their parents. This way, you two will get enough time to talk to each other, understand each other, and solidify your relationship.

5) Improvement in Couple’s CompatibilityCouples in flats

Conflicts are natural among couples, no matter how compatible you are. Even if you’re taking extra care of your spouse, some kind of conflict will pop up in one way or the other. However, if you talk to each other and understand your spouse’s points to resolve the conflict, it deepens your relationship and makes you two more compatible.
However, with your parents around, it’s challenging to confront your other half to resolve the conflict. Most of the time, you two avoid bringing up the topic of conflict as you don’t want to worry your parents.
While it may look peaceful on the surface, it’s severely harming your relationship and compatibility with your spouse.

What’s more, when the parents are around, they always try to give advice and solve the conflict between you two. After listening to their advice, you two stop discussing the conflict. But it’s not entirely solved. Since you two didn’t solve the root of the problem personally, it does not improve your relationship and mutual understanding.
Instead, it just creates more gaps in the relationship, decreasing your compatibility with each other.
So, to improve your compatibility, solve conflicts healthily, and deepen your relationship with your spouse, make sure to shift to a new home with your other half.

6) Independent LivingCouples apartment

When you live with your parents even after getting married, the parents often unknowingly interfere with your and your spouse’s lives. Couples often feel like they are being watched when they live with their parents. Because of this, they cannot be more open with each other.
Moving to a separate home and living away from your parents gives the coupled the much-needed breathing space.

You can express your feelings openly, resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, and get away from the feeling of being watched all the time. Your wife won’t feel under in-law pressure, and you can help your wife do household chores without being judged. In short, you will be independent to live your life with your spouse in any way you two want.

7) Wrapping It Upflats for couple

As we have mentioned above, there are several reasons why a married couple should consider living separately from their parents.
While living with parents has certain benefits, they are often outstripped by the disadvantages, especially if you’re a newly married couple or your parents are extremely conservative.
Of course, there are circumstances where you have no other options than to live with your parents. You may be ready to move out in a few years. In the end, the decision is in your hand. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully to make an informed decision.

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