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Which Floor Is Best In High Rise Building?

21 SEP 2023

Apartment living and flats are pretty common today in India. The city is decked with so many high-rise apartments surrounded by the best infrastructure, something every family enjoys as it brings you a baggage of perks. You can even find good well-built apartments nestled in small towns and semi-urban areas. From having a nice cup of coffee with a beautiful soul-stirring view of the city from the balcony, and engaging well with neighbors to swimming pools, parks, spacious parking basements, party halls, security, and more, high-rise buildings have shaped the face of cities. This brings us to an important question, which floor is best in high rise building

India is home to some of the finest builders, and modern homes today in India have gone through ripples of change as homes these days are more about catering to various style preferences, lifestyle changes, and people’s tastes. And amidst the ever-changing needs, high-rise buildings have been one of the most preferred residential spaces by potential home buyers and investors alike because of the wide spectrum of amenities and facilities they bring.

Choosing the Right Floor – Which Floor is Best in High Rise Building?

which floor is best in high rise building

Our modern cities are what they are because of the towering high-rise buildings. Whether you’re planning to purchase a condo, rent an apartment, or even visit someone in a high-rise building, one crucial question pops up, “which floor is best in high rise building?” As you’re about to take this urban pathway, let us help you understand the attributes of each floor.

Living on Top Floors

So there’s the obvious question of which floor is best to live in an apartment. People would usually prefer top floors. Something unique and special about the top floors is that they offer such breathtakingly beautiful views accompanied by solitude. Stunning vistas that stretch for miles, enjoying the sunsets and sunrises away from all the noise of city life. Those moments away from the hustle and bustle are sure to give you a sense of tranquility. However, long elevator waits especially during peak hours are very tiring.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of living on top floors


Breathtaking Views:

The most significant advantage of top-floor living is the beautiful views it offers. The idea of natural landscapes from the balcony gives you a sense of tranquility.

Privacy and Quiet:

Being above the ground means you’re away from the city noise, and your neighbors are often farther away. This tranquility can be a blessing for those who are seeking to lead a peaceful life in the heart of the city.

Increased Security:

Top-floor units are typically more secure, as they are less accessible to intruders. Plus, it adds an added layer of privacy and seclusion.


Long Elevator Wait Times:

The higher you go, the longer the elevator ride. During peak hours, you might find yourself waiting longer for the elevator to arrive and accommodate your neighbors on lower floors. Patience is key.

Maintenance Costs:

Maintaining the upper floors, especially in luxury high-rises, can be costly. These units are more exposed, and any repairs or maintenance work often requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Fear of Heights:

If you’re not comfortable with heights, living on the top floor can be daunting. The expansive views may induce vertigo, and strong winds at higher altitudes can add to the unease.

Temperature Extremes:

Top floors are often subject to temperature extremes. They can be significantly hotter in the summer and colder in the winter due to their extreme exposure. This may result in higher heating and cooling bills.

Living on the middle floors

Residents who stay on the middle floors experience almost the same merits as those on the top floor apartment owners. An add-on advantage of staying on the middle floors is that you get them at cheaper prices as compared to other floors. And being closer to the ground floor means you get to interact with people quite often enhancing the sense of community.


Balanced Views:

Middle floors offer a pleasant balance when it comes to views. You’ll enjoy views that are high enough to overlook the city’s beauty but not so high that it feels disconnected from the urban life below. It’s a view that many find aesthetically pleasing and just the right height to feel the rhythm of the city.

Moderate Elevator Wait Times:

In comparison to the top floors, elevator wait times are generally shorter for residents on the middle floors. This means you get to head to your flats a little more quickly, especially during peak hours, making things convenient for you.

Accessibility and Safety:

In case of an emergency, middle-floor residents can conveniently use the stairs compared to those on the upper floors. They also have a quick connection to the ground in the event of elevator malfunctions.


Views Might Vary:

Depending on the building’s location and surroundings, views from the middle floors may vary significantly. Some apartments might have obstructed views due to neighboring structures or nearby trees.

Poor Privacy:

While middle floors offer a degree of privacy, they do not offer the luxury of privacy as compared to upper floors. If you value complete solitude, you might find it harder to achieve on these levels.

Temperature and Light:

Middle floors are still affected by temperature variations but to a lesser extent than the top floors.

Staying on Ground Floors

The ground floor is like your gateway to convenience because of the ease of mobility and access to various amenities ease like visiting the lobby, heading to the street or parking, etc. You don’t have to wait for the elevators to descend, you can simply dash out to buy your groceries or have a nice workout. However, privacy is hampered here due to the busy and noisy streets, and people moving in and out.


Convenience and Accessibility:

Ground-floor living offers unmatched convenience. You can easily access your unit without waiting for elevators, making grocery runs a breeze, and ensuring quick entry and exit. This is especially beneficial for those with mobility issues or families with young children.

Outdoor Space:

Many ground-floor units come with private patios, gardens, or terraces, providing residents with an immediate connection to the outdoors. It’s a perfect spot for gardening, enjoying a morning coffee, or even hosting outdoor gatherings.

Community Engagement:

Residents on the ground floor tend to interact more with neighbors in common areas, fostering a sense of community. You’ll have opportunities to get to know your fellow residents and engage in building activities.


Limited Views:

Ground-floor units often have limited views, if any, beyond the building’s immediate surroundings. If you’re seeking sweeping cityscapes or picturesque views, ground-floor living may not fulfill that desire.


Ground-floor units are more exposed to passersby and neighbors on the street, potentially compromising your privacy. Window treatments and landscaping can help mitigate this, but it’s a factor to consider.

Outdoor Noise:

Ground-floor living means you’re closer to street-level activity, including traffic and pedestrians. Noise from the street can be a concern, particularly in busy urban areas.

Which Floor is Best According to Vastu

Vastu Shastra is a very critical aspect of the traditional Indian architectural system because it defines several criteria. It encourages calm, internal tranquility, and cooperative relationships among inhabitants. Vastu recommends living on the ground, the first, second, and third levels since they are adjacent to the water element. Any flat above the fourth level lacks water components, which can cause friction in relationships.


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