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Women Security- A Topmost Priority While Searching for Home

7 MAY 2021

Are you searching for your dream home? Then you might have already rounded up a list of important home buying tips. We always tend to give more importance to factors like quality of construction, amenities, accessibility, interior design, space utility, etc. But another very significant factor that must not be overlooked is the level of safety that the home offers. There is no point in living in a swanky home if it isn’t safe for your family members. When you are choosing a home to buy, you must ensure maximum safety for your family. 

Since time is changing, and women are facing more threats nowadays, the safety of women is of utmost importance. So while searching for a new home, you need to consider several aspects that would determine the safety of women in your family.

Here are some essential home buying tips to ensure women’s security in your new home.


Safe Location for Women

Certain areas in the city may have recorded higher crime rates. So, it is better to do thorough background research about the neighborhood before you decide to buy a property. You can consider factors like history of robbery, chain snatching incidents, ample street lighting, etc. Instead of opting for an isolated property, it is better to choose a home that is located amidst many other buildings and housing facilities. 

This will ensure a high amount of movement and activity throughout, thus keeping the space vibrant and safe all the time. Apart from this, you can also consider other safety aspects like speeding vehicles, traffic in the locality and similar factors that may affect the safety of women.

Tech-savvy homes

Tech-savvy homes

In today’s times, a tech-savvy home has become the need of the hour. And no, we are not talking about the home being WiFi enabled! But the homes that are equipped with the latest security features like fingerprint sensors, CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, etc. are ideal if you wish to ensure the safety of your family members, especially women.

One should opt for homes that come with such modern safety facilities or have provisions to modify. You should also make sure that the residents of the home, be it your little daughter or your aged mother are taught how to use these features for their own safety.

Opting for group housing

Opting for group housing

Staying in any form of group housing, be it an apartment or a villa will help you provide ample security to your family. A good builder always ensures active and vigilant ground staff along with strategically placed CCTVs to make sure that their residents remain safe all the time. They discourage entry of salesmen or other outsiders into the residential blocks making these homes the best options for those seeking safe homes for their families.

Securing entry and exit points

Securing entry and exit points

If you are staying on lower levels in an independent home or a flat, it is important to secure every exit and entry point. It is advisable to install sturdy grills for balconies and reliable door locks to make sure that your family is safe at all given times.

Apart from barring intruders, you must also ensure the safety of children and adults by installing balcony grills that are high enough to prevent any accidents. If your home has glass doors or large windows without grills, don’t forget to take measures to secure the same. Using thicker quality unbreakable glass and a sound locking system can be considered in these scenarios.

A friendly neighborhood

 friendly neighbourhood

While searching for a home, it is better to look for a neighborhood or an apartment with friendly residents. Most often, it has come to light that an aged mother or an individual who stays alone might have had an accident, and no one has any knowledge due to a lack of communication with fellow residents.

It will be an added asset if you have a close-knit group of friendly and supportive neighbors around. So, choose a home where you will be blessed with caring neighbors who can watch out for each other.

Women are the backbone of our society. They are the life-givers and the ones who mold us. They possess a strong will, determination to shoulder multiple responsibilities and deserve nothing but the best. The security of women deserves high importance in our country, and that should start from a safe home. A home that is safe for its residents makes a lot of difference and helps us lead a peaceful and happy life. We hope that the points listed above will help you pick a secure home for your family.

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