Tips for Vastu Shastra: Redesign The House of Your Dreams

14 OCT 2022

A house is just a structure, but a home is what you build with love. Everyone wants a home full of happiness, positive energy and prosperity. To ensure that your home has these things, you should incorporate an ancient Vedic science called “Vastu Shastra” at every step of the process. These process steps include selecting the property, designing the structural layout and decorating the interior of your house. Everything, according to Vastu, significantly impacts your and your family’s well-being, and you should do it correctly.

What is Vastu Shastra?

The Sanskrit phrase for “science of architecture” is Vastu Shastra. It uses several concepts from the field of architecture, such as spatial orientation, layout, arrangement, and dimensions. The belief is that healthier environments and more stable energy levels may come when building designs follow Vastu Shastra’s principles. Vastu Shastra’s basis is on the principle of aligning man-made structures with the natural environment and spiritual ideas. This idea dates back to ancient Vedic times but is still often employed in contemporary Indian architecture.

General Vastu Sharta Tips for the House of Your Dreams:

1) Ensure a Square or Rectangular Property:

According to Vastu Shastra, you should see that your property has a square or rectangular shape. This square shape of the property lets you construct the rooms following straight lines, which ensures that positive energy can enter and remain on the home premises.

2) The Entry Point Should Be in the Right Direction:

The entry to your house will depend on the direction your plot of land is facing. According to Vastu Shastra, all kinds of energy enter your home through the entrance door, and the direction it faces is crucial for positive energy to enter through them. North, northeast, east, southeast and west entry points are suitable for your home. A two-panelled entrance door swinging inside is said to be a good option for positive energy, and it should be soundproof. The entry point should be well lit up, well decorated, clean, and have a nice nameplate on display.

3) Ensure Entry of Ample Sunlight and Ventilation:

Each of the rooms needs to have enough natural light and an effective ventilation system. Negative energy accumulates in a home with little or no sunshine. Abundant sunshine dispels bad energy and attracts good energy for residents’ physical and emotional health. Most significantly, the rays of the early morning sun are said to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy environment for living inside a home. Everybody would benefit from having better ventilation in their home or building. According to Vastu, ventilated homes promote positive and good energy flow. Moreover, it helps family members in several ways and supports their overall health. In addition, adequate ventilation guarantees enough sunshine in the home.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Redesigning the House of Your Dreams

1) Tips for Redesigning Your Living Room:

A living room is mainly the space just after entering the house, and it is where you spend more time throughout the day. Therefore, it must be well designed and arranged to attract peace and prosperity. According to Vastu, the optimal location for heavy items in your living room, like a couch or divan, is toward the south or west. All electrical devices, such as the TV and music system, should be kept against the south or southeast wall. As per Vastu, the chair or couch on which the head of the household sits should always face the east or north, and you should never position it under a beam since this causes tension.

2) Tips for Redesigning Your Kitchen:

According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen in your home must take up the south or southeast corner. Most importantly, the kitchen should face the direction from where the sun’s rays are the most intense since fire is the most basic type of energy. Keeping the sink and gas range far apart when rearranging a kitchen layout is crucial. The dining area should always be next to the kitchen, not near the front entrance, and everything in the kitchen, including the refrigerator, should face southeast to avoid family disputes.

3) Tips for Redesigning Your Bedroom:

Because our bedrooms are so closely linked to our quality of sleep and our subconscious states, it is essential that you make the proper choice. The southwest corner of the house is ideal for a bedroom, and it is best to steer clear of having your bedroom in the southeast or the northeast corner if at all possible. When placing your bed, avoid putting your head in the north direction. It would be best if you thoroughly studied Vastu for the home before making bedroom redesign decisions.

4) Other Tips for Redesigning Your House:

There are many other tips Vastu Shastra provides, and some of the points you should consider are:

  • If you must choose a spot to worship your gods, the northeastern corner is ideal.
  • Photos of the family taken as a unit, especially those that show affection and unity, should be displayed on the home’s north wall to strengthen ties.
  • Light colours like white, yellow, pink, blue, or green stimulate cheerfulness, improve moods, and produce positive vibrations in the home. However, according to Vastu, dark colours, mainly black, should be avoided in the house.
  • Placement of the mirror solely in the east and north direction, with the observer’s face always facing east or north, is considered lucky. Furthermore, according to Vastu Shastra, a square mirror is ideal for every homeroom.


When designing, constructing, or redesigning a house, many people put their faith in the principles of Vastu. The sun, the earth, the wind, fire, and water are the five elements that make up the primary energy of the cosmos. And, when you let good energies of these elements settle in your home without confrontation with harmful energies, they are compatible. Today’s society places a premium on explaining phenomena using scientific means. However, indeed, Vastu Shastra and the abilities our ancestors created for human well-being were motivated by scientific principles.


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