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Why choose Confident Group?

26 MAR 2021

Confident Group has always worked towards turning dreams into reality by providing homes that encompass varied styles, budgets and locations. Today, with over 14 years of excellent track record in the real estate industry, Confident Group has won the trust of more than 4700 customers. Here are 29 qualities that make Confident Group stand out as the most trusted builder in Kerala.


  1. 14 years of excellent track record
  2. All the projects are Zero debt (no project loans)
  3. Projects with 100% legal clearance
  4. 4702 happy customers
  5. Handed over 1088 units in the year 2018-19 as 12 towers, villas & commercial building in Kerala
  6. Projects catering to all classes in society with price starting from 30.5 lakhs to 1.25 Crores
  7. Launched highest number of projects in the year 2018 -19
  8. 10 more projects in the launchpad
  9. 100 % transparent dealings
  10. Properties with high appreciation
  11. Value for money products
  12. No hidden charges
  13. Pioneers in compact housing segment
  14. Most trusted realtor for NRIs
  15. Professional & committed management and staff
  16. 30+ years of expertise in the construction industry
  17. In-depth knowledge in real-estate statutory rules
  18. Zero deviation in rules and execution
  19. No litigation in any of the project
  20. Eco-friendly residential projects
  21. Reasonable pricing policy
  22. Projects with the right balance of most-needed amenities
  23. Affordable maintenance charges
  24. Projects in good residential areas
  25. Quality and branded products & fittings
  26. Projects approved by major financial institutions
  27. After-sales support team to assist in Rental, Resale & other services
  28. 100% in-house design, execution & construction
  29. On-time delivery as committed

Known for their relentless passion towards innovation in the real estate sector, the Confident Group is today one of the top property developers in Kerala and Bangalore. Confident Group boasts an impressive portfolio of projects across major cities in Kerala, such as Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Kottayam and Thrissur. All our projects come with 100% legal clearance, and all property-related documents are available for any cross verification or authentication at any given point of time. With the real estate sector seeing rapid development in the past couple of years, now is the perfect time to invest in your dream home. Choose a confident home today.

Author - Confident Group

As the most trusted real estate brand in the nation, we at Confident Group strive to create a positive, smooth and transparent medium for potential home buyers with anything and everything related to home purchase. We provide informative and engaging articles which cover useful details across many verticals from the real estate sector. Our 2-decade long expertise in building infrastructure projects across Kerala and abroad backed by the trust of over 10,000 customers earned us the reputation of being the best as a real estate brand in Asia. We hope that our blogs will help in translating our experience for the prospective buyers who are looking for their dream home.


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