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What is apartment? Understand the Difference Between a Flat and an Apartment

11 JAN 2024

Apartment life has transformed the way of living for people in many ways. The first and foremost reason is excellent connectivity. Residing in the city has its perks because you can easily travel to places you want to go the most, especially commuting to work, hospital or even recreational spaces. It’s not just the connectivity, but also the amenities that come along with it. From 24/7 security, multipurpose gyms and swimming pools to Party halls, waste management systems and more, apartments have redefined the living experience for families. So before we get into the details, let’s get the basics straight. What is apartment and how is it different from a flat?

What is an Apartment?

What is apartment
An apartment is a residential unit that is a part of one or more residential structures, or a distinct home within a house which has its entrance, bathroom, and kitchen. Apartments are generally one-story apartments located in a multifamily or multi-unit building. Depending on the number of units, the building itself may be commercial property, while the apartments are residential real estate.

Types of Apartments

There are so many types of apartments out there and potential home buyers have no idea what is right for them. That’s why we are here to guide you through the various types which will eventually help you choose the right one, that will not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.


What is a studio apartment? A studio apartment is a compact living space that features an open layout. It includes a single room where the bedroom, living room, and kitchen are combined, In addition to the integrated living spaces, a studio apartment typically includes a separate room dedicated to a complete bathroom. This partition offers a sense of privacy and convenience, maintaining the practicality of the living arrangement.

Alcove Studio:

An alcove studio is more or less similar to a normal studio apartment but with a twist. This living space involves an L-shaped partition in the living room. Essentially, it has a designated nook called the alcove where the bed is placed, making it easier to add curtains or walls for increased privacy. This clever design allows for a more defined sleeping area within the open space of the studio, enhancing privacy and functionality.

Convertible Studio:

A convertible studio is like a regular studio but a larger version, allowing for the addition of a wall to create a complete bedroom. They’re called convertible apartments because they have enough space to convert an area into an extra bedroom or a secondary space, sometimes called a convertible two-bedroom or two-bedroom flex. It’s important to note that some apartments might not permit new walls or may charge a fee for such alterations.


Lofts are distinctive for their spacious single-room layout, offering an abundance of space without the traditional room divisions. These apartments feature high ceilings that give an airy and open atmosphere, creating a sense of volume within the living space. Large windows are standout features in loft apartments, providing ample natural light with an urban cool setting. The exposure of brick walls and support beams adds an aesthetic touch, reflecting the building’s commercial origins.


The term “high-rise” is used to describe structures that are taller than the average buildings in the area. They are a building that stands tall, typically defined by a large number of floors or stories – 12 or more stories to be precise. Apartments in Kerala especially feature multiple units, accommodating a considerable number of residents.

What is the Difference Between a Flat and an Apartment?

When it comes to choosing a place to call home, the terms “flat” and “apartment” are often used interchangeably. However, these two types of residences have subtle yet significant differences that can impact your living experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the distinctions between flats and apartments to help you make an informed decision when considering your next abode.

Building Design and Structure:

Flats are buildings that have a less formal or ornate architectural design. They may be part of a converted house or a purpose-built structure with a simpler layout. Apartments on the other hand are typically found in modern, purpose-built structures with a more formal and standardized design. They may be part of high-rise buildings or large complexes.

Size and Layout:

Flats have smaller living spaces. The layout is more compact, and the rooms are interconnected. While apartments, especially in newer constructions, tend to offer a more spacious layout with distinct rooms. These apartments feature open kitchens and larger bathrooms.

Ownership Structure:

In some regions, people commonly associate the term ‘flat’ with properties available for rent. However, individuals or co-op and condominium associations can also own flats, either individually or collectively. Apartments on the other hand can be both rental units and individually owned properties. Apartments in high-rise buildings are more commonly associated with ownership, while those in smaller complexes may be predominantly rentals.


Flats are known to have fewer amenities as compared to apartments, especially in older buildings. Residents may have access to basic facilities, but other facilities like gyms and common would be limited. Apartments, particularly in modern complexes, often come with a premium range of amenities such as fitness centres, swimming pools, party halls and waste management systems. High-end apartments may offer additional luxuries like concierge services.

Cost and Affordability

People may perceive flats as more affordable, especially in older buildings or converted houses. However, location and other factors can significantly influence the cost. Apartments in newer, high-end buildings or prime locations may come with a higher price tag. However, there is a wide range of affordability depending on the type and location of the apartment.


Understanding the nuances of these properties is a very important aspect to consider when buying a home. Be it the charm of a flat or the modern conveniences of an apartment, understanding these differences will help you find a home that suits your lifestyle and preferences. At Confident Group, we envision giving our potential homebuyers premium flats and apartments that prioritize comfort and convenience with a touch of luxury, that elevates the living experience.

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