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The Best Places in Kerala to Find a Flat for IT Professionals

15 JUL 2022

The southern state of Kerala is one of the most popular places in India to buy a flat because of its backwaters, beaches, tourism and Ayurvedic treatments. Houseboats ply the languid waterways, linking villages, towns and cities. It’s also known for its lush green hills and spice plantations. If you’re looking for a place to invest in real estate, Kerala is a great option. 

When buying a property in Kerala or anywhere else globally, location is quite prominent. Before choosing a place, it is necessary to establish its accessibility to major metropolitan centres, the availability of nearby services such as schools, colleges, and hospitals, and the neighbourhood’s atmosphere. Kerala is privileged to have various regions with all of the attributes mentioned above that are conducive to a tranquil stay with family and investment with high ROI potential.

Here are some of the most promising spots to buy a flat in Kerala:

1) Thiruvananthapuram: 

When it comes to purchasing a flat, Trivandrum is a great place to look for options. The capital city is one of the most tranquil and rising real estate investment locations. Trivandrum is also popular with young investors because of its low pollution levels, low crime rates, and vast career opportunities. Trivandrum also boasts a rich cultural heritage, with many historical sites and tourist destinations. The city is well-connected, with excellent infrastructure and transport facilities. It makes it easy for IT professionals to get around and commute for work to Technopark. This is one of the primary reasons why more and more people are investing in properties here. If you are skimming for an affordable and comfortable place, Trivandrum should be your top choice. The city has a wide variety of properties to choose from, so you are certain to find something that fits your needs and budget perfectly. You get the best of both worlds with the magnificent Grand flats and the budget-friendly apartments.


2) Kochi: 

Kochi, often known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” is a bustling metropolis and the no. 1 candidate for real estate investment and acquiring your dream house. Known as the commercial capital of Kerala, Kochi is a major city with plenty of job opportunities at Infopark for IT professionals. It is also house to some of the best shopping in the state. It is one of the most popular places in India for purchasing a flat owing to its excellent infrastructure and connectivity. The city has two international airports, and it is also well-connected by rail and road. It makes it easy for people who want to commute to and from Kochi. The city has noticed tremendous growth in the real estate sector in recent times, with a large number of developers coming up with projects in different parts of Kochi. It has led to a significant increase in the number of housing options. The city proposes a wide variety of housing options to choose from, be it apartments, villas or independent houses. The cost of property and the cost of living in Kochi is also quite reasonable as compared to other metropolitan cities in the country. Choose to buy a home in Kochi, Kerala’s most exciting and trendy city. 


3) Callicut:

If you are hunting for an effortless way to purchase a flat without hassles, Calicut is the best place. It is one of Kerala’s fastest-growing cities and might be considered for purchasing your dream home if you wish to reside in the Malabar region. Kozhikode is an attractive city to buy a property in Kerala due to its modern infrastructure and promising growth potential. The IT professionals are flocking to the city due to the Cyberpark. If you are an IT professional looking to purchase a flat in Calicut, you should consider a few things. First, the market for flats is proliferating, so it is essential to act fast if you find a property you like. There are a number of satisfactory builders in the city, so you have plenty of options to choose from. The government of Kerala has put in position a number of regulations and initiatives to make the process simple and quick. The most influential factor that attracts buyers to Kozhikode is the availability of land at a meagre cost.


4) Angamaly:

Don’t be mistaken for its location. Although situated a few kilometres away from the city of Kochi, Angamaly is a flourishing suburb town of Kochi city in Kerala state, South India. The city is emerging as an important business and commercial centre. Many natives of Kerala working in the Middle East and the IT sector have started returning to Angamaly and investing in the town. The town has seen a sudden surge in real estate prices. It is proving to be an attractive destination for buying a flat, mainly due to its close proximity to the city and the development of the Cochin International Airport. The prices for apartments in Angamaly vary depending on the size and location of the property. The low cost of the average price per square foot for an apartment in the town is leading to a great investment opportunity.

5) Palakkad:

Palakkad is one of the fastest-growing real estate hubs in Kerala. Since 2006, the city, formerly known as Palakkattussery, has been the biggest district in Kerala. It is bordered on the southwest by the district of Thrissur, on the northwest by the district of Malappuram, on the northeast by the district of Nilgiris, and on the east by the Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, the location of the Palakkad gap in the Western Ghats makes it a doorway to Kerala. Palakkad’s real estate goals are supported by the availability of land, the superior level of law and order, and the presence of well-known academic institutions, IT firms, tourism attractions, and temples and monuments. In the metropolis, low–cost dwellings, farmlands, luxury apartments, opulent manors, and commercial centres are in high demand. 


Summing Up:

This article provides a list of the best places to buy a flat in Kerala for an IT Professional. It is essential to consider the location of the flat when making this purchase. Factors such as commute time and availability of jobs should be taken into account. The areas highlighted are ideal for those looking for a quiet and peaceful place to live while still close to the city. If you are interested in purchasing property in Kerala, these are some great locations to consider.

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