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Tips To Enhance The Value Of Your Home

19 SEP 2018

Whether you plan to live in your current home on a long-term basis, or you intent to sell it in a couple of years, maintaining your home in a good condition is essential as it is important to not only fetch a good value for the property but to also enhance the life of the same. Here are some simple ways in which you can add value to your home on a budget.

Choose an apt locality

The first most important step in ensuring that your home fetches a good value starts right from the point of purchase. Opt for a locality that is lush with facilities and is self-sufficient in what it has to offer. A good neighbourhood that is clean and well maintained will automatically boost the value of your home. Doing thorough research and opting for an area that offers good appreciation value is the first step in making sure that your property has an enhanced value at the time of sale.

Avail the services of an architect

The next step in ensuring a good value to your property is to plan it well, invest in a sturdy structure and get good fittings and finishes installed. Hire a good Architect and a team of efficient Engineers who will provide you with a sound and durable structure. Avail the help of a good interior designer and carpenters, plumbers etc to make sure that the fittings are installed correctly and the finishing is near perfect. A good design, reliable structure and appeasing interiors are the most important ways in which you can ensure a good remuneration for your property.

Ensure proper maintenance

One of the simplest ways to boost the value of your home is to make the slightest of the repairs as early as possible. Small cracks or any damage to any fittings is best taken care of at the earliest. Often, negligence of these small damages will lead to larger damages which may be more time consuming and also very expensive.

Upgrade based on the necessity

If you plan to remodel or renovate your home, first appraise your existing structure with the help of a good real estate agent, and then avail the help of a good designer to make sure that your structure is upgraded to the best possible version of its self at a feasible amount. Sometimes, the structures are so beyond repair, it is not advisable to renovate it, as it can be a futile exercise.

Inspect for damages periodically

Periodically inspect your home for any damages and service different finishes and gadgets installed to make sure that everything is running smoothly. As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is always advisable to keep your home in a good condition than wait for it to be subject to damage to take care of it. This will not only boost the value of your home in terms of its monetary value, it will also enhance its lifespan.

Paint your house every once in a while

One of the simplest ways to add value to your home on a budget is by painting it. Opt for simple and appeasing colours when you wish to put the house on the market. Jarring interiors and colours with a heavy personality often tend to put off buyers. Make sure to hire efficient painters to attain a smooth and even coat of paint for your home.

Add good decors

 Focus on the decor of the home. While you may not plan to sell the home with its entire content- adding good furniture, attractive decor elements like paintings, sculptures etc can be a great way to increase the value of your home. It gives the buyer an idea of what can be accommodated and will generally create a positive impact on potential buyers.

Add greenery

Adding landscape and a touch of greenery can really enhance the value of your home manifold. We all like a touch of nature in our living spaces. Add a small garden to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Avoid overcrowding

Try to avoid overcrowding your home with excessive furniture as this may make your home look smaller and unappealing, hence making it an unpleasant sight to any potential visitor.

Bigger the better

If you are planning to renovate it, avoid addition of too many walls as it makes the space appear smaller and more congested.

Ensure Vaastu compliance

Make sure that your home is vastu complaint, as most people prefer to buy a home that adheres at least to the basic vastu guidelines.

Use simple finishes, avoid big budget

Keep the finishes simple and easy to maintain as the buyer may not have a lavish budget to maintain expensive finishes. Use simple stone cladding, a reliable brand of paint, etc. as these are much better than opting for finishes that may require more care and investment. While these may be a delight to look at, the expense of maintaining the same may not hold the same appeal to the potential buyer.

Give importance to exteriors

Focus on the exteriors as much as you focus on the interiors. If it is an independent home, make sure that the exterior finish is pleasant, easy to maintain and free of any moss, dampness or any other unpleasant growth.

Make your house pest free

Keeping your home pest-free and free of any growth like moss, mildew etc is an extremely important factor. It adds to the value of your home and the health of the structure to have a clean and damp free environment to breathe in.

Clean the bathrooms

Keep your bathrooms clean and free of any staining or growth. Hard water residue, dampness, stains etc are extremely unpleasant and bring down the value of a property rapidly. Keeping the bathroom clean, subjecting it to frequent washing, thorough cleaning and replacement of leaky or damaged taps and other fittings is extremely important.

Opt for simple decor

 Keep the decor simple as a home with a very strong personality may not hold the same appeal to an array of potential buyers. Strong colours, bold patterns, heavy upholstery etc are best avoided when you put your home up for sale as it makes the home seem extremely overwhelming.

While each home has a personality of its own, and one must attempt to maintain the same- shaping your home to have a mass appeal is a key factor in boosting the value of your home. It should hold a similar appeal to different potential buyers who may visit it as the first appearance and the look of the home largely determine its value. Keep these simple tips in mind to make sure that your home is much in demand amongst different buyers from different walks of life.

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