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Key Reasons To Invest In Real Estate

30 AUG 2017

We as people take a very conservative approach when it comes to Investment. Most of us want to physically see the Investment and its growth. Most Financial Products come with Intrinsic Value and No Physical Assets. When we say Intrinsic Value, you do not have any Physical Asset with you. In Financial Products you assume the Company handling your investment is creating Necessary Assets for your Investment, but you have no ways to know for sure it is happening. In the case of Real Estate Investment: You can Touch, Feel and Use the Real Estate Asset. You can use it for Multiple options to create returns for yourself like Renting, Long Lease, Selling, etc.

You can also easily know your Net Asset Value at any given point in time in the Case of Real Estate Product. In the case of Financial Instruments, you have Fixed returns Investments and Growth based returns Investments. But if you choose the Fixed returns Investments, your return is Extremely Low and in the case of Growth based, the returns are high but also highly Volatile & in High returns expected Investment you are in No way Guaranteed a Fixed Return.

In case of Real Estate if you make a Wise Decision to buy from a Reputed Builder and Good Location you are almost Guaranteed with the Asset Value Appreciation Growth and also Rent and Lease options and thereby you will have your Base Value of Investment Guaranteed in the Form of Physical Asset right in your Hands and also monthly Growth and Returns. In the case of Financial Investments, you cannot Live and Enjoy the investment but in case of Real Estate Residential investment you can not only Live in your own Flat / Villa but you can also Enjoy the Capital Growth on Long term Basis.

Why Investing In Kerala Is The Best Option?

In Kerala, the land availability Per Capita person is one of the lowest compared to any Parts of India or maybe to the World itself. Kerala as a State has the highest Population per Sq Km and if you take into account the Huge Population settled outside Abroad and also in other States in India, the Per Capita availability would be extremely low. The Other reason is that God is not making even a Square Inch of New Land.

So you have a Unique situation whereby the Population is Ever Growing, Per Capita Household Income is ever-growing but the Land availability is not Growing but rather fixed. Due to faster Urbanization and easier Education possibilities, the Populations from Villages are getting Better Educated and moving towards Cities within Kerala due to better availability of Jobs based on their Education and Skillsets whereby larger Cities like Kochi and Trivandrum are Growing at Phenomenal phase due to huge investment by Industry Sectors in IT-related activities in these locations.

Locations Like Thrissur, Calicut and Kottayam are becoming Larger Business Hubs thereby creating many more Job Opportunities in Business Activities. The basic reason for this Growth is the Higher Per Capita Income and Huge Inflow of NRI funds from dear and near ones settled Abroad. Most families have one or more persons Settled abroad and sending Regular incomes to the Families in Thrissur, Calicut and Kottayam’s surrounding areas.

In the case of Kochi and Trivandrum, the Software and IT sector is booming at Lightning speed thereby creating enormous Job Opportunities, thereby Surplus income to invest into Flats and Villas. With such Growth happening for the coming decades, your Investments in Flats and Villas will appreciate at a Very High rate of returns and also Guaranteed rentals from Higher Income Group persons seeking such homes on Rental and Leasing Basis.

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