Benefits of Buying a Flat in Thrissur

Gone are the days when people preferred building their own dream homes in Kerala. Industrialization and urbanization have brought about an increased need for apartments or flats in cities across the state. Living in a luxury apartment is favored by many people living in cities thanks to the increasing number of nuclear families. Flats offer the comfort and luxury that you have always wanted in your dream home without compromising on your budget. Thrissur is one of the thriving commercial hubs in Kerala hence flats in Thrissur have caught the attention of people looking for a dream home in the land of Poorams. The rise in population and escalating land prices have also contributed to this booming trend.

The Confident Group is glad to join you on this journey of finding a dream home in the cultural capital of Kerala. We are one of the pioneer groups in the real estate sector and people living in Thrissur can choose from our projects spread across various locations in the district. Through this article, we will give you an insight into the benefits of buying flats in Thrissur. The benefits are as follows:

Steady Cashflow

Investing in flats in Thrissur will ensure a constant income as it is a commercial hub where a lot of people come into work. The demand for flats either for rent or lease is high and therefore you are assured of positive cash flow.


The growing economy of Thrissur will reflect on the returns of your property in a positive way. The resale value of your property will only go up over a period of time, especially in a district like Thrissur which in turn ensures an excellent return on investment.

Better Profits

If you have enough money saved up in your fixed deposit account, then it would be ideal to invest the same in real estate as the potential to generate huge returns are high. The property prices are constantly rising and one could achieve significant returns in just a couple of years.  It is to be noted that inflation can affect the interest rates associated with your savings account negatively. However, the rate of profit one could expect from real estate investments remains unaffected.

Ease of buying and selling property

In the event of an emergency where one would have to raise a significant amount, selling your home quickly can be one of the options. Or if one is planning to relocate to a different state or country, then disposing of a property would be on top of their list of immediate priorities. Likewise, if you are seeking to relocate to Thrissur, then there will be ease in buying due to the abundant availability of quality homes. Thanks to the steady demand for real estate properties, you will definitely find enough buyers and sellers for flats in Thrissur.


Flats from top rated builders almost always feature a host of amenities that residents could explore. From the swimming pool to a multi-purpose gym and many more, residents have access to all the facilities as and when they want. However, in the case of independent homes, residents may have to depend on third-party providers to access such facilities which might be a bit cumbersome.


To maintain one’s home is always a challenge. The challenge is even greater when it comes to owners of independent homes where each and every aspect regarding home maintenance is solely their responsibility. In the case of apartment projects, the overall responsibility of the upkeep lies with the association. This ensures timely and scheduled maintenance to ensure a wholesome and convenient lifestyle for the residents.

Building Relationships

Since people living in flats share the same building, there are more chances of them interacting with like-minded neighbors which may not be possible in the case of independent houses. In a fast-paced world fostering and maintaining relationships are crucial and living in apartments plays a positive role in this regard.

If you are a prospective buyer in search of a dream home in Thrissur, then here are a few of the locations where you could invest in a range of luxury apartments starting from just Rs 36.5 lakhs.

  • Aranattukara West Fort (Ongoing)

  • Paravattani (Ready to occupy)

  • Chelakottukara (Ready to occupy)

  • Christopher Nagar (Ready to occupy)

  • Hope you found this article on the benefits of buying a flat in Thrissur helpful. For more details on exclusive offers on properties, get in touch with our team today.



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