How Is Metro Escalating The Growth Of Real Estate In Kochi

30 MAY 2022

Inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India in 2017, the metro in Kochi was built in a record time of just 4 years, making it one of the fastest completed metro projects in the country. The Kochi metro project is the first metro in India that connects rail, road, and water transport facilities. The incorporation of the metro into the transport system of Kochi has escalated the growth of this city tremendously. The development of the metro along with the growing IT industries has put the city on the list of top 20 cities in the country. Placed in the number 5 position, Kochi is expected to receive much support from the government for its growth and expansion, making it an ideal spot for investment for real estate enthusiasts.

The Cabinet’s approval for the Infopark stretch of the Kochi metro has received wide acclaim from all sections of society. This will not only help the employees of the IT park to commute more easily but will also boost the real estate around. Kakkanad is expected to see intensive growth in the next couple of years, making it a hotspot for both builders and investors. According to studies conducted, the proposed Kakkanad extension of the Kochi Metro would be one of the busiest routes and is likely to attract about 1.04 lakh passengers by 2023. Kochi-Mattancherry-Central city, which is targeted for development, is envisioned to undergo rapid development in the near future. Numerous developers are trying to acquire land for real estate development in and around this area. Apart from this, the ‘Smart City’ tag is expected to bring appreciation in property values exponentially.

Confident Group, with its vision and far-sightedness, has a lot of projects in this region. They have a vast portfolio of homes at different scales and in different budget ranges ensuring that there is a home for every aspiring homeowner who wishes to enjoy the growth that the Kochi Metro brings with it. The region in the vicinity of the Metro will undergo a lot of changes making it more of a wholesome urban conglomeration. There will be a boom in the facilities, appreciation in the land value and the ease of access will be an added benefit. All these factors will make homes in this area desirable as more and more people will want to stay close to the many facilities that the Metro will bring with it.

Confident Group’s ready to move in flats in Aluva, Confident Oberon and Confident Symphony allow you to harness all the conveniences brough by the Kochi Metro Project. The newly launched luxury flats in Kaloor, Confident White House is at less than 10 minutes walking distance from the Kaloor JLN Stadium Metro station. The Kochi Metro has improved the value of these projects by magnifying the connectivity to various busy areas of the city. 

Confident Oberon

One can enjoy fast and convenient transportation without the hassle of spending too much, worrying about their safety, or having to waste a lot of time on the road. Apart from this, it reduces the travel time between different parts of Kochi, making commuting by Metro one of the most convenient modes of transportation. The Kochi Metro running on both the existing and the proposed route has changed the course of development of Kochi making it one of the most viable spots to invest in real estate in the country.

Areas like Aluva, Companypady, Ambattukavu, Kalamassery, Edappally, Palarivattom, Ernakulam South, Elamkulam, Vytilla, Panampilly Nagar, and Kadavanthara are the main beneficiaries, and which have already developed. Now towards Tripunithura, Kakkanad areas metro transportation developments are ongoing. In the coming years, these areas will become more developed. This is not only beneficial for those who wish to enjoy the perks of living in an urban area, but it is also ideal for those who seek to secure their savings. One does not necessarily have to live in the home they buy, but can also rent it out and the demand for rented homes will be on the rise too. With more and more people entering Kochi and its thriving IT sector, one can be assured that homes around the Kochi Metro will be extremely desirable. The newer residents residing in Kochi will want homes for rent around the Kochi Metro as it is the most reliable means of transport, thus making homes along with this passage a good investment.

With four ongoing projects and one newly launched project in Kakkanad, Confident Group is on top of their game as always. The Projects Confident Pinnacle, Confident Iris, Confident Joinville, Confident White Berry are all progressing fast towards completion. These projects are a great investment opportunity considering the prospects of the real estate growth in the area. 

Apart from this, Kerala is known to draw tourists from around the world. The Metro has now become a hit amongst visitors too. Many and often, tourists prefer to stay for a longer duration of time and seek proper homes against hotels for their extended stay. One can let out their homes to tourists who wish to stay close to the Metro making this yet another added benefit of owning a home in the vicinity of the Kochi Metro. If you have always aspired to live amidst a sea of amenities and convenience, buying a home around the Kochi Metro could be the best option. You can be assured that it is a safe and secure mode of investment that will enhance your investment exponentially. The Metro has brought with it a promise of growth in the real estate scenario in the city. What’s more? The best builder in Kerala has an array of projects around the Kochi Metro making the process of buying your dream home safe, secure, and highly reliable.

Author - Confident Group

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