9 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

26 APR 2019

We all want a large and spacious bedroom, but due to many factors like increased property values, scarcity of land, prototypical bedroom designs, etc. we may not be able to make this a reality. But that should not stop you from having a bedroom that is comfortable and looks bigger as we have some tips for you that will help you make a small bedroom look bigger. These modern bedroom designs will help you design your bedroom in such a way that it looks and feels larger.

Choosing the right paint

best color for bedroom

Choosing the right paint for your bedroom is one of the most tried and tested ways that you can use to make a small bedroom look bigger. Opt for light colors as this help create an illusion of space and also make space look brighter and airier.  White, off white, light shades of grey, or even diluted shades of pastel pinks, greens, etc. can be used to make a space look larger.

The style of painting

bedroom painting style

Using the right painting techniques to make a room look bigger will help you achieve your goal of making space look larger. As mentioned earlier, you must opt for light shades to paint your bedroom. Care must also be taken to maintain monotony to make space look large. Creating panels of different colors or patterns will make space look small and so, mixing up wall colors, creating contrasting walls, etc. must be avoided.

Keep away from the clutter

clutter free bedroom

Many people tend to crowd their bedroom with too much furniture and this is one of the practices you should stay away from. If you look into many modern bedroom ideas, you will notice that they opt to keep just the optimum amount of furnishing thus creating a very pristine and airy space. Stick to the minimal amount of furnishing and you can notice that your bedroom is quite spacious and comfortable as it is.

The choice of colors for the woodwork

bedroom color

You can choose light colors or even white furnishing to create an illusion of space. Using dark colored wooden finishes and also including wooden finishes with too much natural pattern can make space look small and congested. Using transparent furnishing and light colored finishes can really enhance the appearance of your bedroom and make it look spacious.

Opting for space saving furniture

You can save a lot of space and create an illusion of space by choose space-saving furnishing. Foldable and retractable furniture is the most suitable choice of furnishing if you want to make your bedroom look larger. This helps to clear up a lot of ground space thus reducing the amount of clutter in your bedroom and maximize the space.

Adding mirrors

mirror in bedroom

Including mirrors in the decor of your bedroom is a great way to make space look larger. The reflections caught on the mirrors are one of the best ways to create an illusion of space. You can opt for a large mirror to make it the highlight of your room, or even opt for reflective finishes for your wardrobe to use this trick in your bedroom decor.

Vertical storage

Instead of going for large and bulky cabinets and storage units, opt for lightweight and open vertical shelves. This not only helps you clear up your floor space, but it also creates an illusion of space. Many modern bedroom ideas are an amalgamation of this and monochromatic color palettes as these two tips are sure to work in your favor if you want to make a bedroom appear larger.

Keep it simple  

simple bedroom ideas

Mixing up too many ideas, patterns or colors can not only ruin the design of your bedroom but it will also make space appear small and messy. Maintaining uniformity and minimalism is the key to making space look bigger and feel more spacious. The quality simplicity brings to space is totally underrated and must be explored to create an illusion of space.

Upholstery and textures

Textures and comfort

Adding too many patterns and textures are a big no if you wish to create a bedroom that looks large and airy. Maintaining monotony in colors- right from the walls, to curtains to furnishing is a sure shot way to create an illusion of space. Abstaining from using large prints, too many patterns, and dark upholstery is imperative if you wish to make your bedroom appear larger.

These simple tips should help you make your bedroom look bigger without burning a hole in your pocket. These simple bedroom design ideas will help you create a bedroom that is inviting, relaxing and spacious. Keep in mind the basic principle- simplicity, and you are sure to create a bedroom of your dreams.

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