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Tips for Safely Reopening Apartment Amenities

5 NOV 2021

The unexpected outbreak of the Corona viral pandemic and the nation-wide lockdown had forced all the apartment communities to shut down their common amenities such as the play area, swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, etc. Owing to the social distancing norms the residents had to spend many months inside the four walls of their homes.

Now, with the introduction of vaccines and reducing the number of cases across the country, it’s time for realtors to consider re-opening the in-house amenities. However, it is critical to take all safety precautions while you do so. Are you wondering how to ensure safety and maintain hygiene while opening up the common areas? These tips are for you!

Disinfect the Common Areas Regularly

Keeping all the common areas neat and germ-free should be your first safety precaution. Make sure that there is a maintenance team who can perform this duty regularly. You can even hire an external agency to conduct routine sanitisation activities in the apartment. Fitness equipment, pools, sofas, chairs, restrooms and games areas are some places where viruses can thrive. So all these areas should be regularly disinfected for the safety of the residents.

Install Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand sanitizers and hand washes have become indispensable things in our lives ever since the viral outbreak started. Shared amenities can harbour a lot of disease-causing agents, and thus the chances of getting infected are more in these areas. Apart from disinfecting the common spaces, sanitizers should be installed in every entry and exit points in the apartment. Encourage all residents and visitors to sanitize their hands frequently. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are easily available in the market.

Switch to Digital Payments

A majority of people now prefer a digital mode of payment whether it is for shopping, paying rent or for paying the monthly maintenance fees. So every apartment should adopt digital practices to promote contactless payment mode. Cash exchange and cheques can make you prone to various types of viral infections. Make use of mobile banking apps, Paytm or Google pay to collect money from residents for maintenance charges or any other repair works.

Enhanced Security Measures

With the increased risk of disease transmission, there is a need to implement strict security measures in apartments. It is necessary to keep a track of people coming in and out of your complex. Ensure that all visitors are screened before entering the premises. Train the security personnel to use a temperature scanner and make it mandatory for visitors to reveal their name, address and phone number. There are many mobile applications that help you manage the security activities in your apartment. They are useful for residents as well, to be informed about their visitors and read important notices.

Encourage Social Distancing

Even if the rules are relaxed now, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Encourage people in the apartment to maintain social distancing while using common amenities like park, gym, party hall, etc. Arrange the seating in such a way that people maintain at least 6 feet distance from each other. Although this may not sound very practical, it can be very effective in preventing the disease. Informative posters and healthy authority warnings can be displayed in common areas like gym and elevators. All these reminders will make people be more cautious while spending time outdoors.

We all know how terrible it is to stay indoors with no social life. In such a scenario, it is not practical for apartments to keep the amenities closed. Public places have opened up now and there is a higher chance of getting in contact with an infected person. Switch to digital mode of communication with the residents to discuss the safety precautions and seek their help to implement them regularly. We hope that these tips will help you protect your tenants and make life easier for them.

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