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Trending Wall Texture Ideas for Your Home

11 MAY 2022

The first thing we turn to to add depth and colour to a wall is paint. Wall textures take us a step closer to perfection, an artistic touch to the home, and a luxurious finish that paint alone cannot offer. Wall textures experienced a boom in the late 2000s, and have since evolved into spectacular designs and patterns that have interior decorators rejoicing. The many patterns, designs, colours that a textured wall can flaunt are mind boggling. Simply put, wall textures are the revolution the interior design industry had been waiting for all these years.

What is wall texture?

Wall textures are substances slightly thicker than paint often using gypsum, stones or sand. They are created using many techniques, sometimes in combination, like rollers, stencils, or with simple paint strokes. Wall textures create depth, dimension, and can effectively hide imperfections on walls. They are about changing the quality of the surface for a final result that can either be smooth, glossy, or rough.

However, it is important to note that patterns are different from wall textures. Wall patterns are visual elements that are made from repetitive graphic or geometric motifs on a wall. Wall textures can be created in combination with patterns to make your wall look like a million bucks!

Advantages of wall textures

  • Hide imperfections

From gaping nail holes to harmless cracks on the walls, wall texture is an artistic way to hide flaws. This is why many homeowners choose to create textured walls as a way to cover up flaws that may otherwise stand out on a smooth surface.

  • Stylish looks

Wall patterns are a reflection of the homeowner’s styles. You can play with the  many colours, patterns, and textures that a wall texture offers. A homeowner who may otherwise feel limited by paints, can feel free to explore their options with wall texture. 

  • Better market value

It is no secret that a more beautiful home with good interiors has better value at the market. With a small investment in wall texture, if and when your home comes to the market, you can reap good returns.

Trending wall texture ideas for your home

Though there are many wall texture ideas out there, some of them have remained a classic. Here are some trending and timeless wall texture we have put together for your home:

  • The brick wall look

The brick wall look is a timeless wall texture look that can be created with minimal effort. Brick walls can be created using tiles, drywall compound, and even wallpaper. Textured wall papers can be pasted directly onto the wall, or experts can create the brick effect using drywall mixes in combination with tapes. Brick wall texture is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and exteriors like balconies and porticos. The brick wall texture brings with it an intimacy that makes it perfect for spaces where the family hangs out the most. 

  • Matte texture

While a glossy finish on walls can make your room appear larger, the matte texture on a wall can add an elegant finish and serve as a perfect background for pictures and other wall decor. A matte texture offers a mute town to your home and offers a medium to low sheen. Matte textures are great for hiding flaws and draw the attention of the eye effectively. For example, in a rom with poor lighting, you could paint the wall that receives the most light in a matte texture so the eye is drawn away from the darker parts of the room. The other walls can be painted in a lighter shade or pastels so the room appears brighter and at the same time the matte texture wall can offer a relief by creating contrast. 

  • The comb

The comb wall texture is perhaps the most commonly found wall texture. Most homeowners opt for the comb texture for its versatility and the many patterns one can create within it. The comb creates lines of various widths using a comb-like tool called a trowel on drywall compound. The drywall can be of various colours and offers the combined beauty of a beautiful pattern against a colour of your choice. The comb wall texture can also sport various designs like vertical and horizontal stripes, fan, circle, semi-circle designs and more. The comb texture process usually begins with the application of the drywall compound. Then a trowel is used to create the design of choice. If you wish to enjoy the satisfaction of a DIY comb texture, then take your time to practice it on a back wall of the home first.

  • The popcorn texture

The popcorn wall texture was a popular ceiling texture back in the 70s and 80s. After going out of fashion for a while, it made a comeback as a popular wall texture. The popcorn texture usually comes in white, but other colours are also an option now. It is usually made from drywall mixture and polystyrene to create a rough and jagged texture that works superbly for all parts of the house. It is also a suitable texture for offices as they aren’t too distracting, but provide an interesting texture at the same time.

  • Orange peel texture

The orange peel feels and looks like it sounds, like a bumpy and porosy orange peel. The orange wall texture is a subtle way to introduce texture to your home. After priming the wall of your home, the orange peel texture can either be created using a mechanical hopper or either manually.

  • The knockdown texture

The knockdown texture is a heavier texture that flattening the peaks of the orange peel texture. Using a knockdown knife, a texture specialist creates a pattern of flat peaks and valleys throughout the wall resulting in a unique texture that really stands out.

  • Sand swirl texture

The sand swirl is another common wall texture that can be created easily and for a standout effect. Sand swirl especially looks great with darker colours as they create a contrast in every swirl. 

  • Slapbrush texture

The slap brush texture is an eccentric texture that can instantly lift any room they are installed in. The slap brush creates beautiful light and shadow plays and can elevate the look and feel of your room instantly. 

When you wait to buy a two bedroom home or your dream apartment, why not go a few steps further to have it decorated in the best possible way! And of all the ways one can decorate their home, a textured wall is the most effective, most affordable, and easiest way to achieve beauty.

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