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Why is Real estate considered one of the safest investment options

11 JAN 2019

There are many options to invest your money. Each method of investment comes with its own set of pros and cons. You must research well about the various options that you have access to and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each before deciding what works best for you. Investing in real estate has been one of the most reliable forms of investments and using your savings for procuring a property comes with many benefits to its credit.

Here are some of the reasons why investing in real estate is considered one of the safest investment options:

• The alternates to investing in real estate are options like investing in gold, stock market or depositing it for a longer period under schemes like a fixed deposit in a bank. While depositing in a bank will only enhance your savings marginally, the other methods mentioned come with a lot of fluctuations and uncertainty. Compared to these, investing in real estate assures a handsome appreciation as compared to the aforementioned methods. It is also comparatively less risky and thus, one can invest at a good location confidently.

• Irrespective of appreciation or not, shelter is one of the basic requisites in our lives. Thus, investing in it will not only secure your savings but also provide you with a home and a basic amenity that you can call your own.

• Investing in a good location that has shown a good rate of appreciation will not only secure your savings, but also promise great returns. The percentage of profit that you make depends on the location of your property and the quality of construction, etc.

• Even if there is no appreciation, there is rarely depreciation in the value of properties. This is not a common occurrence, so, ideally one would seek appreciation of their funds, but if not, one can at least expect to receive the same amount as invested without any loss.

• Investing in a property also provides one with an option of letting it out for rent, thus making an additional source of income. If you buy a home in a safe and secure neighbourhood, you can expect higher rent as these homes are more sought after. Even if you take out a loan to buy the property, the income received via rent can be used as an additional source to pay off the EMIs.

• You can also get many tax benefits when you invest in a property. Under section 80C of the Income-Tax Act, the amount one has to pay as part of the repayment of the principal amount is exempted from tax deduction. The maximum benefit one could avail under this option is currently set at Rs. 1,50,000. Section 24B allows for benefits of up to 2 lakhs on the interest paid on the home loan. Further, section 80EE gets first time buyers an additional rebate of Rs. 50,000 over and above the benefits mentioned under section 80C and section 24B.

• Nowadays many people have access to a good salary and hence can procure a substantial loan at a much younger age. Buying a property that comes with a good rental value will help you secure your savings, make an asset and own it at a much younger age as compared to times when one had to save for many years, often until their old age to enjoy the perks of owing a property. It will also help you manage your earnings, and ensure that it is not being wasted on unwanted items. This will also help you get many tax redemptions and benefits.

• One may lose the entire amount invested in stocks, or lose an item made of gold, or their car or bike could get stolen- but one cannot lose an investment in property that easily as it is a large and immovable asset making it a concrete form of investment as compared to others.

• Another reason why investing in real estate is considered a safe investment option is the fact that it is an asset that can be used by many generations. Your investment is safe and utilised not just by you but by many generations to come.

• Your investment in real estate is safe and a beneficial one if you do a thorough research, study and analyse a place before buying. Your investment in real estate today can help you enjoy the amenities and facilities that the location comes with and may also provide you with greater perks as the place develops.

• If there are any unforeseen catastrophes like loss in business, ill health, etc., one can still rely on their real estate holdings to earn some income thus making it a safety asset for a better tomorrow.

• Investing in real estate will give you access to large sums of money at one go. How often does one come across saving running in lakhs or crores that one can access at one shot? Having a property will give you this benefit.

• Lastly, when the time comes for retirement and you wish to just relax, your investment in real estate will come in handy. It has not only helped you save in your glory days but will also come in handy as you relax and enjoy your retired life.

These are some of the reasons why investing in real estate is considered a reliable and safe method to invest your money. Researching well and studying the market and investing accordingly will help one go a long way in securing your savings in the present and making the most of them in your future.

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