Everyone Loves Villas, Especially the Wise Buyers

Villas built by real estate builders have earned immense popularity in their own right among the home-buyers.  This is because villas have a plethora of features that offer the most convenient, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle like a dream. So, you are on the right track if you have just decided to own a villa. Thrissur is a place that has been witnessing a lot of action in the real estate sector over the years. For those looking to own villas in Thrissur, we list out 10 clear-cut reasons as to why you should own them.


Living in an independent villa offers ample privacy to its owners. Each villa is built keeping a safe distance from each other. You are saved from neighbors prying on the number of visitors to your home or places you go to and probably information about your family, friends and what not. Villas are built in such a way that they respect the privacy of its dwellers thereby offering owners that much-needed quiet, peaceful and uninterrupted space.


Life in villas will instill a sense of exclusivity in the owners. You can feel that the whole design and construction of villas offer a tailor-made space for you. For instance, you can curl up with a book on the open terrace of your villa without giving up your exclusive space. In the case of apartments where the owners share a common terrace, you cannot avoid intrusion into your private space. You are free to do what you want even if it is listening to loud music and enjoying quality time at home.

Neighbors who belong to your niche group

Needless to say, you will get to interact with owners of your neighboring villas. In fact, you live among a community of people who might share a similar social, economic and cultural background. So it is more likely that you find people who fit into your niche group that share the same interests and hobbies. This is also of great advantage to you and your family as your children too will grow up with kids who are exposed to a similar lifestyle.


Many of us are often caught up between hectic schedules of work and life. We would be happier if we could enjoy some free time and unwind from the comfort of our homes. Villas offer a multitude of amenities and reward you with sweet moments of pleasure and relaxation. Amenities might differ from builder to builder. The amenities on offer include a party hall, gymnasium, roof-top clubhouse, a children’s play area and a landscaped garden among many others. These amenities let the owners of villas lead a well-rounded lifestyle.

Landscape and Nature

For those who think that living in a villa means a life that is detached from nature and environment, the landscaped gardens and the eco-friendly surroundings of a villa will prove you wrong. There is nothing more refreshing than a leisurely walk amidst green open spaces that a villa offers. Builders do not shy away from including play area or even a walking track within the compound of their villa project. Life in villas let its owners live in sync with nature.

Flexibility in design

Among the properties built by housing realtors, villas offer you the highest flexibility in terms of design and customization. You have the freedom to design, renovate, rebuild rooms or construct a whole new space according to your requirements which is impossible in the case of flats where you share common spaces including balconies and open terraces.


Villas offer you a pet-friendly environment. Many of us feel that a home is incomplete without pet animals. But this demands space and a pet-friendly environment. Independent villas will allow you the luxury of spending time with pets. For instance, you can be outdoors with your pet dog without fearing that it will run into your neighbors’ house.

Great Investment option

As an owner of a villa, you are assured of excellent financial security in the long run. You can consider the option of leasing out your property to tenants and earn a steady source of income. There is a high demand for accommodation on rent especially among the IT workforce that includes migrants from different parts of the country. As a growing IT hub, Thrissur has seen the influx of professionals in the field of IT. Also, the value of properties and land is escalating with each passing year. Thus, people who own villas in Thrissur stand a chance to earn excellent monetary returns when it comes to resale of their property.

Say ‘YES’ to Gardening

Another interesting perk of living in a villa is that it offers you more elbow room for your outdoor pursuits like gardening. You have the complete liberty of tending to your own garden in the courtyard of your villa or even make one on the terrace and build birdhouses. You can add a touch of greenery to the home in your own ways. 


Villa projects by real estate builders are often constructed as gated complexes. Apart from a security guard who is deployed at the gate, villas provide CCTV surveillance round the clock. This ensures 24 x7 security of its dwellers.  Strangers or anti-social elements are prevented from entering the premises of a gated villa complex as the visitors go through stringent security checks. Proper records of the visitors are maintained by the security officials. Therefore those residing in villas can go on long vacations with their families without compromising on the security of their homes.

Hope the above-mentioned advantages of living in a villa will further encourage you to become a proud owner of one. Villas in Thrissur are all set to offer a comfortable, luxurious and enviable lifestyle to the people. Planning to buy a villa? Congrats! You just made a wise decision.

If you are a prospective homebuyer searching for a dream villa in Thrissur from a brand trusted by over 10,000 satisfied customers, the Confident Group offers two exclusive villa projects. The Confident Aries II & Confident Altair are bound with the perfect mix of comfort convenience for residents to truly enjoy a lifestyle beyond the ordinary. 


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