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The Best Products for Home Automation

7 OCT 2022

Are you planning for home automation right now? That is an excellent idea as it will save you from many future problems. For instance, you can switch on your Air conditioner even before arriving at your house. And that too on your voice commands. Isn’t it exciting? Plus, you will be able to do various tasks in your house by just giving a command – you will surely have a king-like feeling! It is the power of new technology that functions completely on the Wi-Fi network. 

Now that you have decided to make your life simpler, have you planned on devices that you are going to add to your upgraded house? It is a difficult choice! After all, you wouldn’t like to use a product that you may regret later. We are sure you must be looking at products that are user-friendly and convenient to use. Unlike others, which require tremendous battery backups and function very slowly. 

With extensive research, we have curated a list of the best products that you will enjoy using and will undoubtedly upgrade your house to another level. Let’s scroll down.

1) Video Doorbell: Let’s begin with something that is a part of the house but is not actually inside the house. It’s a doorbell! We all have been using the general ting-tong bell since childhood. But not anymore.- the old version is replaced by a new one that has a video function. It either runs on a battery or with existing electrical wires. You might be wondering how does it work? Well, it has a small camera in it by which you can see the person standing at the door on your smartphone. In fact, you can even chat with the person through it. Isn’t it great for safety? Like, even good for social distancing. So, when are you installing one?

Video Doorbell

2) Wireless Home Security System: Tell me a person who doesn’t want to protect their house from burglars and crimes. Not nay, right? Everyone wants their house and its members to be safe at all times. A smart security system would be ideal for such a purpose. There are many security systems that are available in the market currently. But which one to take is a big question. We recommend you purchase one that has a camera, base station, keypad, entry sensors, and motion sensors. A package of such gadgets in your security system will ensure the safety of your house to the fullest. These smart-systems clearly know the difference between humans and pets as well. And do you know what the best thing about this is? They work seamlessly with a mobile app. Now, you can keep an eye on your house from any corner.

Wireless Home Security System

3) Smart Lock: We all know how easy it is to break traditional locks. But what if we said that there exists a sturdy lock that can proof your house from hazards? A smart lock is a smart solution to this. A smart lock allows the locking and unlocking of doors from anywhere. For instance, if you are not able to reach your house by the time your child comes from school, you can easily unlock the door for your kid through the app without making him/her wait for you outside the door. This easy-to-install lock can also keep track of ongoing activity which means one can always check the number of times the lock was opened and shut.

Smart Lock

4) Robot Vaccum: Cleaning the can be very tasking. What if you can clean the house while sitting on a couch? Yes, it can be that easy if you switch to a robot vacuum. A robot vacuum is a superb home automation tool that operates to clean your thoroughly. All it needs is a charge and can go on for a long. The navigation feature allows it to map the room by which it works more efficiently. You will be glad to know that you can even work on your commands.

Robot Vaccum.

5) Echo Smart Speaker: Have you seen amazon ads with speakers that answer every question of individuals? Those kinds of speakers, called smart speakers, are powerful and have great sound quality. They come in many designs and shapes, which makes them look elegant. It can even be your showpiece, for that matter. But how to operate it? Simple – on your voice commands! Want your lights dim? Tell it to the speaker… Want to listen to some music? The speaker is all there for your duty! You can operate almost anything with this speaker.

Echo Smart Speaker

6) Smart Lighting Kit: Smart lights are very much in trend these days. What could be the reason for this? Easy to install and low budget makes them popular among a lot of audiences. A lighting kit is a fabulous update to your house. These lights come in many colors and thousands of white shades. Can you imagine all this happening with a single button? It is that convenient!

Smart Lighting Kit

7) Smart Thermostat: This is an uncommon tool that is very helpful. Do you know how? It assesses the temperature and air quality of the house. For instance, if there is smoke or fire anywhere on the house premises, this gadget can detect and alert quickly. This sleek thermostat has an inbuilt speaker and microphones which one connects with virtual assistants with one click or command. 


8) Smart Air Purifier: With increasing pollution nowadays, an air purifier has become a must in every household. It helps to purify the impure air with its filter. We all have seen how traditional air purifiers work. It has to be operated with on and off switches. But a smart one saves you from this hassle. You can connect the conventional air purifier to your smartphone or Google Assistant and can control it fully with your voice commands. Many varieties of such purifiers are available in the shopping world. We suggest you buy one that has a long-lasting filter so that you can get the maximum from the amount paid.

Smart Air Purifier

Smarter devices lead to smarter homes. From alarm clocks to lamps, everything has become nowadays. And why not? We have the technology, so why waste it? Rather use it for our betterment and more relaxed life. But when you purchase any of these products, ensure that you look at the budget and the device’s compatibility with your smartphone. And if you are looking for a smart upgraded house with these gadgets, contact your nearest real estate person as soon as possible. 

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