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The Big Wave in Real Estate – Smart Homes

18 MAY 2022

If you didn’t already realize it, we are living in the golden age of technology. From walking around with heavy cordless phones in our living rooms, to being able to carry super-mini computers in our pockets that can effortlessly perform multiple tasks at the same time, we have come a long way in just over two decades. And now, smart homes are poised to make the next innovation leap. 

However, the thing about Smart Homes is that they are the next big thing not only in technology, but in real estate too. Home buyers everywhere are on the lookout to buy smart homes, while home owners are finding ways to upgrade their home into a smart home. Smart homes offer homeowners convenience, peace of mind, comfort, and improves their quality of life by leaps and bounds. They don’t just offer homeowners a sense of security, but they are also a wholesome addition to their lifestyles.  

What are smart homes?

Smart homes are run by the smart home technology that is a suite of appliances, devices, and systems connecting into a central network that can be operated independently and remotely. For example, your home’s lights, locks, audio systems, security systems, TVs, and other appliances can all be remotely from a singular independent system connected to your phone or computer. When the appliances of your home are connected in one system, it can also be loosely termed as a connected home. Smart home automation technology lets homeowners enjoy high-tech functionality and the luxury that comes with it which wasn’t possible in the past. With smart home technology capturing the attention of homeowners worldwide, the possibilities seem endless. The innovations around home automation are all focussed towards making lives easier and more enjoyable.

The technology behind smart homes

To install a smart home automation system to your home, you or your builder may choose from home automation products that come with four protocols for communication with each other, viz. Z-Wave, UPB, EnOcean, and X-10. It is necessary for these products to be compatible with touch devices, mobile phones, and the internet. The four protocols are 

Some features

Smart home features can range from the security system of your door to advanced features like automatic lighting and air conditioning. There are many conveniences each of these features offer to homeowners. For instance, the gates of your home can sense the arrival of your car and open automatically. The front door of your home could open automatically after the security system facially recognizes you. On a hot day, you can switch on the air conditioning of your home and enjoy a cool arrival as soon as you reach home. Similarly, homeowners can operate appliances and devices that control lights, your home entertainment devices, water usage, and more. All of these functions can be performed using a touchscreen device or a remote control. 

A convenient lifestyle

Although smart homes began as a measure for increased security, they have moved on to becoming a luxury that also offer convenience, especially when residents are away from their home. From monitoring your home to controlling the electricity usage while you are away, smart homes make homeowners’ lives a breeze.  Homeowners can enjoy complete control of their home even if they are miles away. Smart homes are flexible as they can accommodate new devices and improve the usability of existing devices. They can offer you insights about your lifestyle including the food stored in your refrigerators, the hours you spend watching TV, electricity usage, and a lot more. Owners of smart homes can enjoy an improved lifestyle from the insights they receive. 

Senior citizen-friendly

A surprising demographic smart homes use are the senior citizens. Though it may seem like technologically-challenged senior citizens will take to smart homes slower than their younger counterparts, smart homes charmed their way into the good books of the elderly. From alerts for medication to emergency hospital dials, smart homes can assist the elderly in more ways than one. Smart homes can be the much needed assistant for the elderlies, which is a much needed respite for families leading the fast paced life of today. 

Smart Homes have caused quite a stir and it is safe to say that they are the big wave in real estate now. The biggest technological companies of the world are now out in the open battling for their space in the smart home market. It is only a matter of time before we find ourselves amidst awe-inspiring technology and innovation in the smart home arena. If you are looking to buy a flat in Kerala, look out first for smart home options. There are many builders who offer to add smart home features to regular homes too so you enjoy your share of the luxury that only cutting-edge technology can provide. 

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