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Tips On How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen

6 APR 2018

A kitchen is the most active space in any home. Whether it’s a huge villa or a swanky apartment- a well-planned kitchen is a must. With space being a real constraint, homes are getting smaller and so are the kitchens. A small kitchen is not too desirable, because of all the activities and functions it comes with. The need for storage is one of the biggest concerns in a small kitchen. Here are some tips on how to organize small kitchen to make the most of it.

Organise your storage:

Organise items in the order in which you may need them in your day to day life. A well planned kitchen will save you a lot of time and effort. Keep the things you use most frequently within easy reach. Keep bulky things that you may not use frequently tucked inside or stacked on cupboards etc.

Walls to your rescue:

Walls are often left underutilized. With smaller kitchens, cabinet and drawer space can be limited, so get smart by making the most of your vertical space. Install hooks and wire racks on your walls to hang pots, and store small containers. You can also install magnetic strips on your walls to hang little kitchen essentials making room for other items to be stored vertically.

Cornered but not forgotten:

Corners are inevitable in any room. However, corners can be redundant if not used properly. There are many solutions in modular designs that provide storage in corners. Or, if you have any open corners you can use storage with wheels, movable storage etc.

Give the traditional storage a miss!:

How about hanging pots along your walls or hanging them above your island? Pots and pans occupy a lot of space, and one can save up on this space by using alternative and creative ways to store them. You can also use open shelves, stack them above cupboards etc to make the most of what you have.

Compact seating:

If your kitchen doubles up as a dining/breakfast area, then make sure you are using smart and compact seating solutions. From island breakfast counters to counters that double up as chopping and serving areas, one can save on space by using the right furniture. Use high stools, or stools that can be tucked below the counter to save space. This space can also be used to create more storage nooks and drawers to store cutlery and crockery under and above it.

Use sides of cabinets:

Cabinets are the most essential storage spaces. But is that the only use they have? Use the surfaces of cabinets for more storage ideas. Use hooks and magnetic strips to hang spoons, ladles, light weight pots etc.

Float racks to a successful kitchen!

Shelves are an uncommon sight in kitchens, but are they essential? The answer is yes! From delicate floating shelves, to sturdy ones-use open shelves to display cutlery, canisters etc. The advantage of adding shelves is the fact that they are temporary, create a sense of space and the underside can also be used to hang light weight items creating a more wholesome yet temporary storage solution.

Unusual storage ideas:

Use items like dowel rods or curtain rods in your kitchen to hang items or hang kitchen napkins etc. Attach a file holder to the door below your sink to save cleaning solutions without any hassles. File organisers also come in handy to store your bake ware. Unusual items like these can be used as they are perfect small kitchen storage solutions.

Storage above windows:

Storage above windows is yet another unusual sight in the kitchen. While the windows bring in plenty of light into your space- add display or cabinet areas above the kitchen. Store items that may not be used frequently and you do not need to access them often. One of the most successful ways of how to maximize space in a small kitchen.

A well planned pantry:

As mentioned earlier, organisation is of essence if you want to maximize space in a small kitchen. Create a dry pantry to save cereals, grains, baking items etc and ensure to keep it free of clutter and expired goods instead of having them lined on the counters. Use narrow and sleek pull out drawers as a pantry to make the most of your minimal spaces.

Make every inch count:

When there is a crunch for space, every inch counts. Make the most of your spaces in your kitchen by adding sleek pull out drawers, tilt drawers, hooks, shelves, etc. Example, a tilt drawer below the sink is an ideal space to store cleaning items where it’s easy to access.

Tidy it up!:

Another reason that makes a space look messy is items that spill out into the work area. A dustbin spilling out, or brooms haywire make a space look cluttered and untidy. Add narrow closets to store mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners etc and ensure that your dustbins and recycling units are taken care of.

Make it roomy:

While the tips above will help to maximize space in a small kitchen, colour theory and a good planning will enhance the space. Use light colours to open up your spaces. Use items like mirrors, transparent canisters and jars to create a visual treat and to create an illusion of a larger space.

Though the area might be small, avoid irregular shapes for the kitchen in the process of planning itself. If you are opting for open style kitchens, the plan should create a layout that facilitates the seamless floating of spaces instead of creating visual obstructions.

Think outside the box, or the kitchen:

If you have a really constricted space in your kitchen, the next smart thing to do would be to start using the other areas to house kitchen utilities. Now this might seem like an idea that may not seem welcoming to a lot of us, but storing less frequently used items in cabinets in the dining area, or using display units to store fine china in your dining space will not only segregate storage, it will also add as an accentuation for your dining area. Having a bar in the lounge or dining is yet another way to spread the kitchen out into the rest of the home without comprising on the aesthetics of the home.

These are some of the tips on how to organize a small kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket or making it look too cluttered.

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