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Why Kids Play A Vital Role In The Home Buying Decision? Facts Inside

16 APR 2021

While searching for a new property, you might consider basic factors such as location, price, room space, etc. However, if you have kids at home, the case is different as you will need to find a comfortable and safe abode suitable for the little ones too. In today’s fast-paced life, parents need to pay attention to various aspects of a home like a spacious play area, good neighbors, reliable child-care services, access to schools and hospitals, etc. So, if you are buying a new home or apartment, you must give high priority to the specific needs and preferences of your child. Let us discuss a few vital parameters that will help you find a child-friendly home.


The safety aspect of a home comes as a top priority in any home buying guide. You must ensure that the new property that you are planning to buy is located in a secure residential neighborhood. Apart from this, you must also look into certain other safety features of the building such as well-insulated switches and power outlets, high balcony railing, good quality door locks, pest control, etc.

If you are buying an apartment or villa from a reputed builder, there will be round-the-clock security and advanced facilities like CCTV coverage to ensure that the residents are safe at all times. Sufficient street lights, low crime rates, and related factors must be taken into consideration while choosing a home that will accommodate your children and spouse.


This is definitely a very important factor to consider while looking for a new home. Arduous long journeys to schools is a big no as it is not only unsafe but also extremely taxing for children. While looking for a house, check if there are good preschools and other educational institutions nearby.

Quick accessibility to schools will ensure a hassle-free routine for you and your children. Another important factor is hospital facilities located near the house. Children will fall sick often and would need emergency care in case of injuries. So it is always ideal to choose a home with close access to a reputed hospital or nursing home.


The neighborhood of your home plays a huge role in the life of your child. It is important to provide a friendly living environment for your little ones. Nowadays community living in apartments and gated villas are perfect options for nuclear families with kids. This will give your children a chance to meet other kids and make friends easily. As a parent, you must try to choose a home that is surrounded by other supportive families whom you can rely upon whenever a need arises.

Kid’s Amenities  

Nowadays, most parents will prefer to buy a home that offers an exclusive kid’s amenities. Be it a play park, sports grounds, kids pool, or indoor games room; it is always better to have some leisure and recreation facilities available in your home to keep the kids engaged. Most of the modern apartment projects feature these amenities to ensure a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. So when you are inspecting a new home, always consider the growing needs of your family.

Give more importance to these child-friendly amenities to ensure that your child gets ample physical activity. With our lives getting busier every day, having access to all these facilities will allow you to spend quality time with your children at your convenience.

Architecture & Planning

It is advised to always think about the long-term needs of your family while searching for your dream home. A well planned and spacious home with plenty of natural ventilation offers a healthy environment for your child to grow. The decor and space in your home should ensure a neat and comfortable environment for the well-being of your family. The perfect home is one where your child can feel relaxed and evokes a sense of truly being at home.

Open Spaces 

Living in a concrete jungle will make you appreciate the importance of open spaces. In order to lead a healthy and well-balanced life, you should stay close to nature. Having access to pockets of green spaces, parks, gardens, etc. will contribute to the well-being of you and your child. Opt for a house placed in a locality with less pollution so that your child can breathe clean air.

Also, avoid staying near industrial areas where there will be more smoke and dust. Parents play a key role in shaping the thoughts of their children, and by choosing a home with ample greenery and open spaces, you can teach your child to love, conserve and respect nature.

All these reasons justify the fact that your kids play a vital role in your home buying decision. We hope that these  home buying tips will help you find the perfect home suitable for you and your little ones. A home is where it all begins; thus, make sure that you provide a positive and healthy growing environment for your child. 

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