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Senior Citizen’s Checklist to Buying a New House

25 APR 2022

India has nearly 65% share of youth and working age in its total population. This distribution has effectively sidelined the ageing senior citizen population. Itonly makes sense for products to be designed and developed for the majority. However, the senior citizens have their own needs that need to be met.

When it comes to building homes, most developers offer amenities designed around the younger demographic. Fancier amenities like jacuzzis and gyms are targeted for the younger buyers. On the other hand, older senior citizens are expected to remain content walking on the premises. 

The standard urban development may not be a right fit for senior citizens. And the exclusive projects developed for senior citizens aren’t making as much noise. So it would be wise for senior citizens to look for developments that offer a wide range of amenities for all ages. However, if you are on the lookout for a senior citizen centric development, we have here a checklist that could come handy. 

A developer who shows compassion

For a senior citizen who would like to buy a home after retirement, things may seem as daunting as it could be for a young first time home buyer. The paperwork and the hassle could feel like too much to even the younger generation. So it is first and foremost important for the elderly to find a builder who can empathize with the needs of the senior citizens, be compassionate and answer their queries patiently,  and offer services accordingly.


Most senior citizens purchasing a home are perhaps doing so on their pension. And owning a home after their prime ages may seem like a big responsibility to take on. So it is important to purchase a home that is affordable. A senior home buyer should be able to manage their EMIs (if any), put aside savings, and have a bigger share dedicated towards an emergency fund. 

Loans on pension

The maximum age of a home loan applicant should be 70 in most banks. Most senior homebuyers are known to buy a home from their retirement settlement. However, a small loan amount can do no harm considering that the home is only an asset. Most banks and lenders offer home loans to senior citizens for a tenure that may last till the applicant reaches the age of 75. 


A development that is accessible and senior citizen friendly should have ramps, elevators, and be designed to suit its older residents. A design checklist for a senior citizen-friendly development must take into consideration that most common architectural features that may seem easy to access for the younger generation may not be the same to its older residents. Skid-free tiles, easily accessible and more than the usual number of elevators, ramps with side rails, support handles in bathrooms, and plenty of space for pets are all just some of the accessibility features that can make a senior citizen’s life easier. 


Security is a feature that cannot be compromised upon, no matter what the age of the homeowner or resident. This is especially true for senior citizens considering how they may need constant assurance for their well-being. A secure development is a must for its senior residents’ peace of mind.


As an extension of the security feature, it is essential for a development with senior citizens to have immediately accessible healthcare facilities. Check if there are hospitals and healthcare facilities available in the vicinity. If not, do check if there are doctors available nearby who wouldn’t mind making housecalls. It is also important to ensure that there are enough options for transport available when the need arises.

Smart features

Smart homes paint a youthful and technologically advanced picture in the mind. However, smart homes can be of great help to the senior citizen population. Smart homes tuned to suit the needs of its senior citizens can be a virtual aid. From reminders to take medication to easily making calls, smart homes can be a blessing to the elderly. Smart homes equipped with healthcare features can even call for medical help in case of emergencies like when someone in the home falls. Smart homes can be operated remotely. So for senior citizens who may have a failing memory, their appliances and devices can be operated remotely allowing them to enjoy absolute peace of mind.


Parks are a common amenity provided in most developments. However, most parks aren’t senior citizen friendly. Parks with a lot of walkways, gazebos, and designed for relaxation are perfect for the elderly. Look for development with parks that encourage mild outdoor activity, designated spaces that allow visitors to socialize, and bring on a sense of calm.

Compact designs

A compact home is easier to clean and maintain. It would be better for senior citizens to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle in a compact home with just a little extra space for guests when they visit. 

To be able to afford a home after retirement, and to have the zeal to see through the finalization of the purchase is appreciable. To have a home that gives its senior residents a sense of freedom, security, peace, and dignity is the need of the hour. 

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