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Vertical Garden for Greener Balcony

20 MAY 2022

As real estate trends shift toward smaller yards, making the most of every square inch of available space is critical. Going vertical is one of the finest methods to produce a beautiful garden without taking up a valuable patio and grass area.

Vertical gardening using vertical structures may be beneficial to apartment residents, small-space urban gardeners, disabled gardeners, and gardeners with extensive, traditional areas. You may grow small-stature houseplants on the balcony as vertical gardens by constructing living walls to create a patchwork of colour and texture that helps filter out outdoor air pollutants.

City people must be resourceful, especially if they wish to welcome Nature into their homes. Today’s article will show you the gorgeous balcony vertical gardening ideas. These suggestions will be most appealing to individuals who want to sit in the shade, surrounded by Nature, without leaving their house.

Why Welcome Vertical Gardening To Your Balcony?

The joy of being on your balcony is a private moment that should be kept private from inquisitive eyes. If you wish to modify the look of your outside area, we can help you pick plants for your green wall, adorn your balcony, and enjoy the aroma of lovely flowers nearby. Vertical gardening will provide you with a creative outlet. A green wall will not only beautify the area, but it will also add its own personality, allowing you to live in harmony with Nature.

List Of Benefits of a Vertical Garden for Greener Balcony:

1) Greenery in the Urban Jungle:

As cities have gotten more congested and we have become more reliant on apartment life, most of us in this urban jungle do not have access to garden space or even any greenery. Vertical gardens’ aesthetic, physiological, economic, and environmental benefits have made them a perfect answer to the city’s limited planting area. The city’s unique construction of urban gardens, such as vertical balcony gardens, has become popular in high-rise apartments and flats.

Greenery in the Urban Jungle

2) Natural Air Purifier: 

Plants, we know, absorb pollutants and hazardous VOCs and poisons, including carbon monoxide, benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. Plants are grown vertically and compactly to provide a cleaner atmosphere to breathe in by functioning as a protective barrier against contaminants while absorbing them.

3) Lowers Indoor Temperature:

Plants utilise only about 2 percent of the water taken up by the roots for their growth and metabolism. It helps in reducing the surrounding temperature by removing the rest of the water lost through transpiration and guttation. By absorbing heat and UV rays, a vertical garden creates a shaded area within the home.


4) The Look is Appealing:

These photographs clearly show that vertical gardens offer a magnificent focal point in your landscape. Vertical gardens are famous because they provide a lot of colour to a single wall while also appearing nice. Depending on your preferences, you can have a variety of colourful plants or just a few. You may also plant them in various patterns based on your preferences. To avoid triggering our OCD, we at HomeTriangle prefer a clean and clutter-free aesthetic.

5) Crops are cleaner:

Growing vegetables vertically produces cleaner food than growing it on the ground. Growing vegetables in a vertical garden prevent the food from being soiled or polluted by soil. When you have more hygienic meals, you don’t have to spend as much time scrubbing the dirt off freshly gathered food. People who eat cleaner meals are healthier.

6) Shrinks the Carbon Footprint:

Like other gardens, Vertical gardens help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Although it may not significantly affect, having greens will teach the future generation about their relevance, which is crucial. After all, climate change is accurate, and we should all do our part, right?

7) Reduces Sound Pollution:

Most individuals are bothered by rising urban noise pollution. An excellent technique to combat this is incorporating a vertical garden, which helps mask low-frequency sounds and reduce noise pollution. A happier household is one that is quieter.

8) Enhances the mood:

When you are in the presence of a vertical garden, you will experience a relaxing impact that will increase your productivity and attention. Vertical gardens can also improve one’s mood. Experiencing the outdoors is linked to a sense of well-being, good social interaction, subjective well-being, a feeling of purpose in life, and a sense of meaning. It reduces the likelihood of acquiring a mental disease.

Enhances the mood

9) Enriches biodiversity:

In addition to increasing the richness of an urban environment with plants, a vertical garden provides an excellent refuge and nesting spot for birds and insects. We are steadily destroying Nature by erecting numerous constructions. Many creatures are being harmed as a result of this. Planting a vertical garden is one approach to creating a safe haven for these endangered birds and invertebrates.

10) Cuts the cost of energy:

One advantage of having a vertical garden that most people are unaware of is that it helps to minimise energy costs. Both indoor and external vertical gardens cool the air during the summer. Evapotranspiration is the name given to this process. Evapotranspiration is the process through which water moves from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere via evaporation and transpiration.

Cuts the cost of energy

11) Easy Maintenance:

Because the plants are grown vertically, the harm caused by pets and other animals is minimal. They are also simple to fertilise, water and prune because of their handy vertical location, which means there is only one enormous panel to manage. If you establish a vertical garden on a brick wall, the walls may become susceptible to moisture when the water drops. 


Vertical gardens provide many more advantages than we might anticipate. They help us, animals, the environment, and even the microscopic beneficial microbes that we cannot see. We are removing green places to supply enough housing. Less green space causes an imbalance in the environment, and humans suffer as a result. The vertical garden is one approach to improving green areas, and we should all embrace it.


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