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Why are Colors Important in Vastu Shastra?

19 MAY 2023

Imagine you walk into a house that has the color yellow on the walls; just the thought of it makes you feel happy and peaceful, isn’t it? The scenario is different when the house is painted in maroon or grey colors.

The principles of color vibrations offer a clarification: colors have an impact on your emotions, personality, physical energy, and feelings. Each of the colors in the rainbow gives out a different wavelength or vibration. While some colors are slow, others are quick in terms of their vibration. We can influence change in our environment by choosing to use the right color in the right way. The need for natural light is fascinating since it is necessary for our cells to grow and function properly. Humans are said to experience modifications in their emotional, physical, and mental state by getting exposed to various color vibrations. Vibration and energy are the basis of Vastu Shastra.

As per Vastu shastra, the immediate surroundings have a real impact on your standard of living. Wall colors and paintings will either be conducive to your comfort or bring discomfort, producing stress. A cozy room with harmonious colors induce relaxation and reduces stress.

Significance of colors as per Vastu Shastra

Significance of colors as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu uses images, items, and colors as potent activators to improve the energy of a space and also treats defects in Vastu. When you enter a natural setting, peace is often felt because the colors of that space are balanced. But if you enter a dark space, fear and aloneness are felt as the surroundings are devoid of colors. Application of the right color can help remove the negative energy of a space.

Your standard of living is affected by the energy flow in your office or home. When there is a good color scheme in the space, it seems welcoming and engages all of the senses. Vastu’s fundamental principle is energy. Even if it can’t be seen, it is known to be working. Just the way gravity can’t be seen, but its effects are felt.

Which colors work best in the children’s room and study area, as per Vastu shastra?

One of the biggest physical elements in a study space is the color of the wall. The wall color stimulates a kid’s cognitive responses and impacts their academic performance as well. Colors impact the emotions of a child and the level of alertness. Colors that are uplifting support the student to focus well and improve their academic performance. The brain is flooded with delight, and frustrations are cut off in an environment with uplifting colors. Studies suggest that certain colors aid the human brain in learning better. Some shades of color emit positive energy, whereas certain shades can demotivate the student as well. It is suggested by research that blue environments support academic work well. They make the vibe relaxed and conducive for studies. In contrast, vivid and strong hues in a bedroom are excessively energizing. Softer, calming colors are suited for a child’s bedroom.

Appropriate colors: Green ( refreshing and creativity), Blue (intellect), Yellow (refreshing), orange(dedication)

Which colors work best in the living room, as per Vastu shastra?

Painting the living room, as per Vastu, can seem difficult for you. It is crucial to infuse your living room with positivity and various colors that makes the space stimulating. The living room must be painted with lively, warm colors to encourage better dialogue. Those are supposed to inspire and motivate people. Orange is a bright color that works well in a living space. The finest atmosphere for your living area can be created by painting the walls as per Vastu Shastra.

Appropriate colors: Blue (interaction), White (style and clarity), and Orange (comfort and fun)

Which colors work best in the bedroom of a young couple, as per Vastu shastra?

Relationships and romance should be fostered, celebrated, and supported in the bedroom. Colors do have a tendency to evoke feelings of love. One may spice up one’s relationship with colors. Harmony and passion must be ignited through the colors of the bedroom. The chosen hue ought to promote harmony and love in the relationship. Positive and loving vibrations must get created in the room through colors.

Appropriate colors: Light purple and pink (harmony and love), Brown (grounding and comfort), Yellow (joy and emotional strength), and Red (Passion)

Which colors work best in the kitchen, as per Vastu shastra?

Your home’s food factory is the kitchen. A lot of money is invested in the kitchen as it has the biggest impact on the family’s health. The kitchen’s color should work like a magnet for cooking food.

Appropriate colors: Green (freshness), Orange (warmth, food), Lemon yellow (body purification, health)

Negative consequences and effects

Along with positive influences, there can be negative impacts of colors as well. Here are a few mistakes you must avoid making while choosing wall paint.

  • Emotional stress can be caused by hot red in the kid’s room.
  • Excessive red in the kitchen must be avoided as it increases the blood pressure of the one who cooks food.
  • Boredom in the couple can be caused by using overbearing green.
  • Using yellow in excess causes hypertension and anxiety.
  • The master bedroom or the guest bedroom must not have dark or too bright colors.
  • Don’t put dark shades in a children’s room.
  • The color yellow can create irritation and anger when present in large quantities.
  • Dark blue shades evoke sadness.

Finishing line

Colors are important in our daily lives. Using appropriate colors in the appropriate place has the power to create happy, blissful, and positive energy that encourages joy in life. Utilizing colors to get the desired results or outcomes is easily possible when you follow the given color principles. Painting the walls as per Vastu shastra can do wonders in generating wealth, bringing peace, and maintaining well-being in the house. A trained Vastu shastra expert can advise you to harness the healing, refreshing, stimulating, and nurturing properties of colors in your home.

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