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30 JUN 2023

The Indian real estate market has witnessed a significant transformation over the years. This transformation is driven by factors such as rapid urbanization, changes in customer preferences, government intervention and initiatives, and advancements in technology. As a result today, real estate trends in India are making new ways to buy and sell properties, changing the way we look at the real estate market.

There are so many investment options available today, like mutual funds, gold, and stock markets. But paying heed to the emerging real estate trends can be a boon to you because of the rewarding returns. With the ever-rising demand for homes, buying or investing in them will not only enhance your quality of living but also improve your financial stability.

Let’s take a better look at the latest trends in the real estate market and how they’re unlocking new opportunities for investors, homebuyers, and developers alike.

Emerging trends in the real estate trends to eye on

Real estate trends

1. Staying Close to Nature – Prioritizing Zen Living

When you grow up in the lap of the urban lifestyle, you often neglect the green spaces. With all the amenities in and around the cities, people often forget the benefits and joy of staying close to nature. Today buying a home amidst nature is one of the emerging real estate trends and is something every individual prefers, away from the city lights where families can reconnect with nature and prioritize healthy living.

The growing awareness of the environment has provoked people to make better decisions while buying a home, thereby enhancing well-being. Inculcating the aspect of Zen Living within homes introduces you to a better lifestyle, which means immersing oneself in the bliss of nature and peaceful surroundings and creating a sense of harmony in the neighborhood. This in turn allows you to practice mindfulness.

2. Co-working Spaces and Flexible Offices

The concept of co-working spaces and flexible offices are one of the real estate trends in India that has seen a surge in the past few years. The rise of startups, freelancing, and remote work has brought in cost efficiency. This pattern has provoked real estate developers to weave in this trend by incorporating co-working spaces in commercial projects, offering flexible lease terms, and providing amenities that will cater to the needs and requirements of modern professionals.

3. Investing in vacation homes

Buying vacation homes is another trend that has contributed to the real estate growth in India . The pandemic has made people rethink their lifestyle, which is owning a second home close to nature. Families buying luxury vacation homes by nature get to experience a peaceful and harmonious side of living life. Apart from giving you a naturistic escape, Luxury vacation homes ensure you get access to all your urban comforts within reach, maintaining the tranquility of your stay.

4. The Rise of Smart Homes

Technological advancements have made great strides in every aspect of our lives and the real estate industry is no exception. Smart homes with architecture that is state of the art, are equipped with automated systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, that have gained immense popularity in recent years making it one of the emerging real estate trends. Smart homes come with features such as remote-controlled lighting, temperature regulation, security systems, and voice-activated assistants, providing residents with convenience, comfort, and enhanced energy efficiency.

5. Affordable Housing

Affordable housing continues to be a key focus area in India. Real estate Developers are actively participating in government initiatives such as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) which was launched to offer affordable housing to families with middle-income and lower-income segments. With supportive policies and incentives, affordable housing is emerging as a significant growth driver in the real estate market.

6. A rise in demand for end-to-end managed projects

Buying a home in today’s time goes beyond simply finding a good home. Potential buyers now consider multiple layers of factors when making a purchase. They are not just interested in the physical structure of the property but also in the additional avenues that come with it, such as property management and various facilities like rental management, security, and hospitality management. This shift in buyer preferences has prompted real estate developers to adapt their offerings and focus more on creating properties that prioritize people’s needs and preferences.

The Confident Group – Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

A good home is a harmonious blend of innovation, authenticity, and a commitment to enhancing one’s well-being and quality of life. This is precisely what the Confident Group believes in. As premium property developers, they have made significant contributions to the field of innovation and have left an impeccable mark in the world of real estate. Through their exceptional flats and apartments, the Confident Group has successfully fulfilled the dreams of many aspiring homeowners, providing them with unparalleled living experiences.

With 3 different housing verticals namely Lifestyle Plus Homes, Confiluxe Homes, and Smile Homes, offering a unique experience, the confident group has crafted a range of homes that not only bring families closer to their roots but also encapsulate the essence of luxury, giving an unforgettable living experience.

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