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Shifting Your Parents To An Apartment Is Better Than Moving To An Old Age Home

13 JAN 2023

With the onset of globalization in the early 90s, Indian society has witnessed a paradigm shift in its traditional values and cultural ethos. The foremost impact of this dramatic change has been on its long-cherished family system. The rise of nuclear families, rising aspirations of people, increased urban migration, and exposure to a global lifestyle have all contributed to a completely different perspective and way of life. Material prosperity has come, albeit at a heavy price.

Senior citizens and the aged populace in India ended up facing the maximum brunt of this sudden flux in their families and society. With their children heading abroad for higher education and better career prospects, the elderly people found it extremely challenging to cope with isolation and frail health. The children also found it tough to care for their parents and were ridden with deep guilt for not being there to serve them in their old age.

The Concept of an ‘Old-Age Home’ is Out

The term ‘old-age home’ has a negative connotation from the word go. A conventional old-age home is often seen as a place for housing aged people who are poor, destitute, and homeless. The ambiance of the place generally evokes a feeling of pity, suffering & gloom. A sense of abandonment and loneliness can be detrimental to the health of aged people who just seek peace & tranquility in their sunset years. Lack of hygiene, nutritious food, and proper healthcare at poorly maintained old-age homes can put their lives at significant risk.

It is certainly not what you want for your old parents, who have toiled in life to give you the best of everything. They surely deserve a life of joy & bliss in their advanced years. You can now ensure they enjoy life to the hilt even if you are not around.

The Concept of Senior Living Homes Are In

With the world changing and aging population, many parents are now considering living in a compact apartment rather than an old age home. Compact apartments are beautiful residential spaces designed to promote community living. Compact apartments can often provide seniors with a greater sense of independence and privacy than they would have in an old age home.

In stark contrast to old-age homes, compact apartments are all about living comfortably, being healthy, and enjoying life to the best of your abilities. From greater independence and privacy to affordability and easier maintenance, there are many factors that can make a compact apartment more appealing than an old age home. Even if you cannot stay with your aged parents, you can provide them with the next best thing to facilitate a life of love, care, and dignity.

Key Benefits of Buying a Home in a Compact Apartment

The advantages of buying a home in a compact apartment development are numerous. These advantages are hard to find in an old age home.

#1: Community Living

An old age home does not provide you the privilege of choosing your community. Life is always exciting, and there is never a dull moment when you are surrounded by like-minded people with similar interests and desires. What if the family is not around? You soon get new friends, and you can have a new family to share all your joys & sorrows. A lot of events & activities are planned in the community throughout the year to keep the residents active and engaged. Festivals, parties, and family functions are celebrated together with great pomp. Physical activity and emotional support provided by a close-knit community can do wonders for the health of your aged parents.

Community Living

#2: World-Class Facilities & Amenities

An apartment in a senior living home provides access to several facilities that are typically not available in an old age home. You can play a sport, take up gymming, go for a swim, attend yoga & meditation sessions, watch a movie in a home theater, or pursue a hobby like singing, reading, or painting. A clubhouse facility, parks, and a special jogging track are provided right within the residential complex. Transportation is also arranged to help senior citizens to move around. A doctor and an ambulance are available on call 24×7 to attend to any emergency need. Health checkup camps are routinely organized for all residents.

#3: Safety & Security

Incidents of crime against the elderly are on the rise. An old-age home may not be well-equipped to provide complete safety to your aged parents as the security arrangements are minimal. But when you buy an apartment for them, you can sleep peacefully even if you are thousands of miles away. The entire complex is fitted with state-of-the-art security equipment and guarded by a highly trained team. Entry is generally restricted to the general public, and chances of theft, robbery, or mishap are extremely rare.


#4: Comfort & Convenience

Life in a retirement apartment will be completely hassle-free for your parents. The in-house maintenance team will provide them with all the necessary services. Food and home maintenance services provide relief to senior citizens from daily cooking & cleaning activities. Meals are specially cooked by considering the needs of the aged people. Any repairs in the house will be quickly attended to by the maintenance team. First-aid medical facilities are made available within the residential enclave. Individual homes are built to suit the specific needs of senior citizens. An old age home can never match the independent, cozy & comfortable life that an exceptional apartment can provide. In an old age home, the infrastructure is bare-basic, and the services are mostly shared with little scope for independent living.


#5: Affordable Pricing & Great ROI

Contrary to popular perception, these retirement apartments do not carry a huge price tag. A range of projects is available to suit different budgets. The price depends upon several factors like the city, location, apartment size, facilities provided, etc. When you buy an apartment for your parents, you also end up making a solid financial investment for the long term.

Affordable Pricing & Great ROI


Life after retirement is often referred to as the golden years. But sadly, it is not so for many elderly people who have to battle issues like loneliness, and poor health. Though a retirement home cannot fully compensate for their children’s absence, it can significantly alleviate their social isolation, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Compact apartments can truly be an ideal place for your parents to play their life’s second innings.  Make this choice today and gift your parents the life they truly deserve!

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