Why Is Buying A House Considered A Good Investment In 2020

Making the right investment choice comes with its own set of risks and complications. One must research thoroughly into the varied options they have and understand the perks and shortcomings of each before zeroing in what works best for them. Since a very long time, land and investing in ones dream home is considered a very important investment in India. There is nothing quite comparable to having a home that one can call their own. The joy of growing up in the same home and a home full of memories is something aspired by many. From our fathers to forefathers, owning multiple properties or at least a single piece of land is considered an irreplaceable life goal. Does this trend remain so? Here are a few reasons why buying a house is a good investment in 2020:

Stable Investment Option 

Compared to all other options in investment, real estate is one of the most stable ones. Comparing it to the fluctuating stock markets, gold or any other investments- it is more stable and secure when one invests in the right place using the proper procedures for the same.

Peace Of Mind

Investing in your dream home is marking one thing off the list. It is something that is on top of everyone’s priority list and the sooner you have a home that you can call your own, the sooner your mind will be at ease.

High Return On Investment

While a car can be an asset, so can jewelry or even designer handbags, but none of them promise returns like investing in property. What’s more? You have your safe haven that also promises handsome enhancement of your funds.

Savings & Benefits

With handsome salaries and many options to secure a loan, more and more young people are equipped with the capacity to buy a home. If you are young and worried that your hard earned saving can be spent recklessly- invest in a home. Not only does it lock your savings at one place, it adds to it when invested in the right location. Also, the PMAY Scheme introduced by the Central Government makes investing in a property a more enticing option as first time home buyers can avail interest subsidy of up to Rs. 2.67 lakhs.

Safe & Secure

There is a lesser risk of losing property as compared to investing in gold or other valuables. There is also a lesser risk of investing in fraudulent schemes when one does thorough and mindful research before investing in property.

Better Lifestyle Experience

If you are investing with a builder of good repute and at the right time, you are likely to invest in a home that is more than a mere four walls. Leaders in real estate offer more than just a home- they offer a healthy lifestyle and an environment that is niche and will facilitate the wholesome growth of your family with the host of amenities that they have to offer.

Growing Inflation

One of the most important reasons as to why buying a home is a good investment in 2020 boils down to the growing inflation. The spiraling rise in the price of raw material used for construction to surge in land value- it is always better to invest in a home as soon as one can. The prices are constantly on the rise making owning a home more and more of a challenge as each day passes.

Future Benefits

Doing thorough research on the location and its potential in what it has to offer will help you make the most of your investment. By picking a good location, one that is safe and equipped with varied facilities- one can ensure that his home is not just a safe haven for him to reside at but will enhance the value of his investment and if the need arises he can always rely on it to make the most of his savings.

Safety Of Your Family

Picking a good location and a locality that offers you a range of facilities will uplift your lifestyle, your status and ensure that your family has a home right in the heart of comforts and provide them a chance to lead a carefree and secure life.


The hassle of moving frequently can be quite taxing for your family, and it can also lead to a lot of mental discomfort especially for children. Uprooting constantly and re-establishing your home is more than just about moving homes as children and older members of a family who may have developed a deep bond with neighbors around or gotten used to certain facilities like a nearby park or a school has to distance themselves from the same.

Additional Source Of Income

If you already have an ancestral home or invest in a property with multiple units- it acts as an additional source of income. If you live abroad and are looking for gains from your savings- investing in a property and letting it out will add as an additional source of income.

Fallback Option

An unexpected turn of events- politically, personally or otherwise demand you have something to fall back on. One may suddenly lose a source of income, there might be a sudden surge in rentals or there might be an unexpected emergency demanding huge sums of money- investing in property will help one lock down his savings to use at such difficult times.

These are some of the reasons why one must prioritize buying a home in 2020. Securing your bulk investments at one place and ensuring a home for yourself and your family for today and an uncertain tomorrow should be on top of everyone’s list. And a builder of good repute can be your most trusted friend to help you make this decision and rest.

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