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Top 5 Cities In Kerala For Property Investment

16 AUG 2018

Are you looking to invest in real estate in Kerala but are uncertain about which place to invest in? Known as God’s own country, and a highly preferred tourism hub, Kerala is witnessing rapid growth in the real estate sector owing to varied factors. Home to many port cities, it has always been an important trade hub. But now, owing to many developmental plans by the government and the growth of the IT sector, one can notice that real estate in Kerala is becoming a great investment for both locals and NRIs. The presence of many modern facilities, reputed educational and healthcare institutions and lush greenery make many cities in Kerala a good option for investment. Here is a list of five Cities in Kerala that are ideal for property investment. 


Kochi Metro - Escalating the growth of real estate in Kochi

It is the economic capital of the state and is one of the most preferred destinations for prospective home buyers. It is witnessing a rapid transformation in terms of development in infrastructure and in the real estate sector. A perfect blend of culture and modern facilities, residing in Kochi gives one an opportunity to lead a well-balanced life amidst a beautiful natural landscape, further enhancing the appeal of this city. The recently operational international air terminal, the metro and a well-connected network of roads and railways make Kochi more desirable for investors.


best places to invest in trivandrum

Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, this city is the State capital and the largest city in Kerala. Trivandrum has witnessed a rapid phase of infrastructure development over the past decade due to which more and more people are showing a keen interest in investing in rapidly developing real estate sector in Trivandrum. With it’s well-established and fluidly functioning civic infrastructure, Trivandrum can meet the demands of a growing City. 

Apart from this, it is famous as an educational hub in the state due to the presence of many schools and colleges of great repute. Technopark, the rapidly growing IT park that is based here is the largest in Asia in terms of the area that it’s accommodated in, is another landmark destination in the city which is bringing in more population and more investors from across the Country. The city is also home to many temples and beaches which are just a few more reasons why it is becoming a hot favorite amongst investors.


Things To Consider Before Buying Apartments In Thrissur

If you are still looking for more options to invest in real estate in Kerala, Thrissur might be one of the best options for you. It is one of the cleanest cities in the state and accompanied by the lush natural beauty that it’s home to, it makes for a perfect place to live in for most families. Its close proximity to the economic capital, Kochi, is another aspect which prospective buyers consider while investing property in Thrissur. While these options might make it a very appealing option to invest in, one can be assured that the flats in Thrissur are not priced on the higher side when compared to other top tier destinations, thus drawing more investors from across the State and NRIs too. 


Flats in Kottayam confident group

Known as the land of letters, Kottayam is considered the literature capital of the state. It accommodates many media and printing institutions along with an array of educational institutions of national repute like Mahatma Gandhi University and the Government Medical College. While these are reasons enough to consider it as a good option to invest in Kottayam, the climatic conditions are moderate and pleasant throughout the year, and there is a well-defined transport network to adjacent cities like Cochin and Thrissur which further adds value to investments made in real estate in this City.

Apart from this, residents of Kottayam can enjoy a well balanced and modern life amidst rich culture and globally renowned natural landscape that Kerala is known for.  The nearest international airport is 90 KMS away, making it a good location to reside in if you are someone who frequently travels for work or for personal reasons.


Calicut Flats

Still wondering where to invest in real estate in Kerala? More and more people are seeking homes that offer a well-balanced life amidst rich culture, modern facilities, and natural abundance. Calicut offers all this and more, thus making a very desirable destination for real estate investors. The ever-evolving urban scenario brings with it a need for quality housing which makes an investment in property in Calicut very beneficial. 

These five locations have been on the radar of investment enthusiasts from across the Country. NRIs who seek to invest in their motherland is also looking at investing in these thriving cities in Kerala. So, why stay behind when you can invest in the most promising cities right in your own State?

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